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  1. Thanks for the insight..I think it's a absolute must that they have a rescheduled tournament.
  2. And he's well ahead of the learning curve.. ..his accelerated learning ability means means a year of development is equivalent to 3 years to anybody else.. plus he's not even begun to reach his prime and the type that could train at the otc and be contending for a spot on our national team.. that article written about him made me believe that as crazy as it sounds he just now started believing in himself to the highest degree.. He's so talented that he didn't realize how capable he really is! Its came so natural to him that he didn't fully understand the magnitude of what he's accomplished in
  3. I'd like to see that! How sick would it be if they could start an archive of legendary matches that still exist.. I'm supposed be getting my hands on some 90s gold within next few months on VHS.
  4. And they had established successful blood lines that helped evolve the sport.. they kept wrestling families in their program that contributed to the growth and pedigree they built! Great coaching, endless community support and talent steadily developed in the feeder program is the ultimate combination for building special program!


    Trizton Carson


    Trizton Carson


    Trizton Carson


    Trizton Carson
  9. Dana has to keep that 125 pound division going some how!
  10. How nasty would it be to see him cradle Pletcher reminiscent of who's number 1?
  11. You wasn't too bad yourself you rotten booger you
  12. Yes it was! That backflip before he wrestled ws nasty too!
  13. G.Rooks also placed 10th and qualified for nationals at 149!
  14. Don't forget Penola placing 7th and qualifying for NCAAs at HW! Very bright future ahead of him and Purdue qualified 8 guys for nationals!
  15. After beating Moran down twice Saturday I don't see him seeded lower than him..6 or 7 is my guess.
  16. That whizzer Elkins used to fight off those final TD attempts was epic..Pingleton had him picked up to the ceiling dead 2 fights Rights multiple times and pulled it off some how.
  17. The flu sure as hell won't be taking the day off!
  18. Last time I was supposed go I got called to storm work in Florida.. Most home sick I've ever been
  19. Asa garcia Nick willham Carson Brewer Ty mills Could add to the last in coming years as well.
  20. Lol I ws the 1 who took Wills spot when he got hurt his senior year aka my freshman year..Cook was a stud 4sho.
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