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  1. They don't have long wavy hair and are usually bald.
  2. I think if you try to do it for profit you lose. But you have to run it to make a profit so it can stay open. Definetly not something you should try quit your day job for. The Fort will get one and soon. It is about making them all better.
  3. 1 vs 4 2 vs 3 Then they use a bingo balls and pull them from the hopper.
  4. Let me state that I like it also. If it improves it and gets a more accurate set of kids to state I am for it. Plus the guy that posted it is a swell fella.
  5. Okay so here is a possibility if we can get them to bite on extending Friday since there is absolutely no kid that will be focusing on school that day that has to wrestle anyways. We qualify 32 to state. 8 from each semi-state. You make the ticket round you go. No need to extend semi-state. Wrestle on 4 mats all day long. If you win your second round match you are top 4. You lose you are top 8. Next round you wrestle to see who is going for 5th. At State 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5. Wrestle the first day until we are down to 8 and then those are our medal winners. This would also increase revenue since there will be more kids. Not sure if this is a huge factor not. Right now according to Caprino math of 5 years ago we qualify 5.19% of the kids to State. Which is the lowest in the country. If we go to 32 kids at each weight class we go to about 10% which puts us at about number 9 out of 49 states that have wrestling. I get that this may water down what a state qualifier is but this would definitely help get the top guys to state every year. When you talk about a wrestler don't you already say he was a ticket rounder last year. Which makes him on the radar for rankings and on the verge anyways. Also it would make being a medal winner that much more prestigious. Then the "the region" and "the county"can get more through so their number 8s can take out "the fort" number 1s and everyone is happy.
  6. Is that a song by Alanis Morrissette? "It is like having a good seed in Indiana, only to be taken away!"
  7. I got word on how California does their tourney. One thing they do is that they don't even have an alternate at any level. Which is what we should do if we can't find the true alternate. Why bother.
  8. Sounds cool. They should do this for Semi-State also and allow callers to call them and discuss their draws on air. Especially happy parents.
  9. If it matters. This is how much sense our system makes at the moment. Our 152 pound wrestler got 5th at Sectionals. There was an injury so he got put in. The kid that beat him at Regionals was the Regional champ. So the 5th placer from our Sectionals is now the Semi-State alternate.
  10. More qualifiers should equal more revenue. This is why having some stats on total number of wrestlers per state vs state qualifiers would be some good data.
  11. How are they being punished? Win the next match you are in the finals. Lose the next and you still have a chance to go to State you now just need to prove it wasn’t a fluke. Get back to the 3rd place match and if you have to wrestle the kid you beat already good for you and good for him. Beat him again and prove you are the better wrestler.
  12. The other thing is we get compared to other sports all the time. The bottom line is that wrestling is a 2 and done sport. That is how all good tournaments are ran at all levels. But during the athletes most important tournament it is one and done at the most crucial time. We are one of 5 states that isn't classed and the only state that doesn't have wrestlebacks. We are nationally ranked in the top 20 consistently for High School wrestling. How is that not a data point that matters? I get it that they already think we have it better than other sports because we seed. Heck our returning state champs girls basketball team just got knocked off first round by a local rival that is great this year and that should have been a sectional finals game. But how is comparing other flawed systems to us a logical step or argument? I just really don't understand. This is after watching it and being a part of it for the last 25 years. Every year it works me up.
  13. Don't worry when the final statistics come out I will shift yours.
  14. You accidentally voted no then.
  15. I can see them and I know who they are now!
  16. Recently I was given a statistic that surprised me on the percentage of people for wrestlebacks and I am interested to see if it would play out here.
  17. Pretty much hate your first post. Keep up the good work. And by a few do you mean most that have been around a while.
  18. So really it comes down to the easiest path forward with the most amount of revenue.
  19. Perfect point. The rest are losers anyways.
  20. I was talking to someone last night and he said something that stuck in my head. They don't seed the basketball tourney at all because of the good old Milan Championship and the great movie Hoosiers. (Which it is great) So that system is even messed up and we suffer because they compare us to their same flawed system. What I am saying is we don't have wrestlebacks because of Gene Hackman!
  21. Actually this isn't a rarity, that is the problem, this isn't unique at all. We will see it again this year.
  22. The reality is that there is a very very small percentage that can do what you did, even if they killed themselves trying, and for many kids making it to the Walk of Champions ends up being their State Title. I am not saying give everyone a trophy. What I am saying we can do a much better job of making sure the kids that earned it get the chance.
  23. Sorry I forgot I was talking to the famous Cosgrove with multiple State Titles. Honestly it isn't about you anymore it is about the kids and doing what is right for them and the sport.
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