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  1. Ok that makes sense. I thought he had the takedown too but the stream cut out when they gave the takedown to the Illinois kid
  2. I thought Indiana 1 lost the last match and the dual but my stream did cut off right at the end of the match..
  3. My pick is Taylor March. Also, one of the nicest people I've ever known/wrestled against
  4. David Eli looked outstanding at Fort Wayne. His pin of Hankensen in the finals looked so easy
  5. My third and fourth place match at regionals last year. Sadly, if I had somehow lost ( I won 9-2) I would have had a much greater shot at going to state. Instead I had Derek Bevans in the ticket round, and I was able to watch a wrestler I beat earlier in the year make it to state out of the pool I would've been in if I had gotten fourth at regionals. Now, I miss wrestling quite a bit.
  6. wow that is just awful.. bad call.. if the IHSAA doesn't do something about this they are just foolish..
  7. I liked the white pinstriped one jackson wore in the finals
  8. Fort Wayne Semi-State 103- Garretson (1) 112- Gonzales (1) 119- Troy (2) 125- Kelly (2) 130- Fiechter (2) 135- Matteson (2) 140- Schwartz (2) 145- Lefever (1) 152- Hogendobler (3) 160- Lefever (2) 171- Castner (1) 189- D. Scott (1) 215- Coursen- Carr (3) 285- West (2)
  9. results for the concordia invitational is also lacking
  10. 125 played out pretty unexpectedly today
  11. 125 -- Zach Rhymer NorthWood pinned Karl Ulrich 0:07
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