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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. Coulda been....went jr and sr so I. Could be wrong
  2. Riot in 96 Down sectional s was awful wild...Motl VS Gross....Rotten
  3. I.saw both made the finals...any pbp or results...
  4. So broyles must be gavin a helluva. Day...im predicting nc champs hopefully seven
  5. glad somebody knows who Tech is...forgot bout his songs for warm up..Be warned is a sick one by him
  6. Ill nino- I am loco-....Tupace-holla at me...Dmx- whole crew...as I lay dying -confined ....Hate Breed-destroy everything.....just a few ...Ill minis l song makes me violent before I Fight
  7. Devon.worked. so hard this summer..two a days..lifting and grappling faithfully ...glad I know this fine young man and got to roll with him
  8. do u remember. Turpin and cory cooks matches..they were great....Kevin head was runner. Up twice I believe ...
  9. No he pinned Danny...wrong hasseman I guess...and he had A ankle injury prior...he still won state period...
  10. Everybody Mauer beat in the finals...hobbs.dolly,Newport...haseeman ended up winning...Jonathan Brownlee
  11. Matt jaggers 211-13 overall being 58-0 two str8 years goin to the big show...4xer qualifier..3x placer..runner up..Terrell Coatie beat Danny Williams and Conkling in same year...MAC Taylor
  12. If they make to the finals who.ya got...BC all the way
  13. 03 Jason sayre 2x qualifier from NC was 1 comin in at 0-0..
  14. Idk why Mullins isn't in the brackets...only reason I could see him not bein seeded is putting him in last minute at 8 seed have em beat the 1 seed and prevent all those advancement points the 1 seed in essence the 2 seed would get...Idk if that's possible but if so that is Genius..BTW what weight Is lil Decker at?
  15. Wow mofield must have been on a mission...he has the ability to wrestle with anybody if he wrestles smart...gave thatcher all he wanted...big Win for rose also...how did Jon Decker look at 45?
  16. Any scores on the matches mentioned up top
  17. Wow that's wierd..any individual results...
  18. Well the ratings were right on all the outcomes and not to shabby on the spread...I would say the genius ratings are holding up nicely in a very unpredictable sport...
  19. Lol peck...you that's why you wouldnt let me go cus youd be 2nd best lookin
  20. New castle has approximately 1150 kids how is that 3A? What are the figures for each class...
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