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  1. Any word on how they plan on seeding this this year? Track profiles should not be an options.
  2. Capital City Classic Perry Meridian, Jeffersonville, Beech Grove, Warren, Greenwood, Lebanon, Franklin Central 106 #13 Breyden Lowery PM #16 Keeghan Overton GW 113 #3 Skylour Turner WC #5 Brayden Littell PM 120 #7 Sammy Fair PM 126 #5 Ethan Smiley BG #11 Sunny Nier PM 132 #7 Dylan Culp WC #10 David Clayton PM 138 #10 Jack Servies PM 145 #8 Kain Rust PM #16 Antwaun Graves WC 152 None 160 #4 Noah Warren 170 #7 Kameron Fuller Jeffersonville #10 Christian Warren PM 182 #13 Evan Stambaugh Lebanon 195 #1 Tristen Tonte WC 220 #7 Jacob McClaine Lebanon 285 #16 St
  3. Brayden Littell-Perry High School Logan Bailey-Cathedral Alec Viduya- Roncalli Mason Winner- Jay County Ty Freije-RHS Drake Campbell- Brownsburg Matt Lee- EMD Ray Rioux-Avon Isaac Smith-? Graham Calhoun- Plymouth Brendan Mattingly- Carmel Colton Drousais-Mt. Carmel Jacob LaPlace-Mishawaka caveman Logan Boe-Danville Eli Dickens-? Silas Allred-? Noah Baker - PMHS Kane Egli - EMD Owen Sego - Indian Creek Justice Cash - Bloomington North
  4. Thought: Would there be anyway to have a qualifier for this Event, plus you could seed it if you did? Keeping the brackets to a 16 or 32 man bracket, with full mats and then a face off and then the finals? This was my first time attending this event. I was told in previous years wrestlers would weighin and head to the mats to start wrestling immediately, which sounds like that would have been idea, any chance of this coming back? Plus, that would makes sense for the 2lb allowance, because it allows wrestling to start immediately. Any reason not to go to full mats? Room I as
  5. Couple more to add- Kysen Montgomery 95-102, Jace Alexander 75-80, Preston Tushiie-75-80 (I figured if I can't spell it I will make it up)
  6. Indian Creek, Whiteland, Franklin community, Greenwood, Centergrove
  7. 106 # 1 Mills #11 Garcia 113 # 6 Weaver ? 120 ? #12 Miranda 126 ? ? 132 ? #11 Conley 138 #14 Allen ? 145 #2 Lee ? 152 ? #13 Clark 160 ? ? 170 #3 Walton ? 182 #13 Damler
  8. Data from Tackwrestling from the State Finals Davis, Geoffrey Fort Wayne Wayne 106 Diep, Cameron New Palestine 106 Streeter, Ben Fort Wayne North Side 106 Glogouski, Blake Fairfield 113 Hildebrandt, Drew Penn 113 Holmes, Austin Hamilton Southeastern 113 Bocock, Caleb Lebanon 120 Gomez, Isaac Plainfield 120 Hardesty, Ryan Mishawaka 120 Hudkins, Brock Danville 120 Langeloh, Hunter Columbia City 120 Doster, Owen New Haven 126 Gunsett, Daniel Bellmont 126 McGhee, Joel Warren Central 126 Molloy, Elliott Danville 126 Raypole, Kobe Carroll (Fort Wayne) 126 Red, Chad Ne
  9. Fix Tech Micic took Micic down twice and then trapped Micic arm and rolled him 3 times 10-0
  10. "The wavier or petition process has been around for as long as I have belonged on the ISWA board."The response I received from the ISWA did not indicate there was a wavier process back in March. AT THE END OF THE DAY MY SON DID NOT WRESTLE THIS WEEKEND NOT BECUASE HE DIDN'T WANT TO, IT'S BECAUSE I TOLD HIM HE MADE A CHOICE AND HE DID NOT QUALIFY, BECAUSE HE CHOSE TO COMPETE IN OTHER "FOLKSTYLE" TOURNAMENTS AND PLAY SPRING FOOTBALL. "But one thing you can be certain of, we are here volunteering for your kids." Thank you I e-mailed ISWA March 16, 2015: Good Morning
  11. For next year it might help with numbers if hosting schools kept wrestling on Sunday instead of Saturday where it conflicts with kids playing other sports. Question for hosting schools: Is there any reason to have freestyle on Saturday vs Sunday? Most Folkstyle Tournaments are on Sunday, but almost all Freestyle tournaments are on Saturday.
  12. Wasn't N. Lee Resisted at the same weight for Super 32? I would think this match-up could happen at Fargo, Flo, or Super 32 this year. How close was Lee to 132, you say Red will not swallow his pride, but Lee could have went 126 to wrestle Red this year 2014-15 IHSWCA Team State Duals just like Red could of bumped up and wrestled N. Lee. Obviously as a fan everyone wants to see the best wrestle each other and if they don't the conversation of someone is avoiding the other person will always happen. My point is there have been opportunities for both to make this happen.
  13. 1993 State Finals never seen someone get Booed like Cameron Smith, this was the same year I think Chris Lytle had nasty cut over his eye almost couldn't advance because they couldn't get it to stop bleeding, which I think had some influence on blood time/injury time.
  14. I would pick Vinny as one of the best to not win it. 160 Rhett Hiestand, Yorktown 12 47-2 Vinny Corsaro, Indianapolis Cathedral 12 48-1 152 Josh Farrell, Greenfield-Central 12 48-0 Vinny Corsaro, Indianapolis Cathedral 11 46-4 145 Jason Tsirtsis, Crown Point 12 42-0 Vincent Corsaro, Indianapolis Cathedral 10 35-4
  15. Yep wrestling Folkstyle year around and it seems there are more dual teams competing year around too.
  16. Question: Anyone know what the factor was to going back to the qualifying format? Freestyle Numbers Looked at some history 2006-2007 total numbers: 1304 and I do believe you had to qualify and this was the last year for the qualifying format, plus this was the first year they had Freestyle and Greco on the same weekend and it was at the fairgrounds 2013-2014 total numbers: 787 last year
  17. Greenwood WC just wrestled off for Johnson County duals last night and we have 5 really good 55 pounders. I would like to see the weights change and make them smaller increments and not allow any alternates. No Alternates rule should apply for ISWA State duals and it should be up to the hosting school to determine if they will allow teams to have alternates and allow academy’s to wrestle in their event and this should be communicated in their event flyer and to the teams who plan to participate in the event. Greenwood WC wrestled the Carmel Duals and we were able to spread out all of our
  18. Thanks sslaymon: Whiteland and Greenwood have had friendship meets for several years, which is during the week and the format works out well for all. We separate by division and experience. We have the small kids on one side and the big kids on the other. NO Points are kept and lots of matches. Regardless, there will be 3 periods. If a kid gets pinned and there is still time in the first period they keep wrestling. The kid with the first take down goes to bottom in the 2nd period and then the top in the 3rd period. The ideal is to get mat time and kids are going to make mistakes or face a k
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