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  1. In order to become a good wrestler you have to wrestle good comp. Wrestling soft teams and wrestlers does not make a wrestler or team better. Hard comp and hard training is key to success. TO BE THE BEST YOU HAVE TO BEAT THE BEST. PRACTICING WITH YOUR SISTER WILL NOT HELP GET IT. NUFF SAID.
  2. any results on all dual scores
  3. not in our conference. MD did win all sectional weights one year.(13 weight classes) I do not believe anyone in state has duplicated it.
  4. looking at the brackets I can see a possibility of a Mater Dei sweep.....
  5. i am sorry i thought I was on the high School Page
  6. I thought it said Egli won by an 8-1 Dec.
  7. Big fish in a little pond or little fish in a big pond. Send Mater Dei and Cathedral to their respective school size groupings throw in the success penalty and in a few years they will both be in 4A.
  8. Congratulations to Mater Dei on their finish at team state. People seem to forget MD is a 1A school competing in the 3A division. Keep on working CATS.
  9. Where do I find the promo code or what is it
  10. At 6'6" and 160 Lbs. this State Champion might be the tallest ever under 180 Lbs. NICK MAYER.
  11. hope the T's are red and not blue
  12. my dark horse is black and has a red left eye
  13. looking forward to the match-up our best against their best. needless to say I believe MD will prevail. WE ARE MD.
  14. MD won all duals rather easily. However you could tell they were rather rusty.
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