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  1. just to add merriville semi state had the most champs with 7
  2. well actually the deffiniton of M.V.P. is most valuable. So its hard to say jason is the most valuable to his team considering C.P. had 2 other state champs. I would have to go with someone like Young, Porras, McMurray, Baker, or Chalfant...all of whom were the other state placers from their schools. And out of that group i would probably have go to with Sean or Frankie for winning in what seemed to me the tougher weight classes
  3. well yes and no. When it comes to determination and attitude i think you deff. have to go with cashe'. But on the other hand, if its raw natural talent were talkin about i gotta go with jason...they are both too good to just flat out pick which one is better.
  4. Posted by: BrennanCosgrove Dirty girl - Bobby light I agree Brennan, Rob's vocals really just get my blood pumpin!! lol Also Rock Superstar--Cypress Hill B.Y.O.B.--system of the down
  5. i think danny bradley on knox really surprised a lot of people saturday.
  6. southcountyfan you acutally beat me to it. I was going to reply with the same statement. Many do not know that the blow to the head at the end of the first period gave lamb a concussion. He couldn't even stay to get his award because he was sent to the ER. Therefore i would agree 100% that during the last to periods he was not himself.
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