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  1. theckman

    Big 8 Conference Seeds

    But you have to use the criteria set up. You can't just give someone a seed because you think he's the best wrestler.
  2. theckman

    Disqualification Mystery... state finals

    Can any Mishawaka historians shed some light on this conundrum?
  3. theckman

    Oddest Venue Ever Wrestled In?

    I've done some wrestling in the back seat of a car and in a van. Took a dive once in a while, too........
  4. theckman

    coaching question.....

    Don Patton was the coach from Delta who won all those state championships. Heard him speak on a panel at a coach's clinic once. Said he never wrestled a day in his life. Worked at a gas station all through high school. Said the secret to being a good head coach was to surround yourself with good, knowledgable people.
  5. theckman

    Chief Justice Roberts= Regional Champ?

    If he was born in 1955, he would have graduated in '73 or '74, right? Back then, there were 8 regionals and the regional champ qualified for state. I skimmed through TAE's book and don't find anyone named Roberts or a wrestler from La Lumiere listed. One or the other source is wrong?
  6. theckman

    Disqualification Mystery... state finals

    In '89-90, the runner-up at 103 from Evansville Harrison and the 3rd place finisher at 112 from Southridge practiced together the week before the state tournament. This constituted a violation of IHSAA rules and both wrestlers were forced to give up their places. This was a fairly common practice back in the 70's and 80's (at least down here in sw IN). There was no one else from either team who qualified for state, so the two coaches got together with their wrestlers so each would have a competitive drill partner. Also, Devon Nelson of Mishawaka was pinned by Eric Early of Ft. Wayne Northside in the '90-'91 state finals. He was also pinned in the 103 state finals by Jason Terry of Cathedral in '91-92. I don't know why the DQ was issued in '92. Both DQ's in '89-'90 were issued after the matches had been wrestled so the same thing could have happened to Nelson in '92. The only time I know of where a DQ took place in an actual match during the finals was in '74 when both wrestlers in the championship at 177 were DQed for stalling in overtime.
  7. theckman

    State champion with most losses?

    Oops.....I missed Miller.
  8. theckman

    State champion with most losses?

    According to the bible of Indiana wrestling, Echoes of the Elder, Pete Knecht of Huntington North was the 1994 145 lb. state champ with a record of 32-6. Following are right behind: Jeff Tuttle, Delta, 31-5 at 132 lbs. in 1987 Rob Pavletic, Hobart, 30-5 at 160 lbs. in 1989 Fred Joseph, Portage, 46-5 at 152 lbs. in 1999 Hector Mendez, E.C. Central, 48-5 at 125 lbs. in 2002. T. A. E.'s book goes up to 2002 so there may have been more since then.
  9. theckman

    Big 8 Conference Seeds

    Yes, they all need to have a common opponent. Hoehn beat Kelly, who beat Chambers. That would seed Hoehn above Chambers. However, neither of them had any common opponents with Griesemeir. So that throws out the common opponent criteria.
  10. theckman

    Big 8 Conference Seeds

    The 3 wrestlers had no common opponents and no head to head competition. The criteria came to returning champ or runner-up in the same weight class. Based on that criteria, Chambers earned the no. 1 seed.
  11. theckman

    Isn't it too late to drop weight?

    Apparently, in order to enforce it, it first has to be reported. I don't know how it is verified but there have been coaches suspended in the past couple of years for "allowing" a wrestler to drop too much weight in too short a time. When an AD I know was talking to Bobby Cox about it and mentioned he didn't think the rule was very clear, he was told in no uncertain terms and very rudely that the rule was very clear and coaches needed to understand that.
  12. In matches, there was overtime in tournaments where you had to have a winner for advancement purposes. I can remember calling matches in a sectional where there were 3 overtime periods wrestled just like the regulation match. If it was still tied at the end of the 9 minutes, the referee (and there were no asst. refs then) had to decide who he thought was the better wrestler. You don't think that didn't cause some uproars? Sheesh..... The outcome would be stated as, "Winning by referee's decision.......".
  13. At 130, Hoehn of Mt. Vernon handily defeated both Brown of Castle and Kelley of Central today. I think he majored both.
  14. theckman

    Two weeks until Mater Dei Reitz meet

    That's how I remembered him until he did the Ev. Central sectional a couple of years ago. In fact, when he told me who he was, I didn't believe him. Said he lost a lot of weight.
  15. theckman

    Two weeks until Mater Dei Reitz meet

    Oh, man.....gonna leave us hangin'....... :'(

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