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  1. Would you want the College Rule for falls as well that take place what we would consider out of bounds?
  2. I weighed-in two wrestlers from Brown County thursday night when the dual was between Columbus East and Bloomington North. Just make sure you contact the IHSAA first.
  3. If there is any talk about postponement or cancellation at the seed meeting tonight will you please share. I am one of the officials for tomorrow and would like to plan ahead. Thanks Dan "Toe Shoes" Marsh
  4. Gary Walker a long time volunteer wrestling coach at Columbus East High School passed away last spring. Since his passing a push to get the wrestling room named after Coach Walker was submitted and accepted by the School Board. Anyone that knew Coach Walker or would just like to join in on this dedication please come to Columbus East High School on Jan. 23rd @ 6:30pm. Thanks Dan Marsh CEHS class of 2000
  5. Indiana Wrestling lost a great man yesterday. If you have been around Columbus Wrestling since the late 1960s you know who Gary Walker is. Gary was one of the first men in Columbus wrestling history to place in the State finals back in the 1960s. Gary went on to Wrestle at the University of Cincinnati. A tragic accident put Gary into a wheel chair but that did not stop him from giving back to the sport he loved. Gary was an asst. coach for Columbus East for years. Great mentor to many great young men. The new wrestling room was just named for him. Gary you will be missed and you had a great impact on many men. More then you will ever know. RIP my good friend, you will be missed Dan Marsh Columbus East Grad 2000 Columbus North Asst. Coach 2007-2010 IHSAA Official 2001-present
  6. U stands for ultimate. They wrestled 1 minute on their feet. ( no score) two :30 second periods still tied. goes to the ultimate which is ride out. If you ride out you win, if the bottom man gets out he wins.
  7. All I am saying is if we push and ask for more what might they take away?
  8. I agree that this happens and it sucks, but it could be worse. We are the only sport that seeds our sectional. All other sports get blind drawn into the spots. We could have the best two wrestlers in a pig-tail match. Could their be a simple fix yes, will the IHSAA change this most likely no. Be happy with what we have, the grass is always greener on the other side
  9. Columbus North, Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Perry Meridian, Southport, Franklin Central. I would be shocked if they would bring the Terre Haute's in.
  10. What happened with Gomez and Wedding at 126?
  11. Not sure if this has been said or not. I really have not paid that much attention since I am not longer coaching, but why not have it the weekend after the Indv. meet. If the IHSAA has nothing to do with it and the Ind. season is over it would not count as points against your reg. schedule meaning no school would have to lose out. If there is a reason and this has been brought up before I apologize for bringing it up again. I hate to see the Team State disappear. Dan
  12. Im looking for a good stat program. I want something that is easy to use. anything that could also be used with a Ipad would be great as well
  13. What was the score for Gomez at 119 in the 3rd place match?
  14. Spicer vs. Ashton did not happen. Ashton lost in the first round to Todd of Bloom. South
  15. Heath Van Deventer and Orrin Kleinhenz wrestled 4 times before Conf. Indiana. They Wrestled each other at CI Finals, Reg. Finals and Semi-State Finals. All 8 matches went to Heath. 2002-2003 Season.
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