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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. Wow that's wierd..any individual results...
  2. Well the ratings were right on all the outcomes and not to shabby on the spread...I would say the genius ratings are holding up nicely in a very unpredictable sport...
  3. Lol peck...you that's why you wouldnt let me go cus youd be 2nd best lookin
  4. New castle has approximately 1150 kids how is that 3A? What are the figures for each class...
  5. If NC beat bellmont and Hanover central should they be ranked at class 2?...28-5 overall i believe
  6. ^^^^ a lot of times that is to be said but of y have followed a particular uwrestler for as lon as ppl have Boston hen they wjould be at the national level many times hence being ranked 20 in the nation and beating number 17 thorn 5-0..its been done before maybe he will be our next 4xer.....
  7. Drooke you are correct a lot of good times...Peck ill always carry the values I was instilled with, by you...my blast double and ragle Hi-c have payed my bills for 4 years now lol..
  8. Levi rose and Luke Decker xfinally down to their natural weights of 40 and 30...Nauthton of Muncie Central is looking impressive with a 17-1 record...
  9. Congrats Coach...you continue to make your wrestlers proud...1000 would be a nice square number to get to lol knowing you,you would get 1001 and have get 99 more to be happy then again idk if you can deal with those rotten NC kids that much longer haha...love ya Big fella
  10. Yea that hurts...still proud that puts NC record up to 28 wins 5 losses I believe too bad all their results are current...a top 20 team for sure
  11. NC scores? Don't make me run from the legs pal!
  12. NC is like 18-4 too bad they don't post results hardly
  13. NC beats 10 bellmont..lost to a undefeated South Adams ranked new pal and tough westfield and no votes at all Dang..who am I to gripe yall work hard just surprised..
  14. AJ you're right about holes but I think Mullins,Campbell,catron,both Deckers,rose,mofield.and im taking broyles to win at 12 of he Is on ...I could be wrong but I hope for the best every time we wrestle and know we are capable of winning 8
  15. They both have been weighing in at 40 and moving up occasionally I hope I don't drive all that way and don't get to see this match or bump around D...Jackson would go up to 45 if he needed to l just to get a good match...
  16. Yorktown takes on Muncie South tonight and a potential match up of the 2 best wrestlers in the state should lock horns 2nite...if you're in the muncie area tonight come watch some good wrestling at Yorktown...Devons ready for anything so I hope to see a hell of a match!
  17. Still had to be within 5 to beat them......thats why they won.
  18. Wow had a Rook moment..Anderson 3rd hence H.North took their place
  19. Richards is nails...he has a BRIGHT future..he should come train with us!
  20. Thanks a lot...yea come down anytime...right across from marsh on Mcgalliard..have we met?
  21. Whats your name bro? What are some some standouts from around your parts and ill let you know if I have...I've been.to prolly 100 local who's in the last 4-5 years...
  22. 3 pounder went 6-1...Carroll went 7-0 also did Jackson...A. Hiestand 6-1..r.heistand 6-1... bevans 6-1..and ai was Phillips....
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