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  1. Here is your quote: "He would have probably been a two time qualifier and probably one time placer in a two classed system. That is based on who was in his weight those two years. That would have made a HUGE difference in him getting noticed by college coaches." Where does it say DI? And you launching personal attacks again is uncalled for. Everytime you get your tit in a wringer, you do that. Why? Never mind; I know why. Just because you get caught talking from both sides of your mouth is no reason get personal. And that quote was from Indyshred, not me.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong , but I thought that you have stated several times that its not state placing that colleges look at but National results. You think colleges care about small class placing? Sigh......never mind.....I give up.....you keep shooting yourself in the foot but ignore the pain. I promised myself I'd never post another thing on a class wrestling thread but I broke that promise. Guess I'm the one shooting themselves in the foot.
  3. Sorry..."probably" doesn't cut it. That's like me saying he probably would have sustained an injury or he probably would have gotten caught in a head lock and stuck. I can back up my probablys just as easy as you can.
  4. So if he'd been a one-time qualifier in a multi-class state, he would have gotten more attention? I hardly think so. In a multi-class state, would he have been more than a one-time qualifier? Maybe, maybe not. I'm sure taking a year off made the young man more mature and more focused. You can't say with an validity that if there were multiple classes in Indiana he would have gotten more attention. There can be as many examples on one side as there is the other.
  5. The team of 1, Hardy Hendren from Kentucky Country Day, also placed. He was 5th in KY and was runner-up (I think) at the Holiday Classic.
  6. I'm pretty sure D.J. Radnovich of Gibson Southern pinned all four of his opponents.
  7. Brimm was 4th as a freshman, 3rd as a soph., 6th as a junior, before winning as a senior.
  8. Years ago I used to officiate free style, and if I remember if in the first period it ended 0-0 and the official hadn't called stalling he was berated. This helped me call stalling. I heard on here that the official should stay out of big matches and not call stalling because it could decide the match. I'm not positive but I think this was a rule in folkstyle many years ago. From the recesses of my memory, I think I recall this back when I officiated. I'll tell you how long ago that's been.....Chuck Barnett was in high school!!!
  9. We know he won't, Mark. Your son is a fine young man and wrestler. Everybody will have at least one detractor. Chalk it up to someone who is bitter about something and has an axe to grind against you or Harrison. Call him/her an idiot and forget about it. I'm sure he/she is proud to downgrade a high school sophomore. Probably someone with no success of their own and jealous of someone has some.
  10. lol.....probably a wise choice. In case you didn't know, The Hilltop Inn was voted the manliest bar in the country this past summer. It was mostly on the strength of their brain sandwich. Maybe next year.
  11. Well.....I'm starting to question the "no idiot" part of your comment. What will it take for you to realize there are no seeds after the sectional? Henderson got the draw he got because of his placement in the regional, not from a seed. Good grief, man......open your eyes.
  12. lol.....does that mean they're still in E'ville, roaming the West Side, trying to find their way out?
  13. I wish more was done to make teams comply with the 2 team personnel in the corner rule. As a tournament director, I have gone to a corner and ask coaches/parents/trainers/wrestlers to leave a corner. I'm not sure if this should come down to the officials, the home management, or who as to whose job it is.
  14. Did you make it to the Hilltop Friday night?
  15. What seeds? You don't know by know that the draw for the regionals, semistate, and state is determined by the IHSAA? The formula comes from the state and all you do is plug in the wrestlers. It happens every year that some excellent wrestlers are left home. This year is no exception. You could go through most any weight class and make the statement. The only way around it is having full wrestlebacks. Which will happen about the same time as pigs grow wings.
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