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  1. Only person who would pay Danny Bell to coach their son is Danny Bell ^ ^ ^
  2. Man you might be the biggest Kinser fan in Indiana
  3. man this is should be a good 1 i can't wait to see it!
  4. HAHAHA thats a good one..... i have to try that sometime lol
  5. did Matt Moraches flying squirrel get mentioned on here? I've never seen it but I remember reading about it in the news paper?
  6. a coach represents his whole team and as a coach he is setting an example for his team. I can see arguing a few bad calls but he was going a little overboard. What would he of done if a kid on his team acted like that? I am the kind of guy who like to see coaches right a wrong at the table, but not take it overboard.
  7. I thought they were too, but Merrillville thought otherwise :-\
  8. Good luck at state CP. Let's go out there and bring one home for the region
  9. Didn't Uhl use to do a back flip before and after his matches? I know he did one before the finals of mishawaka and after he won
  10. does David and Billy Maldonado still put on a camp? I know a few years back right after Cael Sanderson won his 4th national championship they brought him to the region
  11. I'm sure his name has been mentioned somewhere on here but David Maldonado from Merrillville in my opinion is one of the best coaches in the state.
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