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  1. Calumet High School is a Gary school . Since 1989 they've had 2-state champs 3- state place winners and 16- state qualifiers . Good luck to Hill down @ Indy !!!
  2. Ouch!!! I wasn't there to see that . So that makes him 0-2 . I'm still pulling for Munster . But good luck to both wrestlers .
  3. Munster champ @ 152 . He's a good kid and I'm glad to see him Back in the lineup.
  4. Chris Traicoff Memorial, hands down !
  5. my directv guide says from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm?
  6. Is there a current head coach that has won a individual state title , coached an individual to a state title and has coached a team to a state title ? I can't think of any . Should Greg Shaffer @ M.D. Or David Maldonado @ Merrillville next to do so? Mark Roseabulm did it in Florida .
  7. Traffic Signal / Highway Lighting Local 1393.. Baby
  8. Happy birthday kid . I also won a state title on my birthday back in 99 . Good luck to all wrestling this weekend .
  9. Josh Harper and Johnny Dillon with there BACKPACKS .....
  10. What is the deal with backpacks at the Merri. semi-state? Is this something new the kids are doing ? Dont understand. Saw Harp had one on at the state finals last year now everbody is doing it .
  11. Munster has three going down . 103, 140, 152 .... Most in school history. Congrats to Munster High School!!!!
  12. Munster puts on a real nice camp . IU,PU..... good people
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