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Everything posted by aoberlin

  1. I can’t stand the hard push after they are out of bounds. I really really hate the face raking. Makes me immediately dislike the wrestler. It is just dirty. If a coach coaches that they should quit.
  2. That sucks. What about making it in order to qualify you have to post your results? Otherwise sorry you just don't care enough. I know when our team gets to that point we will make sure the committee has what they need.
  3. Because the semi state ranker is wrong. Reiser is right.
  4. Everyday, multiple times a day, I wish common sense was common.
  5. Here we go! The season is on. The first arguments over trivial things. My KFC almost cost twice as much as this magazine today and I got grease on my keyboard as I read it. Sorry you are disappointed jason. Maybe the person you were hoping to read about will become good and make the headlines next time.
  6. So for any newer users I would like to publicly put out there that I am just busting Joe's $#A@ because I think he does a great job and I know that there would be some people hammering him about it so I thought I would jump on.
  7. Listen Joe blaming Microsoft for not meeting your self imposed deadline is not our problem. We need our fix. If your IT people would stay on top of their documentation your subscription would not have expired.
  8. Where is the magazine slacker!!!
  9. We are a society full of fat kids and adults. So....
  10. Oh look Indiana may be relevant again in the near future! Nice to see us keeping some of our home grown talent.
  11. Angel is going to do great things at IU!
  12. They call it States in Michigan instead of State. This throws him out of the running by default.
  13. Andy Oberlin from Eastside to Dekalb in 7th grade. Circa 1989.
  14. Dan was a great person all around. He will be missed.
  15. Come get your wrestling on at 5:45 door 7. We are here to help you get better. Free opportunity. Just bring your USA wrestling card.
  16. I was making dinner for the family while I watched. Our boys wrestled awesome and the event looked great. A friend keyed me in on the drama. Hopefully we all coach responsibility and accountability. That is why wrestling is the best.
  17. Oh the drama!!! Just make the 7 pound allowance you were given plenty of notice of. Otherwise the person running the show can make his decision. Welcome to the real world. Bunch of keyboard warriors.
  18. We will have Anton Talamantes in the room the next 4 weeks doing a freestyle series for all of you that want to sharpen your skills. If you don't know Anton is one of the best to come out of Northeast Indiana. State 1998 189 State 1st 1997 215 State 1st 1996 215 State 2nd Awards 2014 IHSWCA Hall of Fame Wrestler College Juco National Champ Varsity Ohio State wrestler ranked 5th in country Presently Anton is also a Jui Jitsu specialist and a MMA machine. And an all around good dude that loves to coach and help kids. Practice starts at 5:45 and ends at 7:15. No charge just bring your USA wrestling card. There will plenty of other coaches there to help as well. If you have any questions you can message me. Enter door 7
  19. Dude has been pretty darn successful at everything he has done so far. I think he gets the job done. I am just glad they called me for his reference.
  20. In honor of spring break!
  21. If Angel needs he can put me down as a reference.
  22. I would say Angel would work just fine.
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