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    aoberlin reacted to Cosgrove in What do we do about it?   
    We coach and watch our wrestlers kick ass hoping to go onto the next level to wrestle in college and maybe a few go and try making the U.S. world team and Olympics Indiana wrestling has not gone down at all
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    aoberlin reacted to Mattyb in What do we do about it?   
    We keep getting these post about the competition. I think we are missing the real reason, that kids are not sticking with the sport. See my post above (about what to do to make kids like wrestling practices better). Look at the responses…. You have two current kids and a recent grad who is trying to help build a program at Ben Davis. We not losing kids because the year round kids are beating them . We are losing kids because they do not enjoy workouts, and feel as they don't other don't share the same feelings and experiences as they do. They are not coming together as a brotherhood. 
    "Why get you teeth kicked in everyday at practice for no reason?!!!" That is what the kids that are walking away are saying. I'm just telling you. You want to keep kids??? Give them reason to show up and show out. 
    As far as going two and out every weekend to start. My son went his whole first year and most of his second year before he won a match. He cared some, but liked the other kids at club and wanted to be with them. We didn't really care about the losses. He stuck with it and ended up with a pretty great career. And..... he beat most of the kids that beat him when he started, along the way. His best buddy started a year after he did and won just about every tourney (right out the gate).  He went on and was a 4 time state qualifier. With that said, different kids will take different paths. Both kids had highs and lows. But... they were always there for each other. That's a huge reason neither gave up. 
    As far as being humiliated... why would you be humiliated from getting beat in a game or wrestling match. The fact that the kid went all out and will work to close the gap should be what we focus on (not trying to find someone easy to beat). Too much is being put on wins and loses. Not enough being focused on becoming a hard worker, good teammate, and baddass (win or lose). Yes.. badass. If a kid makes it through a wrestling season... They need to be told that they are a badass. 
    Its OK to lose matches. Make it fun and surround the program with like minded positive people. That's how we stop it. 
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    aoberlin got a reaction from Mattyb in What do we do about it?   
    Let's face it. Wrestling isn't fun when you truly try to take it seriously. If you push the serious part too fast then you lose the kid\athlete.  But... if you are not serious you get your butt kicked at any tournament you try to enter so it hard to find the balance. Wrestling is going against the way society in general is headed, it is up to us to sell it to kids and parents on the benefits of it and unfortunately it needs to be spoon fed in small doses over years until they fully buy in and understand. 
    Sorry but going out and hitting a golf ball, kicking a soccer ball, or dribbling a basketball can just plain out be easy and fun for kids and adults if they want it to be.  Someone giving you a blast double or a good hard cross face while all you want to do is have fun usually doesn't go well with kids.  
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    aoberlin got a reaction from mcochran in Mike Ester   
    This!!!  I told Ester on a few occasions that match was a game changer for me. I thought Aaron was untouchable and on that day I learned there are no immortals.  I was also younger and it left an impression.
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    aoberlin reacted to maligned in Mike Ester   
    I was around him a lot of times from the early 90s to late 2000s, but I won't forget the first. In my 8th grade mind in 1992, undefeated Aaron Wilson of Warsaw was unbeatable at 119 pounds and destined to win state. But senior Mike Ester had other ideas. After getting beat by Denny Schwartz of Adams Central at regional, Mike out-gutted the favored Wilson for an incredible upset win in a semi-state ticket round death draw. He went on to win semi-state and then take 3rd at state, beating Schwartz in the consolation final in his last high school match in a rematch of their regional championship. I distinctly remember my first glimpse of Ester's passion in that upset over Wilson and I saw it many more times in his coaching over the years. RIP
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    aoberlin reacted to brickfor6 in J. Tsirtsis joins IU coaching staff   
    He has been a great coach at RWA. 2 region wrestlers = 8 Ihsaa state titles = 7 all Americans= 2 NCAA titles 
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    aoberlin reacted to MattM in J. Tsirtsis joins IU coaching staff   
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    aoberlin reacted to nkraus in Brennen Cernus Transfer   
    Just the part where he said the program didn’t have direction, unorganized, undisciplined, and had a severe lack in technical coaching ability.  I thought that could’ve been left out.  
