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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. I see what you're saying now ...And I am no way trying to offend or question how good Laplace is.. the young man is phenomenal wrestler I just caught up in some of the comments..I appreciate everybody on here regardless If we see eye to eye about anything..I just love that the sport has a lot of dedicated supporters that really care about the sport and kids...We may have silly debates or whatever but in this instance regardless the outcome of the match its sad 1 wrestlers season ended from an injury but on the other hand a top notch Laplace that lost to another great wrestler is bk in the tournament.. good luck to all competitors tonight!
  2. it seems we have the answer to the original question and the Brewer vs laplace match is highly touted lol
  3. What comparison of mine did I attack? only thing that I said that was questionable is brewers win over Bates being in freestyle.. Regardless these are 2 great talents and I just think Brewer is on another level than most.
  4. I'll be at state this evening if anybody wants 2 meet up..My names Johnny Hughes and i'm a open book.
  5. and for the ppl that wanna keep bringing up last year its comical..Yea brewer got upset Friday night but winning the way he has this year and over the comp at Brecksville should account for something... And I'm not the type to rub in ppl face if brewer does major him...its just mind boggling that ppl are grilling me over me saying they make weight classes for a reason and I promise you Brewer at 182 is a a way tougher match than a 160 p4p stud regardless of his accolades... This is about the now not the past.
  6. exactly..I do see where its going and me stating that a 182 pounder vs a 160 pounders results is pointless just like you stated about wrestling results of different styles...
  7. I was just using everybody's wrestling math theory and you're right about styles being different..but having a 160 pounder who's smaller and not as strong is a different than a 182 pound D1 bound stud.. i'm not questioning the kids skills i'm just saying comparing a 160 to a 182 pounder is ridiculous.
  8. again what does a 160 pounder have to do with 182?
  9. mahan is a funky scrambling machine I know that much...
  10. 160 and 182 are totally different.. i'm not hating on laplace i'm just saying using a 160 pounder as a indicator for what a 182 monster is capable of is Apple's to oranges.. There's weight classes for reasons and idc if he was p4p #1, 22 pounds of muscle and technique on a nationally ranked guy @182 is way different than wrestling a great 160 pounder.. since we are using wrestling math Brewer teched Bates over the summer and Bates beat laplace...I'm not questioning laplace skills I'm questioning The logic in comparing results vs a 160 and possible outcome vs a Nationally ranked 182.
  11. no offense but If I was a betting man Carson could care less who's in his way. he knows regardless to win it all he's gotta beat the best so if anything it might have got him even more hype if that is even possible..a top 15 nationally ranked 182 pounder is a whole different screen so l scenario than a nationally ranked 160 stud..Ppl also thought he would be tested in the finals of SS and he wasn't.
  12. Billy Naegle Headlocked #1 Nathan Dosher of EMD Friday night in 04' ws crazy.
  13. gotcha! be awesome if there was a informative rating but I appreciate what we got.. i'm not gonna gripe cuz they do awesome on here.
  14. @nkraus I fixed my post so it wasn't so confusing.
  15. his closest match was at Brecksville vs out of state stud Hivnor who was USA nationals runner up 6-5...but. this past Saturday vs #3 state ranked Bellamy he mauled the then undefeated Iowa move in who placed 7th last year ..He looks like a mad man attacking relentlessly...
  16. Jason T vs Cashe Q was solid too!
  17. the guy with the - next to his name is the favorite and the + is the underdog.. ..if they both have - then it's a pick EM match or even odds
  18. kwiatkowski was pinned by Massey and and coffman at spartan classic
  19. jake combs lost Trizton Carson ,Excel Brooks ,Filipovich ,Morgan and sterret
  20. 126 is unreal... Regardless there's gonna be 2 elite guys in the finals and whomever wins this is the Man.
  21. 126 is disgusting... that's gonna be a unreal run whoever pulls that 1 off!
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