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Everything posted by aoberlin

  1. It has taken a while but Homestead is finally back on track after you left it a mess.
  2. No one cares they need to put Carroll and Homestead back in for wrestling. Kick Leo and Huntington out, purple is a horrible color and you can’t have 2 teams with it.
  3. It's not about a moral high ground. It is about not trash talking just to get some attention. If I disagree with you it usually means you are wrong.
  4. I am not in favor of this post at all. SAC has an uphill battle to even field full teams. I commend anyone that is willing to put forth the effort to help these kids. This isn’t even close to the same playing field.
  5. Good stuff. I agree. There are ton's of opportunities now to watch some of our Indiana wrestlers compete at the next level.
  6. Back in what day? I have never seen it before regionals is over except when someone gave it the teams right after regionals was over and they leaked it to the other regionals. Not to say it wasn’t that way over 25 years ago.
  7. Nope. Just have wrestlebacks and our system is perfect. Division individual State Champs are lame. If you want more kids to wrestle act like it is a business and have some charisma and sell it. Class wrestling only adds water.
  8. Homestead High School is looking to take their JV to any tournament that is near. You can contact aoberlin@gmail.com.
  9. Let's face it. Wrestling isn't fun when you truly try to take it seriously. If you push the serious part too fast then you lose the kid\athlete. But... if you are not serious you get your butt kicked at any tournament you try to enter so it hard to find the balance. Wrestling is going against the way society in general is headed, it is up to us to sell it to kids and parents on the benefits of it and unfortunately it needs to be spoon fed in small doses over years until they fully buy in and understand. Sorry but going out and hitting a golf ball, kicking a soccer ball, or dribbling a basketball can just plain out be easy and fun for kids and adults if they want it to be. Someone giving you a blast double or a good hard cross face while all you want to do is have fun usually doesn't go well with kids.
  10. This!!! I told Ester on a few occasions that match was a game changer for me. I thought Aaron was untouchable and on that day I learned there are no immortals. I was also younger and it left an impression.
  11. You will never see me bash another high school coach (maybe Joe) or a wrestler publicly on this forum. I have steered away from it since the beginning. With that said this is a little bit of a fair point. I have been critical of Goldman in the past. But.... Culver and other private schools that can openly recruit with tuition incentives may be another story since they are almost like colleges. I will have to ponder that one.
  12. Joe is right. That dude is creepy.
  13. Hate to be like my wife. But that would be the International level.
  14. I think this is a great idea having these 2 programs team up. Thanks guys keep up the good work.
  15. It is difficult to run a youth club the right way. After 20 years I am still trying to totally dial it in. I am closer now but it just takes so much time and you need the right parents and coaches. In my opinion you need at least 6 practices a week and a club to be broken up once it gets big enough. K-2nd beginner practices twice a week for an hour. 3rd - 5th beginner to intermediate twice a week for an hour. Then 2 practices a week for your tourney kids that want to take it to the next level. Those tourney kids can also come to the other practices because they will be a little more fun and still teach fundamentals. You just have to be the one that matches them up so they aren't throttling some new kids and they make them want to quit. Now you can have a smaller club and work them harder and focus more on competition but you will lose a bunch of kids that could turn the corner before they are ever able to. I have coached those clubs before and they are fun but I don't think it helps grow the sport much. Friendly duals are awesome for those beginners and some beginner tournaments are nice with round robin formats to get the kids used to it. I always tell my kids the goal is for you to learn fundamentals, to wrestle in middle school, and eventually wrestle in high school. Those programs can weed kids out that really aren't going to take it serious or maybe the sport just isn't meant for them. Until then we just need to focus on growing it. I have had quite few kids try to go to tournaments too soon and never come back to practice because they got throttled by some kid that thinks they are wrestling for a state title at the ripe old age of 8 and already has 100+ matches under their belt. I like the idea of beginner state. Definitely would need to be held on a different weekend since many of the same club coaches would be going. I say we have it in Fort Wayne since we are the ones that are really in need of getting things growing. Y2 that is a really interesting stat for USA wrestling only have about 50% retention. I will run that against my club for the last 3 years and see where I land.
  16. Many of the tourneys we now go to do it that way mind you they are smaller. That and friendly duals with other clubs in the wrestling room and elementary school duals is where I think it is at now. At least for me as a coach it is more enjoyable.
  17. This has been my vote also. IHSAA wins by putting more butts in seats.
  18. I haven’t read any of this garbage but it is 5 pages long. They both suck.
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