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  1. Evansville 113 3 seed Jake Skaggs GW win by fall over 1 seed Austin Ely 145 Bailey Schober over Austin Spray 3-2
  2. Thompson is at 138. Bailey Schober is at 126 and the match up between Macri & Schober should happen this weekend at the Decatur Triple Duals.
  3. The Greenwood "Woodmen" will have a team at Dual state this year!!!!!
  4. Between Indiana Gold, Indiana Blue and Outlaws state placement this year. This did not include Indiana white, which had state places and a runner up. 12 State Champs 8 Runner ups 21 State Placers 9 DNP 4 FF 3 that I could not find results for state Starting at Pee-wee to Novice there are 51 State Champs and Runner UPs.
  5. Sal Gomez IN Bantam Sergio Lemley IN Bantam Zach Masterson IN Bantam Cael Miracle IN Bantam Jacob Roemer IN Bantam Dom Tribbie IN Bantam Brennan Barlow IN Cadet Austin Bethel IN Cadet Jose Champagne IN Cadet Keith Davison IN Cadet Cameron Diep IN Cadet Ged Hoot IN Cadet Bryce Johnson IN Cadet Taylor Kirkhoff IN Cadet Derek Noon IN Cadet Garrett Pepple IN Cadet Austin Ramsey IN Cadet Rickie Rodriguez IN Cadet Codey Ross IN Cadet Ben Stewart IN Cadet Nolan Talbott IN Cadet Aaron Ayala IN Elite Charlie Baker IN Elite Matt Beard IN Elite Tom Gettinger IN Elite Kuliit Gonzales IN Elite Evan Loe IN Elite Austin McCloskey IN Elite Mason Meling IN Elite L.J. Moser IN Elite Ruben Rodriguez, Jr. IN Elite Lindsey Prozanski IN Girl's High School Division Derek Blubaugh IN Junior Stevie Browning IN Junior Trey Buehler IN Junior Lucas Davison IN Junior Eli Dickens IN Junior Ethan Duke IN Junior Eli Duke IN Junior Asa Garcia IN Junior Nathaniel Robinson IN Junior Reese Rodriguez IN Junior Graham Rooks IN Junior Cayden Rooks IN Junior Jake Schoenegge IN Junior Ethan Sego IN Junior Trevor Snipes IN Junior Lukasz Walendzak IN Junior Kade Zadylak IN Junior Josiah Byrd IN Midget Aiden Farmer IN Midget Logan Johnson IN Midget Tucker Kirkhoff IN Midget Jacob Lee IN Midget Breydon Littell IN Midget Jake Loos IN Midget Trey McKinley IN Midget Hope Miracle IN Midget Jaden Reynolds IN Midget Owen Sego IN Midget Tyler Turley IN Midget Hayden Watson IN Midget Christian White IN Midget Brannigan Barlow IN Open (Post High School) Reece Freeman IN Open (Post High School) Kevin Schmidt IN Open (Post High School) Terry Terrell IN Open (Post High School) Alston Bane IN Schoolboy Jake Cavins IN Schoolboy Andrew Davison IN Schoolboy Keaton Deckard IN Schoolboy Gage DeLong IN Schoolboy Samuel Fair IN Schoolboy Jacob Farmer IN Schoolboy Hunter Jones IN Schoolboy Paul Konrath IN Schoolboy Brayton Lee IN Schoolboy Diego Lemley IN Schoolboy Hunter Leskowyak IN Schoolboy Johnny Loos IN Schoolboy Jimmy Marshall IN Schoolboy Shawn Roemer IN Schoolboy Austin Roemer IN Schoolboy Jared Timberman IN Schoolboy Jack Tolin IN Schoolboy Alec White IN Schoolboy
  6. I am not sure I was not there....Sorry
  7. No one had to name names. Since we only have had 1 girl to qualify for state and this post came after her win. The hater part was not directed at one person, but for anyone who beleives that Merriville is weaker and Indiana wrestling weaker for a girl to win.
  8. 78-5 and counting 2x Semi-state and now state. Weak really!This wrestler puts in countless hours on the mat, you put her in class system we would be talking about how many title she was going to get. Haters.
  9. Greenwood 61 Def Center Grove Central 60
  10. When you have clubs who bring what they have, which from what I saw Columbia City, Jay County, and some others makes you go back to what DLane posted: "This is a community dual event, I still think it should be only the school you attend. That would make the rules straight forward (so if you attend school A you can't wrestle for school B or C)" Far as small clubs, (William Watson and Jimmy Gray) coach Greenwood Wrestling Club and our goal next year is to compete in this event as a club. We are blocked by Whiteland, Center Grove, Perry, CYO and if we can change some things such as common weight class that were FF this year and maybe use some of NUWAY to add lower weights might help and then to low points if we have FF. This would be a true community based event. What school you are going to will be the club you can wrestle for regardless if you go to Contenders, Red Cobra, CIA, Humphrey, The Region 219, State Street, Nomad Elite or any other Academy. I hope we can add the All Star back, CIA just competed in VA and Contenders MI. I will be at the meeting to give my input, I hope you do the same. Opportunity for input: Matty B:?Last year we had a meeting at Ben Davis the night of weigh-ins. We will be meeting there again this year. This is an open invitation to all CLUB LEADERS, to join us to discuss this event and to give input for future dual state championships. Please come be a part of the solution
  11. It has not been updated yet, but here is the site: http://vacw.wordpress.com/past-results/
  12. They did for Team HYWAY Who placed 5th 40 Rioux, Luke 40 Marcum, David 45 Lane, Tyson 50 Alexander, Jace 55 Rioux, Raymond 60 Lane, Trey 5 65 Rooks, Cayden 5 65 Wilson, Andrew 70 Lee, Matt 70 Sollars, Gabe 75 Bailey, Logan 75 McElfresh, Zackary 75 Parker, Johnny 80 Rooks, Graham 85 Lee, Joe 90 Krintz, Myles 95 Miner, Tyler 100 Brewer, Carson 105 Hubner, Caden 110 Conde, Aaron 120 Kiser, Jack 130 Frank, Andrew HWT Shepard, Brady
  13. Here is the website, pics are not posted yet. http://www.indysportzshotz.com/Wrestling/
  14. Couple of questions: 1. Will each kid need to fillout a USA Insurance form? 2. Do they need to have their USA card on hand even though it was registered on trackwrestling?(Sometimes other people(Coaches,Other Parents) take kids to these tournaments thats not theirs)? thank you William Watson www.greenwoodwrestlingclub.com
  15. Great practice at Hoosier Elite Wrestling Academy. Lots of live and situational wrestling. Thanks coach Miracle
  16. IU FALL WRESTLING CLINIC @ Greenwod High School Starts tonight.
  17. Updated: Here is a link to the sign-up form for this clinic: http://www.eteamz.com/greenwoodwrestlingclub/handouts/index.cfm?cat=196622&id=853391 Reminder: you must have a current ISWA Card, which can be purchased on line: http://www.iswa.com/member_applications/athlete_application.htm
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