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    aoberlin got a reaction from nkraus in Brennen Cernus Transfer   
    You will never see me bash another high school coach (maybe Joe)  or a wrestler publicly on this forum.  I have steered away from it since the beginning.  With that said this is a little bit of a fair point.  I have been critical of Goldman in the past.  But.... Culver and other private schools that can openly recruit with tuition incentives may be another story since they are almost like colleges.  I will have to ponder that one.   
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    aoberlin reacted to FCFIGHTER170 in Casey Kenney   
    bet the Lego lovers don't think so! 
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    aoberlin reacted to bwoodjc89 in Casey Kenney   
    Casey is also doing a meet n greet and the Jay County Fair on Friday I believe. I think Short Jay could confirm.
    Y2, we leave Mr. Patriot in the gym so all is safe.
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    aoberlin reacted to nkraus in Brennen Cernus Transfer   
    Well...I don’t know the stories, but I do know the school was called CMA for the longest time, which stands for Culver Military Academy.  I’ve only got a quarter of a brain...sorry...and you just bashed (PUBLICLY) on a head coach and a program.  Not cool.  Do that in a garage somewhere with your  buddies...not publicly.  
    I am sorry that I’ve edited this post multiple times, but I want to to be classy.  I hope your son does extremely well and wins some huge titles, but I just don’t think public bashing is appropriate towards a coach, or his program.  Best of luck in the future endeavors!
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    aoberlin reacted to Paycheck141 in Micic gets silver at European Games   
    wow i did not realize i made that mistake lol thank you
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    aoberlin got a reaction from Paycheck141 in Micic gets silver at European Games   
    Hate to be like my wife.  But that would be the International level.
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    aoberlin reacted to maligned in Micic gets silver at European Games   
    Stevan Micic just picked up a silver medal yesterday representing Serbia at the European Games (continental games in the olympic tradition). All the big European nations brought their best guys, so his weight was very solid. His biggest win was over the European champion and World bronze medalist Atli of Turkey in the quarterfinals. Stevan is very much a medal threat for worlds this year and the Olympics next year.
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    aoberlin got a reaction from Leftenant Luers in Manchester University/Indiana Tech RTC   
    I think this is a great idea having these 2 programs team up. Thanks guys keep up the good work.
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    aoberlin got a reaction from Bulldog89 in Manchester University/Indiana Tech RTC   
    I think this is a great idea having these 2 programs team up. Thanks guys keep up the good work.
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    aoberlin reacted to InTechWrestling in Manchester University/Indiana Tech RTC   
    Starting next week, April 9th, Manchester University and Indiana Tech will be running a combined Regional Training Center on Tuesday and Thursdays. RTC will take place at Manchester on Tuesdays and Indiana Tech on Thursdays from 6:00-7:30pm. It will be open to all Schoolboy and up aged wrestlers. Must have USA wrestling card to attend. You will find coaches and athletes from both universities at both locations each week. Should be a great opportunity for NE Indiana. Come get better!
    Tuesdays - Manchester University, PERC Stauffer-Wolf Arena
    Contact - Kevin Lake – Head Coach kalake@manchester.edu, 260-982-5227
    Thursdays - Indiana Tech, Warrior Athletic Center
    Contact - Thomas Pompei – Head Coach tapompei@indianatech.edu, 317-730-4056
    April 9th - Manchester 6:00-7:30
    April 11th - Indiana Tech 6:00-7:30
    April 16th - Manchester 6:00-7:30
    April 18th - Indiana Tech 6:00-7:30
    April 23rd - Manchester 6:00-7:30
    April 25th - Indiana Tech 6:00-7:30
    April 30th - Manchester 6:00-7:30
    May 2nd - Indiana Tech 6:00-7:30
    *Will continue throughout the summer
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    aoberlin reacted to Wrestling Scholar in An idea to help grow the sport   
    ISWA format doesn't work well in my opinion and think partially responsible for high turnover rate.   I still remember the last ISWA tournament I took my son to.   Weigh ins were at 6 AM,  my son wrestled only 3 matches that day and was on the math for about 5 minutes.   We didn't get out till 5PM.  5 minutes wrestling for taking up 11 hours of his and my time.  Its just plain stupid,  and I quit going to tournaments after that.  And keep in mind I was a hardcore dad.     Wrestling has to figure a way to schedule it so kids get can compete in a 3 to 4 hour window.    Parents just don't like sitting in the stands doing nothing and spending on unhealthy concessions.   And theres competition out there from other sports,  need to find a better way.   Ohio does a much better job of this than the ISWA.
