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Posts posted by aoberlin

  1. Let's face it. Wrestling isn't fun when you truly try to take it seriously. If you push the serious part too fast then you lose the kid\athlete.  But... if you are not serious you get your butt kicked at any tournament you try to enter so it hard to find the balance. Wrestling is going against the way society in general is headed, it is up to us to sell it to kids and parents on the benefits of it and unfortunately it needs to be spoon fed in small doses over years until they fully buy in and understand. 

    Sorry but going out and hitting a golf ball, kicking a soccer ball, or dribbling a basketball can just plain out be easy and fun for kids and adults if they want it to be.  Someone giving you a blast double or a good hard cross face while all you want to do is have fun usually doesn't go well with kids.  

  2. 1 hour ago, maligned said:

    I was around him a lot of times from the early 90s to late 2000s, but I won't forget the first. In my 8th grade mind in 1992, undefeated Aaron Wilson of Warsaw was unbeatable at 119 pounds and destined to win state. But senior Mike Ester had other ideas. After getting beat by Denny Schwartz of Adams Central at regional, Mike out-gutted the favored Wilson for an incredible upset win in a semi-state ticket round death draw. He went on to win semi-state and then take 3rd at state, beating Schwartz in the consolation final in his last high school match in a rematch of their regional championship. I distinctly remember my first glimpse of Ester's passion in that upset over Wilson and I saw it many more times in his coaching over the years. RIP

    This!!!  I told Ester on a few occasions that match was a game changer for me. I thought Aaron was untouchable and on that day I learned there are no immortals.  I was also younger and it left an impression.

  3. 5 hours ago, SunDevils said:

    Just curious at what point is it considered "bashing?" For example, Goldman (former IU coach) got "bashed" all the time- whatever that term even means. Is it acceptable because he is a college coach? My assumption is it cannot be based on compensation since I suspect a majority of high school coaches are compensated in some capacity- even though that compensation is likely inconsequential since teachers and coaches are widely underappreciated and underpaid. 

    It seems as though we live in a society that is thin skinned and really takes any form of critique as "bashing."

    Coach TJC seemed to present a reasonable explanation without naming specifics a fair and appropriate response.

    You will never see me bash another high school coach (maybe Joe)  or a wrestler publicly on this forum.  I have steered away from it since the beginning.  With that said this is a little bit of a fair point.  I have been critical of Goldman in the past.  But.... Culver and other private schools that can openly recruit with tuition incentives may be another story since they are almost like colleges.  I will have to ponder that one.   

  4. It is difficult to run a youth club the right way.  After 20 years I am still trying to totally dial it in.  I am closer now but it just takes so much time and you need the right parents and coaches.  In my opinion you need at least 6 practices a week and a club to be broken up once it gets big enough.  K-2nd beginner practices twice a week for an hour.  3rd - 5th beginner to intermediate twice a week for an hour.  Then 2 practices a week for your tourney kids that want to take it to the next level.  Those tourney kids can also come to the other practices because they will be a little more fun and still teach fundamentals.  You just have to be the one that matches them up so they aren't throttling some new kids and they make them want to quit.   

    Now you can have a smaller club and work them harder and focus more on competition but you will lose a bunch of kids that could turn the corner before they are ever able to. I have coached those clubs before and they are fun but I don't think it helps grow the sport much.

    Friendly duals are awesome for those beginners and some beginner tournaments are nice with round robin formats to get the kids used to it.  I always tell my kids the goal is for you to learn fundamentals, to wrestle in middle school, and eventually wrestle in high school.  Those programs can weed kids out that really aren't going to take it serious or maybe the sport just isn't meant for them.  Until then we just need to focus on growing it.  I have had quite few kids try to go to tournaments too soon and never come back to practice because they got throttled by some kid that thinks they are wrestling for a state title at the ripe old age of 8 and already has 100+ matches under their belt.

    I like the idea of beginner state.  Definitely would need to be held on a different weekend since many of the same club coaches would be going.  I say we have it in Fort Wayne since we are the ones that are really in need of getting things growing.

    Y2 that is a really interesting stat for USA wrestling only have about 50% retention.  I will run that against my club for the last 3 years and see where I land.

