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  1. Need to add Dillon Hurst(106) 3x semi state Q He will be a senior @ Jasper
  2. Jasper's Trent Smith (195)(11) is added 2'nd place Aiden Michel(Southridge) is out Trent gets the privilege to wrestle Thacker(BL.South) If he loses he may become Semi State Alt. when Thacker takes 1'st.
  3. Southridge Sectional[table] 1Jasper250.52Southridge2473Washington1554Forest Park134.55Bedford North Lawrence1306Mitchell907Paoli858Salem75.59Crawford County5710No Team[/td]11No Team12No Team13No Team14No Team15No Team16No Team[/table]1061.Hurst(J) 13-0 2.Fleck(FP) 3.Meyerholtz(SR) pin 1:28 4.Wilson(W) 5.Ray(BNL) 113 1.Terwiske(J) 9-0 2.Stroud(P) 3.Dearing(SR) 8-7 4.Brosmer(FP) 5.Werner(BNL) 120 1.Patton(CC) pin 3:41 2.Brock(J) 3.Rogier(SR) 4-1 4.Thomas(FP) 5.Seaman(BNL) 126 1.Schitter(J) pin1:04 2. Koerner(W) 3. Flamion(FP) pin:36 4.Kirk(M) 5.Balsmeyer(SR) 132 1.Glenn(F
  4. [table] Jasper65Bedford North Lawrence12 [/table] Senior Night Jasper finishes 13-7 46'th consecutive winning season winners 106 Hurst(J)pin 113 Terwiske(J) pin 120 Brock(J) pin 126 Schitter(J) 20-4 132 Sanders(J) pin 138 Gehlhausen(J) pin 145 Hernandez(J) pin 152 Kerstiens(J) pin 160 Bedford pin 170 Kreilein(J) pin 182 Ball(J) dec 195 Songer(J) pin 220 Smith(J) dec 285 Joyner( pin Special Match Senior Adam Schwartz(J)pin 10-0 on the year Thanks to Bedford wrestler for his kindness! JV Jasper 66 Bedford 6 Denver Cross great job officiating
  5. Jasper 41 Southridge 25 @ Huntingburg Memorial Gymnasium( downtown Huntingburg) Radio Broadcast WITZ 990 AM : Hall of Fame Coaches: Al Mihajlovits (Southridge) and Rick Stenftenagel (Jasper) Broadcasted Play by Play Attendance: 1000 + Great matches with great atmosphere! Would have been a great opportunity for Military night similar to Memorial and Castle with Samaj. Goal for next year. Started at 120 winners: 120 Brock(J) pin 126 Balsmeyer(SR) pin 132 Sanders(J) pin 138 Gehlhausen(J) 8-2 just released to wrestle that day (big win) 145 Mundy(SR) 6-0 weighed in at 140 152
  6. [table] Jasper41Southridge25 [/table]
  7. 126 Nathan Schitter is 2-1 win over Hemmings(Boonville) by Major and a 1 pt. loss to Brokal(Bloomington South) 285 Moises Valenciano 1-0
  8. Southridge has 2: 182 Andy Fisher 285 Ethan Schwoeppe
  9. [table] Jasper72Princeton9 [/table]
  10. 120 you could add Tommy Brock(Jasper) at #4 145 Brescher's only loss is Pierre in OT when he got hurt 182 Songer (Jasper)beat Bloomington South
  11. You are doing a super job. Keep up the great work. Observations: 145 Brescher (Jasper) pinned Barlow(Bl. South), lost in OT to Pierre(MD)when he was injured 182 Fisher(Southridge) is 31-0 with a win over Konerding( Heritage Hills) 170 Lockyear (Castle) has lost only 1 time with wins over Kemp(MD) and Kreilein(Jasper)
  12. Jasper JV 51 Boonville JV 6 Special winner on varsity 160 Adam Schwartz(Jasper) JV Winners Austin Hildenbrand Ethan Wigand Cameron Sanders Eric Gehlhausen Brandon Hernandez Alec Wallace Cassius Dugan Scott Varner Mason Davis
  13. Prayers to the McDaniel's family. Jasper Wrestling Club Jasper Wrestling Program
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