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  1. I agree with Y2. I don't think FW will get a single person to the 2nd day.
  2. Bellmont has that almost every year. Great program. Nothing but respect for what they do.
  3. #1 had a bye. Which I felt wasn't necessarily fair for the #1 because anyone who wrestles knows their first match usually isn't their best. This is why I don't mind a 4th placer at semi-state.
  4. It would cost them more money though. Think about the fact that there will be 56 less wrestlers at semi-state. Estimate at least 2 people paying $9.50 to get in to see the wrestlers that equals $6272.00 now X that by 4 semi-states and your looking at $25,088 state wide that they probably get a decent cut of. And this a low ball estimate. Why do you think they did it in the first place? It certainly wasn't for the kids or they would have wrestle backs. Remember their only goal is to find a state champion at each weight class, taking 4 from each regional surely does not help with this in their minds. Oh yeah also don't forget about the money for buying food and drinks. Now that I think of it. If we could find a way to show them that they would make more money from having wrestling backs we may have a chance.
  5. Simple answer. Wait till she wrestles nationally. That will speak for itself.
  6. Here is the story Duck. The old site kept getting hacked and going down for a long time. So Joe made a great site and people now like this one better. And everyone posted happily ever after. Hacks happen all the time, especially when servers and programs are not being updated and patched. They usually aren't even hacked by a person but by a bot that is just looking for vulnerable servers. Any other questions and I will have to charge you.
  7. I did not read through all ten pages of this, so I don't know if this was brought up. I, as a coach, always thought brackets were handed out after the tournament. Then you knew who you drew for the following weekend. With that said, it is obviously unethical and poor sportsmanship to try to use prior knowledge to your advantage, which NO ONE should be trusted with. You are not teaching your kids anything but how to work a flawed system. The flawed system being the brackets coming out to early and having no wrestle backs. Again this brings up the fact that our tournament needs changed. It is absolutely ridiculous that our kids should have to suffer year in and year out because IHSAA likes to compare wrestling to basketball. The "There Can Be Only One" mentality needs to go, it's not always about winning the State Championship, for some kids making it to Semi-State or State is the goal. It is always saddening to see a Senior walk off of the mat for the last time after working extremely hard, for who knows how many years, when he knows and you know that he should be going to the next level. For those of you that say "But I love the ticket round", there will always be a ticket round and you wouldn't love if you got screwed over by it a couple of times. If our tournament was set up correctly in the first place we would not run into people trying cut corners and cheat.
  8. Don't forget to mention that Anton is one of the best high school wrestlers to come out of Fort Wayne if not the best. <--Caprino stats? Injured freshman year State Runner-up sophmore. State Champion junior and senior year. High School All American. And I am sure many other achievements. He is currently still competing and will still get out on the mat unlike some other old fat people like myself. I plan on sending my kid to him when he gets old enough. I think he can help get Fort Wayne back on the map. The North will rise again. ;D
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