  5. Many of the tourneys we now go to do it that way mind you they are smaller.   That and friendly duals with other clubs in the wrestling room and elementary school duals is where I think it is at now.  At least for me as a coach it is more enjoyable.  

  6. 2 hours ago, jetwrestling said:

    I don’t think true wrestle backs will happen. 

    I think you should take semi state ticket round losers and wrestle them to 5/6. Adds 3 matches per weight to semi state.   

    Take six per weight to state. This eliminates the random semi state death draw issues and pretty much guarantees the top kids earn a trip to state. 

    Start a little earlier and run 2 rounds Friday at state. 5 vs 4 and 6 vs 3. The semi state champ and runner up gets a bye. 

    Everything else stays the same. 

    This has been my vote also. IHSAA wins by putting more butts in seats. 

  7. My favorite subject. We down right suck right now. I really wish it wasn’t so. You are correct that the small schools do a great job. The pride and community in the Adams area alone helps. But in general we aren’t getting it done. SAC would produce at least 1 or 2 champs a year or at least get some the finals a couple decades ago.  But there has been a big drought there for a while. I will not bag on the coaches of those schools they are fighting the good fight but it is a big up hill battle.  No middle school programs is where it starts but there is also more issues at play.  We all would love to get the area back in going. Even if we got some great Academy not sure that will change much. Warrior Elite does a pretty good job but the kids around here aren’t coming out in droves. You can hold a clinic that is free with good coaches and the interest still isn’t that big. Plus it isn’t like good coaches grow on trees. Everyone knows to run a successful program it pretty much fills up your whole life. So if you want to be a good family man it is a tough balance. Which is why you see so many coaches only coach when their kids are going through.

  8. 7 minutes ago, Thor said:

    At this point, the only people I’ve ever see I would pick against Mendez would be Stevan Micic or Nick Lee, maybe Chad Red. Nothing against Asa, he’s a stud, just think Mendez is that good. 

    Give Angel some love in this one also. Plus the guy named Andrew Howe was decent.

  9. 12 minutes ago, piscis1956 said:

    I don’t know the ref.  Do you mean he calls the pin as soon as the scapulae touch or he calls it when he sees the scapulae pinned for two seconds continuously?  Consistency is great if he is consistently correct but not so good if he is consistently wrong.

    Meaning he gets in position to make the call quickly.  Not sure if he uses 1,2 pin or 1 one thousand 2 one thousand. He will tell you if don’t want to be called pin don’t go to your back.

  10. 1 hour ago, TeamGarcia said:

    Very .... Very.... Very.... long topic of discussion few years back and it seems it’s brought up every year. Bunch of people complaining and such . Topic gets locked 99% of the time and lastly it’s like talking to the wall next to you. Nothing going to change . 


    The Notorious 

    Fews years back? This has been a long topic before Indianamat existed and we used the ISWA forum.

  11. 8 hours ago, base said:

    Once again, the brackets for sectionals with 9+ teams are not uniformly drawn, and kids that should get a chance at moving onto regionals will be out after 1 round.

    I know the IHSAA only cares about determining a winner but every year I am frustrated to see kids not getting a second chance to wrestle back while others do

    He said wrestle backs! We talking about it yet or are we going to wait for the screw jobs to happen at semi state?

  12. 11 hours ago, coachnabb said:

    As the Ben Davis guy who has been around a long, long time I will try to give you a couple. Don't get me wrong, they sound like excuses and I don't like excuses much. And, none of this is personal, hopefully my comments aren't construed as being a shot at anyone. Some comments i won't make in this forum as it isn't the right forum. However, there is my list, top of my head.

