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Posts posted by aoberlin

  1. I watched the 170 match in slow motion and personally I don’t even think it was an escape.  Clock hit zero and Wagner didn’t have his hips even turned into Fielden. At that point Fielden could have still scooted his hips and not given up the reversal.


    With that said it was a great match and both are awesome wrestlers.

  2. 1 minute ago, Y2CJ41 said:

    If you are a teacher/coach/manager, who are you more likely to give a break to?

    1. The kid that is always on time, working hard, always follows the rules
    2. The kid that routinely pushes the line or even breaks small rules

    Not looking for a break. Looking for things to be done right isn't a break. It just what is right.

  3. 16 hours ago, Y2CJ41 said:

    More importantly is having a strong coaches association and coaches that don't try to cheat the system. There is no better way to hurt the sport than by doing things like changing alpha weights.

    Lame reasoning. Because the coaches make you angry every year has nothing to do with what is right for the kids and for the sport in general. They are 2 mutually exclusive things that as a manager or the head of an organization you should be able to separate. 

  4. 22 minutes ago, Wrestling Scholar said:

    Ok,  So are you saying wrestling = harming somebody?  I think most "scholars"  including wrestling scholar agree you should never physically harm a man and a woman.


    Not that I agree with some of these Bishops making edicts, but I thought their rational was that it was inappropriate sexually for boys to be touching girls in multiple ways you do in wrestling.

    I feel physical harm includes inappropriate touching.

  5. We had a kid that we didn't catch in time that fell below his allowed lowest weight and it screwed us for sectionals. The thing was he weighed 160 and wrestled 170 so it wasn't on purpose and would have been much better for him to gain more weight. I think it was a bad fat test.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Ftwaynewrestlingfan said:

    106: Ford of Leo

    113: Herman of Homestead 

    120: Veatch of Leo 

    126: Humphrey of Snider 

    132: Heath of Leo 

    138: Chacón of New Haven 

    145: Jackson of Leo 

    152: Spencer of Snider 

    160: Kreager of Snider 

    170: Parrish of Homestead 

    182: Saylor of New Haven 

    195: Prahl of Leo 

    220: Martz of New Haven 

    285: Belizar of Snider 



    1.Snider 2.Leo 3.New Haven 4.Homestead 


    what are your guys’ thoughts?

    You seem to like Leo. Wonder why that is?

  7. 2 minutes ago, SWINfan said:

    It's crazy to me that every year there are threads like this one with questions about seeding.  I don't get how there is not an established way of doing it that is used every year and has been used the same way for years.  Why should that process change?  Add to what seems like every few years there seem to be changes about how state or semi-state is scored.  Why is there not an established scoring system that again, doesn't no needs to be changed?


    It just seems weird that processes that have been the same for many years, aren't set to the point they don't change!

    Agreed. This isn't rocket science. It really isn't that hard.

  8. On 1/25/2020 at 9:16 PM, Silence Dogood said:

    Fort Wayne had 5 champs in 1999. How'd we get to the point over the course of 20 years where we are trying to figure out if they'll even have 1?


    I have this discussion often and I think there are a bunch of factors that play into it. First off, I think wrestling in the last 20 years in Indiana has gotten much better across the State and North East Indiana hasn't kept up. You can no longer start in high school wrestle for 4 months out of the year do a few freestyle tournaments and one camp and expect to do great things. Just like all the other sports, rather you agree with it or not, kids are becoming specialized and know they have to start young and focus on your core sport 9 to 10 months out of the year. That isn't happening a ton around here. We have had many well meaning individuals step up and try to provide some sort of Academy but they start them and get about 10 kids or so and quickly realize they can't keep the lights on doing it. I personally have went around and priced facilities and done the math on running it as a business that would just break even and there is definitely a risk there. Especially if you want to create a real Academy that screams wrestling when you walk in.


    Given that FWCS is our biggest school district with some of our biggest schools and there is a multitude of challenges you have to overcome to produce quality teams or even keep kids out. Like stated before the thing that would make the biggest difference is if we can get middle school wrestling in FWCS across the board and not just a few places. I have talked to a few FWCS ADs about it and a couple middle school Principals and they say the discussions are starting about the logistics of it. I believe there are more challenges then most of us realize. So with the lack of middle school wrestling and the increase in talent overall it gets very hard to get kids with no experience to come out and stay out when they just get their butts kicked. A wise coach, that coached in FWCS for over 30 years once said to me "the hardest thing to do is to convince a kid that getting your butt kicked all the time is worth it." Such a true statement, I don't care how athletic you are if you don't have a room around you with some experienced kids and a great coaching staff you are not going from no experience your freshman year to a State champion your senior year. Their may be a few examples of this but they are very very rare.


    So our biggest school district isn't producing anymore and that definitely hurts us. But as one person said many of those kids our going to outer schools like Southwest and Northeast Allen. Hence the rise in Carroll and if everything goes as planned Homestead will be starting to show some real promise soon. The 3 biggest schools in the area are Homestead, Carroll, and Northrop. Northrop is part of FWCS and that has been discussed. Carroll has a program that is well established and has been in the making for over 20 years and has produced a State champion, runner up, and multiple state place winners. As much as we, Homestead, hate them because we would love to beat them, we really work well together at the youth and middle school level, and personally I get along with all the coaches. I will say this, with first hand experience, just because a school is big does not make it easy to build a program and change a culture. We all have our own battles that we deal with to try and get our wrestlers to the next level. 


    The Goshen area isn't as up as it has been the past but they always always contribute a ton to Fort Wayne Semi-State. I coached for Dekalb for years and we went to that regional and when Northridge, Goshen, Elkhart Memorial, and Jimtown are firing on all cylinders it is tough. To be honest I just don't know that much about the Peru area but I know there is some pride in that area and Peru always has like 50 matches. We just don't see many of their kids until Semi State.


    With all that said the small schools in North East Indiana pull their weight and more. There are a bunch of solid smaller schools with a culture of wrestling that do well. Just to name a few Bellmont, Garrett, Adams Central, Jay County, and Prairie Heights. These schools are consistently invited to team state for a reason but it has been discussed at nauseam the challenges small schools have compared to the big schools so it is tough for them to make up for the rest of the area.


    I really hope we can change things around here but it will take all of us to do it. A single Academy isn't going to fix it. I think all the coaches around the area would be happy to work with each other to get things moving again but as many of you know there is only so many hours in the day and this sport doesn't pay anyone's bills and it is hard enough getting your own program going. It is all for the love of it. Personally I am always willing to help, just shoot me a message and I will respond. Just like everyone else on this board I know how this sport changed my life and I have witnessed it change many others.

  9. 1 hour ago, rjohnson said:

    This is an apples to oranges conversation.  You can frame the picture in whatever you lens you want to look at it.


    As a former head coach in the SAC, it is true, there are many factors that come into play that make the current climate and conditions of improving the overall quality of the SAC an uphill battle.  Does that mean that people haven’t been trying for years, of course they have.


    My last year at Wayne, out of 45 guys on our team, I think 2 had a driver’s license and more than 95% had never stepped on a mat before high school.  We worked our tails off to prepare them the best we could for any situation, wrestling or life.


    There are ebbs and flows to it.  At one point, the best teams in the SAC were as good, if not better than the best non-SAC Allen County teams.  Recent history shows the depth and strength of Carroll’s program is far more consistent.


    From 2014-2016, Wayne tied or placed higher than Carroll at IHSAA State.  Did that make it a better program than Carroll? Of course not.  You can just choose to narrow the focus on what you want to.  Boiling it down to desire or want to just oversimplifies a far more complex topic.

    What do you know FWCS Riley?

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