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  1. That is a good point also actually. So your kid has the flu bug and would probably lose the match anyways. The kid that receives the forfeit gets penalized for another kid not being able wrestle. In any other sport if someone is sick or injured does that hurt the other team in the play offs?
  2. Yeppers. I was thinking the same thing. This is going to hurt struggling programs get duels.
  3. Here is the exact email formatting and all. Please be advised that page 84 of the Wrestling Bulletin does not include a complete reading of the appropriate language regarding Win Percentage. The following passage reads as the Coach Association intended and asked. Corrections are in bold. d. Win percentage. A contestant with the best overall record (winning percentage) who has wrestled at least 10 matches; For seeding purposes, forfeits should not be included in a wrestler’s record. Matches which end as a result of disqualification, injury, or technical violation are to be included in the won-loss record.
  4. One time I heard a coach say. “But it was a spladle!”
  5. I think wins against 1A schools shouldn’t count either.
  6. If you can't pin the guy by all means cut the guy until there is a tech fall. What I am saying is if the wrestler is horrible what good does it do toying with him?
  7. I don’t know about any law thing but I believe he wasn’t eligible his senior year because of age. This was known during his freshman and sophomore year.
  8. I would never get mad at it either. Now if you are overly physical with a kid that isn’t in your league then we may have an issue. I am all about intensity but sportsmanship is even more important to instill in your athletes. I wouldn’t probably say anything to the kid unless I had a relationship with them but I may bring it up to their coach and if he doesn’t like we can wrestle to see who is right.
  9. Breaking records by scoring a bunch of points on non skilled wrestlers is lame. I do believe in 2 or 3 takedowns in the first period and then going for the pin. So the good kid can get loosened up and gets some mat time.
  10. This is a great topic. There are good points all the way around. For most the bottom line is not many coaches have the time to dedicate every weekend to wrestling for 8 to 10 months out of the year, run practices throughout the week, go to camps, and travel to Florida for Disney duals. The ones that do I am not sure where these coaches found their wives, or find time for their own kids, or if they even have wives and kids. That is why most need coaches at all levels in a program which is extremely difficult to find. We all can't be Carroll and have 20 coaches with Hall of Fame coaches moving into the district for fun. I will agree with Joe it is better for coaches to be teachers. "Only" because their schedules match up, they can cherry pick kids that they have built relationships with, and they can keep a finger on the kids while they are at school. With that said I know an absolute ton of lay coaches that are incredible. I am also a fan of the youth coach being involved with the athlete all the way through the program. It helps with retention and I think overall it is great for the program. I also believe the head coach of the High School is the head of the program and if he doesn't agree or get along with the youth program coach than the youth coach needs to go, unfortunately, if either coach plans on being there long term. If the head coach of the High School doesn't agree with the coach giving private lessons or the Academy his wrestler wants to go to that is a major issue and one that can be difficult. If they don't agree with each other do you think they are going coach the same technique? Or speak highly of what each coach is doing? The answer is no and then you start inserting doubt into the wrestler about what they should be doing and that is a cancer for the kid and the program. Hence the problem that can arise from wrestlers getting coached outside the room. Don't get me wrong I am a huge fan of it and I think it is necessary but during season not so much unless the head coach is on the same page as the Club or Academy coach. I get the fact as a parent you may not like your coach or agree with the way they coach and you are looking elsewhere for help but many times it only makes it worse. I also get that not all High School coaches are created equal. On to the over training issues. I have seen this so many times over the last 20 something years. A kid trains all of season and summer and doesn't take any time off and at the beginning of season is destroying everyone one and then come tournament time things don't look so good for him. You take any sport, even ones that are much less taxing, and look at what it takes to peak at the right time you will see there is always downtime in that equation. The goal of the High School coach should be to peak at that right time and the other coaches may not be aware of this goal or the schedule that has been put in place.
  11. Holy Cow!!! I remember the Griffith run like yesterday but I didn't realize they had that many career matches between them. 3 wrestlers with almost 700 wins. It doesn't surprise me Angel is the pin winner. Still my favorite Indiana wrestler, besides the ones I have coached of course.
  12. So what you are saying is you're scared?
  13. I could drop in and show them how their coach can get his butt kicked by an old man!
  14. In my opinion for a kid that has a chance of being a placer and maybe even a shot at the finals getting that goose egg off his record can do more good than bad. I have seen it just eat kids up and it is hard to mentally prepare them for big matches because they are wrestling not to lose. I can't count how many times I have dealt with this and I hate it. Now there are the Brayton and Redd's that don't have this issue because they get out of our small mud hole and wrestle at the national level.
  15. That there is just bad customer service. I would be ticked.
  16. Yep. Sure would be like Christmas come early if number 3 could go through.
  17. https://www.mma-core.com/videos/Mirsad_Bektic_vs_Darren_Elkins_Full_Fight_UFC_209_Replay/10167059 Crazy! That eye gash was really really bad.
  18. Someone take his keyboard!!! My vote is still Angel though.
  19. The only thing I am scared of anymore is a fart. That has to do with age.
  20. Should Joe change the name of the website to indianaclasswrestling.com ? Every topic seems to be about it. Reminds me of CNN and Trump.
  21. You can keep Carmel but personally I wouldn't mind HSE only because my buddies son goes there and he is a good kid.
  22. I am just saying when the statement is made that you have to draw the line somewhere..... The answer is yes. If we didn't have the Delaware County schools we would be even smaller. Go ahead and give us Mishawaka we would love it. Not sure they would.
  23. The South also has Santa Clause Indiana. That isn't fair at all!!! Free soda all day. Like Joe said Fort Wayne has the least amount of students and the most small schools. Gerrymander that.
  24. How far off am I on this map? I couldn't spend a ton of time on this. As far as land goes I see disproportions here and it isn't up North.
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