    1. Resources - many programs develop talent by charging their kids $ every month or kids go to a "pay to play" facility like CIA, Red Cobra, Contenders, etc... In a lot of cases, we have kids who can't afford shoes, the sport fee or don't even know where they are staying tonight. Now, add on the cost of a USA card, tournaments, etc... and that is money our families need to spend elsewhere. Sure, we fund raise, but you can't cover costs for 50+ kids in a youth program to develop them in wrestling the way we would like. By the way, very few of our kids have a great support system. I can't imagine, as a 16 year old kid trying to cut weight, get to a Saturday practice, pay for a sport fee, new shoes, etc... without any parental support

    2. All of the BD families from my era and later have moved to Avon, Brownsburg, Plainfield, Danvile, etc... i.. And, no families move into Ben Davis. Everyone is heading out West over the last 15 years, ncluding my family.  I know I have coached a dozen or so kids in Junior High that have gone on to be successful at the state level in other programs. Good for those families for getting themselves into what they see as better situations personally.

    3. I think BD has a remarkable amount of kids that start as Sophomores and Juniors. Sounds great to have bodies in the room, but wrestling in the MIC, Marion County and the same Sectional as Avon (you), Brownsburg and Plainfield - 90- percent of the time these kids just can't compete with someone who has had 4+ years of experience get frustrated and quit. And, how hard is it to sell this story "If you bust your butt, give everything you can you might win half of your matches" and "to be the most competitive you can, you need to learn how to eat right and maybe watch what you eat a little". They can't because they don't have quality food in the house.

    4. The sport has no "middle class" anymore, there are elite wrestlers and everyone else. We all know the sport is hard - if you are getting beat up all the time it isn't fun, if it isn't fun you quit (unless you are an idiot like me and wired differently). We have a lot of great kids in this state who do well nationally. So, I am a 3rd year kid who has grown up wrestling some of the many studs on the WestSide and Marion County and I get pounded every time, I get discouraged. I get discouraged and just don't love the sport the way I need to love it to get better - I could have been a good wrestler, not elite, but good, maybe a Semi-State or even a State qualifier, but I can't get out of sectionals. I tihnk it was 2 years ago at the Avon Sectional at 106, 3 of those kids placed in the top 7 at state and I believe 3 others from MIC and Marion County placed as well.

    5. I can keep going, but will conclude with this... I would rather build better young men (as I am sure we all do). It has taken me a while to admit that winning isn't as important to me as making someone successful at life (and this statement in no way makes me think that the previous 2 statements are exclusive, I am a better person, employee, boss, etc.... for being a wrestler). At some point, we are trying to get kids to graduate because we are now their parents. I could throw in a bunch of stats, but they don't change the situation. I would love to be singled out in a post about our wrestling, not the lack of our wrestling, but that isn't where we are at right now. 

    Don't misinterpret any of this, I want to beat everyone. I don't want to lose. but, spend a few months inside the program and you will see it isn't just a numbers game. 

    For better or worse, I am BD wrestling - as are a group of guys that I am proud to coach along side who also fight the daily battle to keep this program together and moving forward. 

    Brett Nabb

    BD 1987 and 20 years coaching wrestling in Wayne Township

    Good stuff. Thanks coach. Just goes to show it isn’t about numbers or the size of the school. Every program has its unique obstacles. Keep up the good fight.

  13. On 1/7/2019 at 6:02 PM, ChrisMC said:

    Yeah it was a mess.  The kid actually tried choking him 5 times. At that particular time my son said he blacked out for a second he don’t remember any of that. It was pretty sad that parents from other schools was yelling at the ref and that kid. When we was in the bleachers and can see his face changing colors but the ref doesn’t notice it is a big problem not to mention everyone in that area was yelling at him trying to get his attention. Then he punched him. Some guy that we don’t even know said he would’ve crossed faced that kids nose off if it was him.  

    Yes he wrestled his next match it was his last match of the day. He said he felt fine just had a headache and a black eye. 

    My son does wrestle year round and plays football. 

    Yes i agree most refs do a really good job. I’m not sure what was going on with this ref we’ve had him many of times and never had any issues that I can recall.

    Pretty sure you are talking about our wrestler and no he isn’t ranked. Probably should be though. We don’t coach dirt. We coach intensity. Sorry your son was undefeated until he wrestled our kid but I saw absolutely nothing illegal. I never saw a choke. Now the punch your coach complained about was a cross face that didn’t work because your sons face was planted too hard on the mat. I can understand the complaint from your coach but he verbally berated the ref. You don’t get anywhere doing that. That was normal wrestling at that level. 

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