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  1. Joe Urednick and Steve Lopez both IN wrestling Alum!
  2. Granby camp...Went there 2 years in HS....quality all the way around..Coach Peck would have the details!
  3. I will pass this on D! Yea Shamar is a Stud...Very respectful dude too...Drooke ya can ask me any ?'s ya like bout the fight game..take care
  4. I train with TEAM Wolf-Pack..Matt Jagggers,Josh Martin,Jason Gilliam,Hector Urbina,Tim Bradley,Adam Cunningham (3 Timer from Michigan) Rodney Sleepers to name just a few. I'd love to answer any ?'s in the other topic you were referring to. Take Care D!
  5. Campbell beat Phillips when they have wrestled in the past...
  6. Campbell and Mullins...2 FROSH State Champs I'm calling it right now!
  7. Sounds like a good Idea to me!
  8. I am Johnny Hughes...I wrestled for New Castle where I had a career record of 114-29...Lost 2 years in a row in the Ticket round Haha bad memories... Currently ranked 15th in the King of the Cage World Rankings with a AM. and Pro MMA record of 38-6 over 40 fights since 04 haha! I am proud to be a INDIANA Wrestler alum. I am glad to see this board reconizes the former IN wrestlers and the things we are doing today on the competitive side! Thanks for asking DROOKE
  9. I only had one match where I experience Unsportsman like conduct to the full degree! My senior year I was beating John Schmaltz of Cathedral by like 7 or 8...and the full prick came out in him first getting penalized for trying to literally BREAK my fingers off haha then at the end of the match throwing an elbow blantantly when when I had top control. He was ejected from the meet and couldnt wrestle in his Conferance meet the following weekend I believe! New Castle and Cathedral just love eachother...Guess thats why we bout had a all out BRAWL EVERY year at the Cathedral Duals haha...Did I me
  10. +100...Nice piece of writing there!
  11. What bout me? EliteXC and KOTC Vet...14-3 as a pro
  12. HAHAHAAHHAHA to AE I was thinking something along those lines...Yea I was meaning beat the Champ and Runner-up in the same year. Such as Terell Coatie did. He was a special athlete though didn't even start wrestling til like 9th or 10th grade. He went to state in 3 diff sports as well. Anyone who seen TC wrestle knows he was a STUD!
  13. New Castle has won 20 str8 They are finally healthy they did great against Bellmont and had I believe 4 Starters out due to illness...Watch out for this young TALENTED squad!
  14. HE had well over 500 in his career
  15. Matt Jaggers had A TON of TKD's..Should be on that list
  16. Who has beat the State Champ and Runner-up in the same year and even place in the top 5? My former Team Mate at New Castle Terrel Coatie beat both Danny Williams and Matt Conkling in the same year and finished 7th! He beat Danny at SS and Conkling at team state. I am curious if anyone knows any others who have done the same. BTW I am a newbie How do I change my status from Sectional Qualifier to SS qualifier...I got be 2 years in a row in the Ticket round Bad memories haha..thanks to all
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