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  1. how many heavyweight matches have you seen where a guy has attempted a takedown, most heavyweight matches that i have seen each guy is trying to get position wether it be an over under or double unders or whatever it may be. And when you get 2 heavyweights that evenlymatched you are not going to see a lot of take down attempts due to not being able to get in great position, and you cannot afford just to attempt a crappy one and lose the match on stupidity. I can tell you one thing they sure werent going to try and shoot. And if you are from john glenn i would like to know where Fitzgerald attempted a take down besides that shuck at the beginning of the match? I DONT KNOW IF YOU WATCHED THE HWT BETWEEN NOTRH NEWTON AND MISHAWAKA OR NOT BUT N.N. GUY TRIED ALOT TO TAKE DOWN BUT THE MISHAWAKA GUY JUST BLOCKED(AKA STALLED)THE ONLY REASON WHY HE GOT POINTS WAS N.N. WAS SHOOTING THE LEGS AND EVERYTHING HE COULD TO GET THE GUY DOWN.MISHAWAKA GUY WOULD EVEN DRAG BUTT TO GET IN THE CENTER OF THE RING FOR RESTARTS....
  2. thats what i mean your there to wrestle and thats a good example!!!
  3. yes the last point was for fleeing why wouldnt you hit him for stalling that is all he did he never impressed me all day i dont think them refs there know what stalling was,i have watched a video twice now and watched a hwt match were the Mishawaka kid tried "ONE MOVE" all 3 periods and got a win do to stalling and blocking moves.I dont think that was wrestling.It was like that all day out there.
  4. not saying my son wasn't good this year considering he won his conference,sectionals and placing 2nd in regionals,but when he is hwt wrestler and the next kid for him to wrestle is 160 something freshman that really isn't a good practice for the hwt now is that?
  5. if you haven't really been at the small school level you dont know how it feels to go against bigger schools. my son is a senior this year and did a hell of a job and very proud of him,but i know he could have done better specially threw the year making him better if we had lots kids were either the coaches or past graduates didn't come in these past 2 weeks for my son to wrestle.SO YES SIZE OF THE SCHOOL MATTERS!!!!!!!!!
  6. i think the biggest upset besides Almaraz in 145 lbs was Ray loosing
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