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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. Yup I remember you saying he was a beast..after seeing him at SS I emphatically agree..
  2. It's better to supervise and guide than have them sneak and hide lol..
  3. Mason Taylor made those Pants for his sensei with his Bear Hands...yes,Bear
  4. I would love to see Mason wrestle any of those ahead of him right now..He's on a mission..
  5. You just made nuvo magazine look like Childs Play..
  6. That's was a thing of great confidence and beauty...He was clicking on all cylinders I tell ya Mason P. And Asa garcia..Aj black is balls to the wall also...he don't play it safe
  7. Shaffer is very strong and physical..plus he has a motor that don't stop...he will make some noise I'm sure..
  8. I think he could pin everybody from 220 and up..and that's not being disrespectful..Gunnar Larson is an absolute animal and is the only one on in masons way to the finals that could keep it respectable...But it won't shock me If he gets 4 pins..the pure dominance I witnessed last weekend was beautiful carnage.
  9. Not really a ranking issue More that he'says an legit dark horse.. but I was really impressed with Jessop of HSE...Dude is a specimen that looked very sharp at SS....Don't be surprised if he don't knock off a Popular Pick for champion..Dudes for real
  10. Dana already said brooks is getting a top 5 fight...Dana wants to see what all the chatter is about
  11. 35 years...950+ wins, 2nd in national history in wins along with 30+ sectional titles and 2-runner teams that in 96 that had 8 to state 6 placers and if Bubba Dickerson (returnin HW state champ that pinneday everybody at state in under 10 minutes iirc) tragedy didn't happen it would've been a pretty safe to say 9 to state with a 2xer...He also had longest dual meet streak in state history @106 in a row before being broken Mater Dei with over 130...NC didn't lose for nearly 4years in a dual...NC at the moment isn't the power house it once was in the 90s and early 2000s but it's nothing a revamped Feeder program can't fix ...and Coach Martin will be a great Head Coach being Pecks protoge once he passes the torch... I admire all coaches that lead with character,gratitude and respect..wHich breeds success and also prepares young ppl for life after wrestling..I would take a 100 jv kids that work hard and are good ppl over a million lazy gifted Athletes that take things for granted..Peck is a great mentor to myself even though I don't coach @nc currently, I'll always go to bat for him...BUT I WILL NOT EVER make the worst mistake of my life again, by letting him demonstrate the Legs that mortally wounded back that has been dying since that fateful SemiState eve in 02'...R.I.P my lower Lumbar, Never Forget
  12. I myself made a joke to Pendowski about My good friend Nathan Pickle getting whipped by Geter...Idk if Coach P knows me but he cracked up and spoke to me and Nathan...I've only heard the best things from reliable sources and wrestlers impacted along the way..I could see Him hearing his name being called and was in a hurry and didn't know who called his name..As for his hair cut and how he communicates with his wrestler, I hope I coach ten kids to SS and look as in shape as him @ his age...But from how you're making assumptions about his style and coaching methods tells me you might haveMade another ridiculous initial assumption about him giving you the cold shoulder from the jump...I could be wrong but he seems very friendly and I don't see a guy that respects all wrestlers regardless of their affiliation being that knowingly rude...I would be cooking crow if I made these accusations and it was just a misunderstanding but to each their own...Hope you find peace in your future SS greeting practices...BTW maybe his his having a rough day had his mind preoccupied, just a thought
  13. Great topic..I just loosely went over Pecks his is 41-45..with 1 state champion,4 runner ups and 25 top 5 finishers..
  14. You've done a great job with the Stocks..I've seen them both a few times this year and they are game as anybody...What also impressed me beside the van horn win was How @160 Stock dominated Carson Brewer (who beat mazzero @170 as well) ...I've seen Brewer all year and had him placing top 8...beating Brewer is a feather in any one cap let alone a major..I'll be rooting am the Mooresville regional Lord knows @170 they all had to grind through to state and it will show come state, that the 4 killers are ready for the big stage. SO whoever Drew Nick's Son Ciccerelli, be ready for a STRONG wrestler that has lost and won VERY close matches vs the best in the state...Tony C is very hard to score on...He beat my nephew twice this year in some physical matches and it made him tougher going forward for his Jr and Sr years...Plus he's going to JROB 28 day camp and wrestling fresh sophomore state to stay active...Trizton competing vs Webster,and Horn and Ciccerelli helped get him ahead of the curve for being a sophmore@170..he outscored his opponents 42-2 in 3 matches that were 4 minute matches at The qualifier this past Sunday..hopefully Allred,Brady Pease and minnick get some mat time at fresh-sophomore state and we get a good semi of 4 of the future big guys that will Imho be placers and possible Champs in the coming years.
  15. Logan Boe had 9 losses and to the naked eye that's misleading...at least 6 of them came from Rioux and Campbell..not to.mention sego and Johnson...Im happy for him, he's battle tested and got a good chance at winning on Friday night..
  16. 106. BLACK 113. Asa 120. Rooks 126.Mulkey 132.Bailey 138.Black 145.Lee 152.Lee 160.Bane 170.Webster 182.Davidson 195.Davidson 220.Parris HW.Ellis
  17. Yeah I seen Corbin Maddox ripped off 82 points in 4 matches ..that was a tough draw ... I got Maddox going to the finals with a solid match up with McCLain on the way..at least your guy has another year to make a deep run...best of luck next weekend
  18. Frieje was also hella impressive..Mason dominated like I've never seen...That quarter Nelson he ran on McClain was so brutal...Man Child period...
  19. That 360 takedown was insane...Slivka beat him handily..I will say though White was tampering with his bandages leading me to believe be wasn't 100% focused..that would hinder your concentration I bet...
  20. Rex Peckinpaugh has been around since polyester singlets were the cats meow...has helped a lot of young men..
  21. Shenandoah brought 7 and got 4 Through...and 2 of those kids were very good in returning state qualifier Lohery and the stud #4 170 freshman allred that got upset by a very good Mazerro..
  22. Dull has excellent throws and finds ways to win...Jessop is a monster 182 and appears to be one hell of athlete..It'll be a awesome match regardless.
  23. Them close matches with bane helped gee imho..Warren is a hell of a wrestler..is he going anywhere to wrestle in college?
  24. Jessop is a Beast...I've seen dull and him both this year..I got Jessop by at least 3
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