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  1. Congrats to Adam "the real deal" O'neil
  2. Unfortunately this topic morphed into the exact same debate that it always does. The purpose of my original post that started this entire thing was to highlight the fact that we have an awesome finals experience. Looking at other states, classed systems has a detrimental effect on the finals experience/atmosphere as 2 or 3 finals matches are being run simultaneously. There are lots of videos of kids winning titles while half the gym is focused on another match and nobody seems to notice. No matter where your lie on the class or do not class spectrum, it appears to be 100% undeniable that you would fundamentally change the finals experience that we all have grown to love. Lets not change the one thing that is 100% unique to indiana wrestling- which is our finals presentation. I believe it is the best in the country. Arguing that we need to class wrestling to produce more AAs in NCAA is absolutely ridiculous. Who cares where we are in relation to other states, or if some clown has us as a "top tier" wrestling state" on flowrestling message boards? Why does that matter? Sure, we all want indiana wrestling to be great-as it already is! Lets focus on the kids in our state right now by presenting them an opportunity to wrestle in front of 11k fans, under the lights, with the 100% of the crowd's focus. Which is an opportunity not many other states offer. Classing wrestling to produce more AAs in the NCAA is a dumb argument. The best college football team is not determined by how many NFL pro bowlers they produce, so arguing the best wrestling state by # of NCAA AAs is just as absurd. Indiana HS wrestling is great. It provides opportunities for kids to compete and grow up as young men, gives them scholarship opportunities, and most kids who are hell bent on making it to state make it. It also gives 28 kids the opportunity of a lifetime to wrestle under the lights and receive their awards with no other distractions going on. If its not broke, dont fix it. -ss
  3. Here is a video of logan steiber winning a state title... Typical victim of winning a classed championship as nobody in the crowd seems to care much. Yawn. Half the arena is focused on the other matches. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/234751-2009-OHSAA-Ohio-State-High-School-Wrestling-Championships/video/161480-D3-125-FINAL-Logan-Stieber-Monroeville-vs-Alex-Lopez-Patrick-Henry#.UwvJpEJdU5Q -ss
  4. Debate all you want about what other states do or do not do & why they did or didnt do it. Bottom line is class wrestling would not only double the number of champions we have, but it would cause us to have duplicate champions. Which is inherently different then having multiple kids win state championships at multiple weights- so stop using the 106 lber vs the 285lber as an argument, its absurd. Additionally, it would severely diminish the single greatest wrestling tournament that many of these kids would have the chance to compete in. Maybe it would help the small schools wrestling programs, maybe not. But it would cause us to have finals moments like the ones posted above. Our state finals is top notch and quite possibly the best in the country. Which would be a shame in my book if we let something like this go. With that said I do believe you have indiana wrestling's greatest interest at mind, I just disagree with you on this issue. -ss
  5. I know this has been discussed in detail here and I hate to open a can of worms, but I feel it is appropriate. Its only a matter of time before the topic comes up again. First off, congratulations to all the kids who just finished up a tough season. Every kid who stepped onto the mat and wrestled their butt off the past couple of months should be proud of what they just accomplished, regardless of their record or status. I was lucky enough to have been in attendance for the consolations and the finals this past year and they were simply amazing. Although I am a few years removed from the sport and don’t know any names of the kids and am now a ‘casual fan’, it was an awesome experience. Indiana wrestling has a gift that might be the greatest finals presentation in the country. While I could be picky and offer up some ideas to make the presentation a little bit more spectator friendly, it is fantastic overall and appears to blow other states finals presentation out of the water. The aura of the entire thing: the lights down, the spotlight, introductions, replays on the jumbotrons, the crowd of almost 11 thousand people completely focused on ONE MATCH. All of this would be ruined with class wrestling, if we were crowning two or three champions simultaneously. It would be almost impossible, too time consuming, and simply boring- if we introduced the finalists two or three times in the way that we do. We couldn’t turn down the lights, have an awards presentation, or a single spot light like we do and the crowds attention would be split between multiple matches. For example here are other states finals: Take a look at Matt Mcdonough win his 3rd HS state title in Iowa at 3A. 2 other matches going on. YAWN Illinois 1A state champs win titles while half the crowd is focused on other matches, not paying attention. Kid at 2:25 wins a title, while it sounds like the entire crowd is focused on the other mat yelling “TWOOO!” Lets watch Mr. Jaggers win his 4th state title in Ohio and the announcers even say how they feel sorry for the other kid who won a title on the other mat because nobody pays attention to him at 5:40 Announcer “Poor guy on mat #2 nobody who just won a title, nobody even knows he exists” You get the point. Bottom line is we have something special, that is our finals in our state. An opportunity for kids to wrestle in the event of a lifetime. For the record, I don’t care how many NCAA all Americans Indiana high school wrestling produces. I don’t care how many NCAA titles we take home, nor do I care if we are a “first tier wrestling state”. I don’t care about some random guys subjective rankings on flowrestling if we are in the “top 10” state in the country. So for those of you who argue and contend class wrestling will make us more competitive with the other more prestigious wrestling states, which may or may not be true. Why do we care so much where we are in relation to other states? Why do we even care how many NCAA Americans/champions we produce? Our focus should not be on future athletic accomplishments of our wrestlers, but it should be about providing them with an opportunity RIGHT NOW to wrestle in an event of a lifetime. Giving them an opportunity to do something they may never have the chance to do again. Most of these kids are not going to wrestle D1 and are not going to be NCAA all Americans, nor should we expect them to be. Majority of them are going to be done wrestling after high school, and that is 100% fine. So lets not even think about the idea of taking this away from them because you want Indiana to have more NCAA all Americans. If its not broken don’t fix it and if it is awesome, don’t even think about it. Personally, I believe the idea of classing wrestling in our state is absurd. It will ruin the finals experience that we have. While it may or may not make us a “top tier state, producing more NCAA all Americans” I say who cares. Of course I do hope Indiana does well at the next level -it’s ultimately a moot point. It is tantamount to me rooting for Notre Dame football players to perform well in the NFL or IU basketball players in the NBA. Currently, the system works, its awesome, and does more then enough to present kids opportunities to earn scholarships at the next level and it gives them an opportunity to do something great in a one of a kind finals presentation. If I remember correctly, the attendance for the finals was 10,800ish. Which was more than UFC 170 drew at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas-which contained a title fight. So these kids who earned the right to compete under lights in front of almost 11k fans undivided attention can truly say they competed in an event of a lifetime. Why would we even consider changing it? Steven Salinas
  6. Is cross country better than sitting in your butt all fall? Absolutely. But looking back at it, and knowing what I know now, I wish I had not ran. Instead emphasized a high quality strength and conditioning program. Not running a whole bunch and obsessing over how skinny I can get. Cross country is a good preseason sport for a wrestler, but it is not the optimal use of their time with regards to their on the mat performance.
