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Everything posted by aoberlin

  1. The reality is that there is a very very small percentage that can do what you did, even if they killed themselves trying, and for many kids making it to the Walk of Champions ends up being their State Title. I am not saying give everyone a trophy. What I am saying we can do a much better job of making sure the kids that earned it get the chance.
  2. Sorry I forgot I was talking to the famous Cosgrove with multiple State Titles. Honestly it isn't about you anymore it is about the kids and doing what is right for them and the sport.
  3. Come on you know what he is saying. We aren't even coming close to getting the 4 best wrestlers out of each area to State. Which means there are some kids that will medal that probably shouldn't because of luck of the draw. While there will be kids that do deserve to medal sitting in the stands watching the kids they probably beat earlier in the year.
  4. Looks like California, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Vermont are the only single class. I could not find anywhere that said they do not have wrestlebacks. California sounds like it has some weird thing that you would expect that State to have.
  5. Surely this is data that has been used in the past to present to the IHSAA in favor of them.
  6. Pretty much where I was going with it.
  7. Does anyone know how many States do not have wrestlebacks and which States they are?
  8. Are you saying someone wore a Tabasco singlet or 2 piece?!?!?!
  9. Gotcha. I was guessing that is what it was. Lee got stuck in that in the finals of one of his last tourneys. I call the arm across the back push to the mat, scoop the head and lace the leg a bow and arrow. Sorry us Dekalb grads be slow sometimes.
  10. Okay so maybe my terminology for a bow and arrow is wrong or different. Which happens. Can someone post what they mean by an illegal bow and arrow. Because the one I show I don't believe is illegal.
  11. http://www.journalgazette.net/sports/high-schools/20180128/dedicating-sectional-to-dad
  12. To me it looks like we just need to tweak the rules and regulations on it. This is what I know for sure. We wrestled a school and the shorts were baggy and the material was what I would consider more basketball shorts material. We saw many of the wrestlers wearing the gear over their singlet before they took it off and wrestled in the singlet. I watched one of our wrestlers hand get caught in the shorts twice which was annoying and if it was a close match and stopped or hindered a move it would have been angering. The shirt was also not form fitting but that wasn't as concerning. Again I like the idea of a 2 piece uniform. But it looks like we will need to regulate it more.
  13. I believe that was to get response out of you. Obviously the Carroll sectional is not in the running.
  14. So what your saying is that you are going to sit right next to Sam tonight? Next question, if you are coach from another school are you allowed to sit in on another sectionals seating meeting?
  15. What are some of the best quotes that you have heard a coach say in order to "fight" for their wrestler to get a better seed?
  16. Dude needs get the laces in the pit and finish it like a man.
  17. This topic has probably been discussed but since the season is almost over I would like to get some opinions. Personally I was all for the change in hopes that it would drive more participation or kids at least trying wrestling. But recently we had a dual meet and the opposing team had one wrestler wear his new uniform and it was pretty baggy, both his shirt and shorts. So much so that our wrestler's hand got caught on his shorts a couple times. To me it looked like warm up gear and I asked the ref if it was legal and he said "unfortunately yes, and I don't like it either". So what have you seen this year so far and what are your feelings? Also is there not a rule on how tight fitting the shirt and shorts have to be?
  18. Not sure anyone is saying anything about not being able to disagree with them. I believe this is what the whole thread is about and they have responded to many of the comments. Now as far as repercussions go I say we flog them or make Sam shave is flowing locks of hair.
  19. Busco has always produced good quality wrestlers and kids for their size. Just because your mud hole isn’t near ours it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or have a history. Also Sam is one member of a group that made this decision. Maybe the decision wasn’t vetted well enough but that group does have good intentions and at least they are putting effort forth.
  20. No but if IU plays Duke and Duke has some sick players you bet the win counts. I can see some basic reasoning behind throwing the forfeits out but I just don't think it works well with how our system is currently setup. Then make the win percentage further down the list of criteria.
  21. I honestly think we should go back and redo wrestlers career wins. Let's just throw Joe Forfeit out all together.
  22. Unfortunately with no wrestle backs at the regional level this will change some 3 to 4 seeds and put them against the number 2 person at regionals and end their season. The problem is our system is so fragile without wrestle backs anything and everything messes with it.
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