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  1. Really????? And everyone thinks this is how it should be and it is OK? I can understand moving to a school before you start high school or deciding which school you would like to commute to, but going to another school in another state after you had an undefeafeted freshman year and were a State Champion. Does he not like the coaches? Did no one there help get him to where he is now? Is LN that bad of a school? Do the kids at his school pick on him? I wish him the best he seems like a nice kid and is obviously a great wrestler. But this is a big loss for Indiana, LN, and probably his friends where he is at now. I also hope there are some serious educational reasons behind this. On a side note, must be nice to be such a powerhouse you can recruit State Champions from another state. Imagine the recruiting that is done in their own State. Ridiculous.
  2. Now you are starting to piss me off. It is not always about the size of the school. It is also about the demographic of an area. Homestead is a great example. Pursley is an awesome coach but struggles with the type of kid you get at Homestead. Put him in a blue collar working class demographic and I guarantee he will produce top notch teams every year. (Not that his teams now are bad) As any wrestler or coach knows we are a different breed of person some schools have more of them some schools have less. Yes you can build a school up and the school will start taking pride in their wrestling program and you get better and more athletes. But some schools will be at a disadvantage from the start, just by the type of kid that goes to the school or the fact that the school is focused on other sports. (basketball) Quit trying to pigeon hole a problem that is more complex than "my school is big and your school is small." I would kill for some of the kids that go to Garrett and they are very small school compared to us. Yes they do a good job with their kids and ours also. But there was a day that even though our school was much bigger our open mats had two to three times as many Garrett kids as our kids. Don't you dare say it is because the smaller schools work harder, because there is more to it than just that and it is an insult to a lot of coaches that work their tail off just to get to where they are now.
  3. Awesome. I am sure that Ester will do a great job with him.
  4. If the definition of forsight is looking at something and thinking WOW that is broke, lets see if I can break it even more. Than yes "My Man" has forsight. You are correct that I usually fall on the conservative side of things but I do not on education, environment, and some health care stuff. I do think we need to cut out unnecessary spending. But I guess it depends on what people feel is unnecessary. 1oldwrestler I usually agree with your posts so don't beat up on me to much.
  5. Fort Wayne community get a middle school program? That will not be happening unfortunately. We will be lucky if the high school coaches even get paid pretty soon. Things are not looking the greatest in our school systems and right now the state is picking on inner city schools. But don't think your school is safe, just give it some time. (unless it is a private school) Back in the 90's and before FW schools used to pull more than just their weight. It is not the coaching; it is the system, which isn't going to be changing for the better anytime soon. It is in a vicious cycle that is setup for failure in my opinion. Our representative wants to privatize schools and one of the ways to do that is show the current system is failing. What is the best way to that? Undercut any chance for public schools to move forward and show progress. Right now they are directing their attention to inner city schools because they are easy targets but other schools will be next guaranteed. I truly believe that paid coaching will be one of the next things to go. I know we don't do it for the money but I know some coaches that can't afford to spend that much time doing something without some kind of compensation. Here are a couple examples of bias coming out of the state concerning public schools. 1. The voucher program. (State money will follow the student) So in essence you can send your kid to a private school if you want. Sound like a good idea? Problem with this is that both private and public schools will be measured by the same standards, yet the private school can choose which students to accept. 2. The state is constantly talking about keeping the best and the brightest in Indiana. But yet they are cutting pay raises for teachers that get their Masters? 3. I have heard "My Man Mitch" who I voted for 2X (regrettably) say teachers make more than the average person in Indiana. Hmmm.... Could that be because they have a 4 year degree? 4. Any vacated school a private school gets first shot at it and gets tax breaks if they move in to it. This sounds like ?hey lets close these public schools so a private school can take over this building.? 5. The state is now trying to judge the teachers on the student?s performance. If that doesn?t sound like over simplifying a complex situation I don?t know what does. In my opinion parents have a lot more to do with student?s performance than a teacher does. But hey we live in a society of enabling and we possibly couldn?t point the finger at parents. Sorry I will get off of my soup box but I see this as the root of FW community issues even with sports. By the way I am not a teacher therefore I can say this stuff.
