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  1. MIC Conf. at Peru was pushed back to a 1 start time
  2. 195 will have returning tournament champ Ingram Mac in the finals
  3. Don't remember the year and don't remember how exciting the entire match was but Larimore Merrillville vs Kaston Winamac heavyweight state championship match. The ending was one of the most exciting moments I remember with Kaston getting an escape as time expired for the win.
  4. MatDad21 do you know if there is anywhere I can see the final brackets?
  5. How about a rotation? 1 year up north and the next down in Logan? Let the region schools come down sleep in a hotel the night before, and enjoy what we have to do every year.
  6. Beurman Delphi over Kral Crown Point In ticket round
  7. Nailed it I have no idea who that guy is but that was not even close to an escape!
  8. The same way Logan, Delphi, Seeger and the other schools down in that area feel driving 2 hours up to M-ville every year
  9. Ok I thought I missed Y2 posting the winners, but I am with you now I don't know who will win all I know is I am stoked to see some awesome matches it will be a day full of great wrestling I can't wait!!!!! GO ORACLES!!!!!
  10. . How do you know you are 2011 champ I have yet to see results
  11. You beat me to it I couldn't remember his first name went back to look and you already posted it haha
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