  7. I would take the senior Chris Miller in 2004 over the freshman Angel @112/113
  8. Lol 'functional training' and 'sport specific' workouts. Get in there do squats, deadlifts, cleans, sprints, pull ups, and lunges, then add in a couple other things you like to do to keep it interesting. Get nasty and go hard. It takes an incredible core to perform 25 pull ups or squat 150% of your body weight. If I want 'muscle confusion' I will buy a cheesy DVD off tv a late night infomercial. If I want to become a champ I'm going to find a ruthless man who shows no mercy and makes me do sprints and squats until i puke.
  9. Kyle Ayresman's match was incredible. Glad I tuned in on the webcast of it. Congrats to all who competed this past weekend!
  10. ps. I think a better title for this thread should be "malnutrition" haha
  11. This is my 2 cents, I very well could be wrong. I feel like there is a lack of books/articles written on weight loss for wrestling (weight cutting) for one simple reason. It's not healthy! You really cant justify losing weight by 'cutting', it is not good for you and it is dangerous. There is not going to be any sort of 'scientific' literature out there because it is not ethical to run those types of studies on athletes. Any physiologist that submitted a proposal to do a study that's purpose is to find the most efficient way to severely dehydrate athletes while maintaing athletic performance would get laughed it. Maybe even fired. Its unethical, dangerous, negligent and just poses too much a liability on whatever organization/individuals wants to run such study. The lack of studies leads to a lack in overall realiable information out there. Thus, we all pretty much go by tips from those who did it before us and trial and error
  12. A message to all seniors: Congratulations on completing your high school wrestling career. For most of you, you are officially finished with the sport. You have spent the last couple of years doing things that most normal kids your age simply do not do. You have busted your ass during countless workouts, cut the weight, sacrificed weekends, holiday meals, and probably been in a few battles on the mat. Be proud of your accomplishments, but more importantly be proud of the work you put in to achieve those accomplishments. In a few short months you will graduate high school, here is a news flash. The world does not care if you placed 1st or 5th at state. The world does not care if you were a semi state qualifier and lost in the ticket round. Hell, the world doesn?t even care if you were only a sectional qualifier. Those details do not matter to people outside of the wrestling community. What does matter is the values that you have learned in your time spent with the sport. Now is the time to put the same dedication and hard work into whatever new challenges come your way. Just as you wouldn?t expect your opponents to only go 50% on you in the big match, don?t expect the world to meet you half way. Luckily for you, you have an advantage compared to your peers. Through wrestling, you know what it is like to persevere through hard times and push on when you don?t think you can anymore. You know what it is like to sacrifice a large amount of time and energy in order to reach your goals. Wrestling is applicable to all aspects of life. In my few years away from the sport I have not met a challenge where wrestling has not helped me. Use wrestling as a catalyst for success in all other endeavors. Don?t let it end here. You have been doing something extraordinary for the past few years and don?t stop now. Don?t let that wrestling mentality fade and fall into mediocrity. I will never forget after state finals my senior year I told myself ?Thank god, I finally get to be NORMAL?. I quickly realized there is nothing worse in this world than accepting mediocrity. Wrestlers do not accept mediocrity and by no means are we normal. Wrestling is unique because it is not merely a sport, but it is a lifestyle. This is evident through the way you will still be referred to as ?A Wrestler? by your peers and family, even though you have officially hung up your shoes. This doesn?t happen in any other sport. Your friends used to play soccer and they were basketball players. You are a wrestler and always will be. Godspeed, Steve Salinas
  13. Y2, first off, the school did recognize them. Pep rally, had a great turnout for the game.... still doesn't mean much. He knows that on any given weekend 60% of the schools in the state were better. They just happened to be the best 2nd best 2a school in the state. And whoop-tee-doo... That was not that good. It was average at best. You mentioned being ashamed of a class state title? By no means are they ashamed of a class state title. They did the best they could in the system they were placed. They worked their butt off. It resulted in them winning a state title and it is a great accomplishment. But they still are not a STATE CHAMPION. You tried to make some absurd comment about cody phillips wrestling chalfant? In order to debunk me alluding to the diminished value due to there being more of something. That is an absolutely ridiculous exaggeration and its comical. So as stated before "the more state champions, the less the value of the title".... Common sense and this can not be argued. The world meets no man half way. If you want something you have to go get it. You would be doing a disservice to these kids by showing them that since you are from a smaller school, you cant play with the big boys. So its ok, we will make you our own kiddy table and you can have fun there.
  14. Maybe, but probably not.... but likewise he will not be facing the same talented 5a defenses either. He will be facing 1a defenses.
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