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  1. Drilling, technique, and live wrestling every Wednesday at 5:45. The only requirement is a USA wrestling card. Middle school age wrestlers are welcome also. Enter at door 7 and get taken down by a short old bald guy!
  2. Cool part was there were a few times they were all on wrestling on the floor at the same time. Good showing by Indiana wrestlers.
  3. Wow! I was going to put a team together a team for the elementary school duals next year because I thought it would be a good way to not overwhelm parents with crazy tourneys. I really didn’t think there would be cheating at this level. That is against everything I feel this sport is about. Bunch of jerk faces.
  4. If anyone has some they want to sell. PM me. Thanks
  5. Does any school have some used wrestling mats that they need or would like to get rid of that ideally aren't hard and have holes all over them? Possibly without built in ring worm would be nice also. Thanks for any help.
  6. Joe this is your shot to brag about the one slide by you got on the champ.
  7. He is a good official and was a heck of a wrestler.
  8. Yeah I remember him well. Speaking of which if anyone has a good of tape of the semi finals of 119 in 94 I would love to get it. My personal tape (yes we had our own personal VHS tapes back then) ran out 1 minute in and I have never watched it.
  9. I would say that I have ignored it thinking it was because I didn’t pay. But I bought it for State so I could watch some matches I missed and I still had the issues.
  10. Just so fellow wrestling fans know this is not a problem with your phone and you don't have a virus or malware. The problem is trackwrestling is not doing a good job of monitoring their advertising links and we suffer. When I needed to watch track the last few weekends it has gotten me in a few inopportune times. If you would like to create a ticket and help get it resolved you can go here. http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/tickets/CreateTicket.jsp I would choose advertising and express your pain in a polite way.
  11. aoberlin


    Am I the only one here that has watched “Cool Runnings”?
  12. This person speaks my language. Not asking to change the whole system. 3 concerning things that need to changed in my opinion that would make the system much better and you should hear less belly aching. 1. At sectionals all rat tails wrestle other rat tails so wrestlers don't get knocked out the first round that don't deserve to. I get that they may not qualify anyways but wrestling to 5th sometimes makes the difference for the team title at sectionals. 2. At regionals find a better way to find the alternate other than the wrestler that got beat by the winner. Which usually means it was a 4th placer from sectionals. Sometimes the alternate. 3. Try to find the best 4 at each semi state and the alternate. I am totally fine with if you lose the first round you are out then figuring something out from the ticket round. There have been a few options thrown out that would suffice. Anything is better than what we do now.
  13. Yep. We teach our kids to attack and if you get near the out of bound lines go back to the center. If you do go out of bounds run back to the center. You do that enough times the ref usually gets the hint.
  14. I would even be okay with this. Then 6th placer is your alternate. Would keep more people in the stands for the semi finals also.
  15. I accidentally deleted someones post on this thread thinking it was mine because I wasn't paying attention. So if your post is missing. Sorry. I can't handle the power.
  16. Pretty much since if you had the 2 best kids in the same semi state they would be on opposite brackets anyways and meet in the finals. I believe the way they do it is 1 and 4 are on the same side of the bracket at State and would meet in the semi-finals. And 2 and 3 are on the other side of the bracket. So they would be automatically separated. But that does mean you could almost figure out the brackets ahead of time by knowing who seed 1 and 2 you would be able to shuffle 6 other wrestlers around to where they would be. Also we all know these are just discussions and they will not be happening. But passes the time talking about how we could improve the system. Which I love our State and our tourney. I just want things like this in place.
  17. I would say 160 gets the number 1 and 152 gets the 2. Or at that time since they met the first criteria they could look for past years performance and if there is nothing there than possibly win percentage.
  18. As far as State seeding goes it would be pretty simple I would think for criteria for the top 2 only guys. Last years placing at that weight. Last years placing at another weight. If neither one of those 2 things come into play. Do like we do now. I get it you will get some stud freshman come through or a kid that go beat out in the ticket round last year. But at least we don't see 2 kids that were under the lights last year see each other in the semi finals and this takes any judgement calls out of the equation.
  19. The only thing that is seeded in some manner is sectionals. Regionals goes totally off of placement. Semistate is blind draws based on your placement just like State.
  20. The apple doesn't fall far from that tree. Good people.
  21. I don’t really care if you like them because you enjoy watching kids get screwed by being a part of a flawed system. Bottom line is this isn’t how the sport of wrestling is setup so get the corn out of your teeth and wake up. Congrats on all that qualified and good luck next week. The fight will continue.
  22. Take your data and shove it up your ..... This sport is all the little guys sometimes have. Especially ones with some Napoleon Syndrome going on. I am still mad they increased it to 106.
  23. You can have Carroll. No one likes them.
  24. Maybe we should get Wawassee, Plymouth, and Warsaw back.
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