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  1. This is great news...I'm really happy tyne little guy is healthy and will be a force no matter what he encounters..this def made him tougher and I guarantee he takes nothing for granted especially after this scary ordeal...Cheers to the good news
  2. That was AWESOME!...before my baby brother died and was on a tear finishing everybody in mma I had a similar message every time he fought..That it doesn't matter who he's fighting in the cage that if that same person were to try and harm his kids at Walmart he still would demolish them on the spot and that this setting is no different..It doesn't matter who, what, or where, your mind is your strongest weapon if it is sharp and clear..and through mental exercises like Randy Lewis used, it can raise you to heights you've never dreamed of...this type of thinking is what can get a kid who's been
  3. BTW it says the cut off for registration was @8:59 pm last night but ppl registered after that
  4. I see a Ethan Parris @HW and he's in 8th grade cadet as well
  5. I loved the team regionals and semi state..Got the juices going before individual tournament and loved the NC vs Yorktown wars for a few yrs
  6. You had team dual regionals during the week and individual regionals that saturday...
  7. As for insight on NC as a team..Rex teams have won 35 sectionals,13 regionals, and 6 semi state titles..2x team state runner up Has coached 87 State qualifiers, 41 placers...1 state champion,4 runner ups and at least 20+ top 5 placers..also Peck is nearing 1000 dual wins which 1st in indiana is 2nd all time in the nation..NC won 106 straight dual meets not losing for nearly 3 years in the early 90s..Also had a few of his team's ranked nationally in the mid 90s...lost to Mater dei in 96' stage championship when NC sent 8 to state (minus returning monster HW state champion who passed away) 6 we
  8. nope sure didn't..5 duals every Saturday if not we wrestled in the old north mont holiday duals that was a 2day tournament that had Lawrence north,portage,Warren cental,Carmel,Franklin central,north mont to name a few, who were all good teams..plus the 2day meet @Lawrence central that was the two days following thanksgiving...or the Adam's central Individual tournament where a lot of us NC guys battled Very tough Bloomington south guys in the finals..was like mini state wrestling under the lights..I loved that tournament.. those guys were great wrestlers,I didn't start til 8th grade and wa
  9. To answer what they were like..they all were very talented wrestlers that fell short of a state title..and as much as ppl can mix opinions about how much nc wrestles, they all wrestled tough scheduless bk then...NC was among the top programs in the state throughout the 90s and early 2000s...they may not have been state champs but they all were creme of the crop during their tenure and you don't win 200+ matches by accident
  10. BTW Brendan Campbell had 208 wins so that's 4 of the top 7..a lot of top 3 finishes but no state titles song those 4..Our lone state champion in the Peck era was the HW monster Bubba Dickerson but he passed after his jr year and doesn't have all the wins but is still a legend..
  11. I was on NC and had the privilege to wrestle on a pretty solid team with Keith and Matt was and still one of my good friends...Keith was a Pinning (125 pins) machine that was top 10 ranked wrestler through out most most of highscool that had some tough breaks..as freshman he drew eventual State champion Snyder the ticket round in a close match iirc..his sophmore year was beat by 1 the ticket round by 48-1 nick strub east central who was one of Keith's rivals that he had a few wars with ..that same year he beat current Southport coach and stud wrestler nick skinner on many occasions, among many
  12. I misread the post not seeing runner-up..I thought this was referring to Wilson's senior year when he won it..and that was what made me confused..I know he got launched on his back after taking Ellis down in the finals.
  13. Taking It old school! You know who his loss was to?
  14. I'd love to see him wrestle @OSU...Snyder could be the perfect mentor for him!
  15. Not to mention how impressive most of these guys have been in their college endeavors...
  16. That explains it..this is a big opportunity to wrestle the best and guys you might never see during the year..Merrillville always has some real tough guys..be cool if they can change that in the future
  17. He planted Bektić clear on his neck with that KO..he fell in a very awkward position...Great win for Elkins he's a warrior
  18. John Sheets is up there too..got 1,3,3,3 and had legends every yr that kept him from getting more than 1 state title his freshman yr..Mental attitude a award winner and excellent student as well..
  19. Right on..I didn't want to say the M word and an not too familiar if little ppl is derogatory or not...Thaddeus was anything but little when he was on the mat..monster that guy was
  20. Unless you're Woodson up 12 and throw a lateral drop and got put on his back byKleinhenz lol
  21. Who remembers Kissick hitting a back flip during a match @ state in 96?
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