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  1. this Kelly boy has smoked entirely to much crack. a mind is a terrible thing to waste. toooo late for him
  2. I understand now why some posters do not enter their school.
  3. all 14 MD wrestlers advance to regionals.
  4. the varsity will wrestle. they should be ready to open up that can of wooop ass
  5. you forget MD's varsity will be back
  6. It is time for Mater Dei's wrestling program to make a statement. How strong are We? Are we tough enough? I would give my left to be there Saturday. does any one have tickets? I believe in our wrestlers we will win conference!
  7. Well I guess the rest of the conference will have a shot at the crown. With a full MD line up they have no chance. Actually I don't think the rest of the conference has a chance anyway MD all the way
  8. I don't believe MD should keep out their varsity. Of course that is the coaches decision. They have often wrestled reserves or 2nd string seniors in the past. why wrestle the whole reserve except for Boarman, and where do you find these pairings?
  9. look at Jaspers schedule on this web site
  10. according to their schedule jasper is not wrestling
  11. md66

    Mater Dei vs Reitz

    Evansville Mater Dei
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