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    aoberlin reacted to Mattyb in An idea to help grow the sport   
    Yep, a 68 match break is about 6 hours. The ladies at the Iswa don’t typically allow this to happen. Sorry to here about that. State is just so big that stuff like this happens, but is not the norm. They also move matches and go even and odds on two mats to help finish things up faster. 
    I will ask you this... aren’t we all glad that we are getting all folkstyle state in one weekend now instead of two? Saving lots of people money. Due to the fact that people don’t have to come to Indy two weekends in a row anymore. 
    State is what it is. I really trust that we have the best people running our state tourney as anyone could ever ask for. I really don’t think your experience is typical, but it did happen and that stinks. 
    As far as losing 5 times in a day, give it a go.... if your wrestler is struggling and you think it will hurt them mentally or physically, let the powers to be know and call it a day. Anybody that actually cares about the kids will completely understand. It’s ok. Just encourage that child to continue to come to club, do locals, and do friendly meets. Maybe the next year they will be better prepared for state. If you feel that they aren’t ready for another long day at state, tell em to stay home and keep working to get to that state level. Me personally have told several people not to go to state (for multiple reasons). 
    You have provided great insight also coach. Threads like this help us all. Thanks! 
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    aoberlin got a reaction from Mattyb in An idea to help grow the sport   
    It is difficult to run a youth club the right way.  After 20 years I am still trying to totally dial it in.  I am closer now but it just takes so much time and you need the right parents and coaches.  In my opinion you need at least 6 practices a week and a club to be broken up once it gets big enough.  K-2nd beginner practices twice a week for an hour.  3rd - 5th beginner to intermediate twice a week for an hour.  Then 2 practices a week for your tourney kids that want to take it to the next level.  Those tourney kids can also come to the other practices because they will be a little more fun and still teach fundamentals.  You just have to be the one that matches them up so they aren't throttling some new kids and they make them want to quit.   
    Now you can have a smaller club and work them harder and focus more on competition but you will lose a bunch of kids that could turn the corner before they are ever able to. I have coached those clubs before and they are fun but I don't think it helps grow the sport much.
    Friendly duals are awesome for those beginners and some beginner tournaments are nice with round robin formats to get the kids used to it.  I always tell my kids the goal is for you to learn fundamentals, to wrestle in middle school, and eventually wrestle in high school.  Those programs can weed kids out that really aren't going to take it serious or maybe the sport just isn't meant for them.  Until then we just need to focus on growing it.  I have had quite few kids try to go to tournaments too soon and never come back to practice because they got throttled by some kid that thinks they are wrestling for a state title at the ripe old age of 8 and already has 100+ matches under their belt.
    I like the idea of beginner state.  Definitely would need to be held on a different weekend since many of the same club coaches would be going.  I say we have it in Fort Wayne since we are the ones that are really in need of getting things growing.
    Y2 that is a really interesting stat for USA wrestling only have about 50% retention.  I will run that against my club for the last 3 years and see where I land.
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    aoberlin reacted to TripleB in An idea to help grow the sport   
    I floated the Idea this weekend to some ISWA bigwhigs - TripleB_eginners Folkstyle State!!!
    Must have never competed in ISWA Folkstyle State
    Can only compete in beginners state in 2 consecutive years.
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    aoberlin reacted to bsisson in An idea to help grow the sport   
    I think getting matches is key as well.  But when you wrestle that 6 man round robin you will also have some kid get beat 5 times in a day and that is tough for a kid as well.  I think in the youth aspect anything over 4 should be a bracket and you get your less stressful matches in your "friendship" meets.
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    aoberlin reacted to jetwrestling in New State Format   
    I don’t think true wrestle backs will happen. 
    I think you should take semi state ticket round losers and wrestle them to 5/6. Adds 3 matches per weight to semi state.   
    Take six per weight to state. This eliminates the random semi state death draw issues and pretty much guarantees the top kids earn a trip to state. 
    Start a little earlier and run 2 rounds Friday at state. 5 vs 4 and 6 vs 3. The semi state champ and runner up gets a bye. 
    Everything else stays the same. 
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    aoberlin got a reaction from busstogate in Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee   
    I haven’t read any of this garbage but it is 5 pages long. They both suck.
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