  6. I agree with this post %100. The statement of 106 is still small I do not. Yes 106 is still small, but not if you weigh 98lbs. 8lb difference is huge for a little guy and by the end of the season it will be 11. Let's do some math. If someone weighs 98 pounds and wrestles someone weighing 109 then the percentage to body weight is 11%. That is absolutely impossible for a kid that size to overcome trust me it used to be me. Why don't you ask little Brooks about his freshman year. If that kid would have weighed as much as his competition he would have walked to state that year also like he deserved to. Yeah there is allot of times that 103 is dominated by Freshmen but it is not only because Freshman are smaller. Allot of kids growing up try different sports but some of the smaller more athletic and competitive ones find it is hard for them to succeed at other sports because they are smaller than their peers. But that is not the case in wrestling, (or wasn't) they then go out for wrestling and have success and focus on that sport and turn into a stud Freshmen. Y2 I like you but we definetly do not agree on this one. But maybe you never had to battle with Napolean syndrome like me. (Which I don't have because of wrestling.)
  7. My point is that I hear allot of chatter on this board about not every team being able to always fill the 103 weight class, therefore we need to raise it. (TEAM) But what about the percentage of kids that will no longer be able to achieve success because of the weight class being raised. (INDIVIDUAL) I do realize that wrestling is a team sport, I have been a coach for around 15 years now, and one the main goals is for the whole team to achieve success. But like I said before, I am biased and I think we are taking an opportunity away from some little guys that really need it. I remember when the weight class was 98 pounds then 103 now 106? 10 years for now is it going to 110? Where do we stop. I also realize part of it is because of the hormones that are now in our milk, but what about the kids that only get fed organic. ;D
  8. I personally feel that one of the best parts about wrestling was that no matter what your size is you could compete. I do not agree with 103 being raised and you can take the statistics and shove it. I have always liked having a class dominated by freshman and sophmores it gives the little guys a place to start. All this is going to do is take some 112 pounders that would have had no way of making it to 103 and now they will be cutting more weight to go to the lowest class. Kids are always going to try to get down to the lowest weight they can. I always felt the big gap between 112 and 103 helped seperate the 2 weight classes so there was less jumping between the 2. I think this is going to take opportunities for success from some kids that may need it the most. I admit I am biased I wrestled 103 my freshman and sophmore year, and there is now way I would have had any success my freshman year and possibly not as much my sophmore year without it being that low. I was old for my grade (missed a year because of illness) and I still only weighed 98 pounds my freshman year after a big mac and a shake. What I do know is growing up I tried every sport and could never do well because of my size but when I wrestled it did not matter and that is where my true love for the sport comes from. Personally I am not near as concerned with the 140 pound freshman at least he has a chance against kids his same size. But if a kid only weights 95 to 100 (again don't care if there aren't as many) he will not be able compete against kids cutting to make 106 that is just to much of a weight difference for a little guy. I think some peoples motivations for these weight class changes are more to do with team goals than taking into account every individual. But hey we don't have wrestle backs so why should we begin thinking more about the kids than ourselves. Way to go wrestling community step on the little guy. (Literally)
  9. Yeah. I have a 2 and 1/2 year old I would like them to talk to. ;D ;D Congrats Nathan impressive performance this year keep up the hard work.
  10. Speaking of title IX. If this is the case and girls can also wrestle in college then we should never lose another program to it. All I know is that my boys are going to play softball when they get into high school.
  11. I'll start wearing slacks. Get off of my back. :)
  12. Not sure people on this board know what trolling is.
  13. Nope. Totally random that way people don't lose matches on purpose for a better chance. Let the wrestle back conversations begin.
  14. From a hat with numbers and a blind fold hopefully. It should be a totally blind draw that we will not know about until Sunday or Monday after regionals this year.
  15. That is because your kid's matches don't last that long.
  16. I have competed with Bellmont for the last 20 years on the mat and as a coach. And most of the time on the losing end of it. They have always been a class act. There wrestlers and coaches are always respectful. I'll take that over a jerk for a wrestler that comes over and shakes your hand because he has to. (This does mean he has good sportsmanship) Just means he can be forced to do something.
  17. Yes you can wrestle JV and Varsity but it will count as a weigh in. Be careful with this. We had to sit a kid out at Conference because it was brought to our attention he had to many weigh ins to wrestle Conference and Sectionals because we wrestling him in a JV tournament at the beginning of the year. We didn't not realize it till the day of Conference.
  18. If it is already out there sorry for posting this. Just direct me to it. Can we setup a calendar that would be for the whole state and have the times of all dual meets, super-duals, and tournaments. It would be nice to know who is wresting and when. I know it would be a ton of work but it would be good to know. Thanks.
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