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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. @EV 145 Big upset 22-11 Inman beats 36-1 fulks 10-7.
  2. looks awesome Caleb! only thing I seen wrong was you saying it's this was the only SS worth watching lol
  3. You talk about being a inspiration, this young man amazing! It broke my heart reading about the abuse he lived through and that hits home BIG TIME! Thanks for posting this Joe.. this young man has a bright bright future and regardless of what happens he's a champion of life! And if he doesn't make it to state he should compete at Frosh/ sophomore state.
  4. I'm out in noblesville cutting down a huge dead ash tree.. there's flooding in my work area with a river running under the tree lol.. Come on 530 time to head to EV tomorrow.
  5. there will be a few undefeated guys going down this weekend
  6. damn 2010 is old school? 04' must be the stone age to you🤣
  7. but on the mat he's running the bar series taking arms home with him🤣🤣
  8. they got a great 1! The epitome of what you want in a young man and athlete... congrats bud
  9. just don't start playing "the Dance" during the ticket round lol
  10. The Lane Frost of the bracket game...
  11. thank you sir! Really looking forward to Saturday..As a New Castle Semi State homer, I gotta admit I enjoyed last year's event at Evansville and imho just as good if not better than my experience at NC.. The seating,flow of tournament and most of all stadium food is Excellent! Thanks for the info Mark.
  12. that's pretty dang awesome! Not familiar with him but this speaks volumes on his work ethic! and he has a impressive list of great wrestlers he's beat.. Good luck this weekend!
  13. I thought the brackets on track were suppose to be out today.. thank god for Joe's brackets.
  14. Mason will be better from this match and make adjustments... slowing Cassar down is going to be a tall task but Masons head/hands D will be key in trying to do that and getting off the center line or the tracks if you will and use his speed to score with go behinds...Casaar is a absolute stud and Mason might not beat him but imho can make it closer and fend off more of Cassars attacks next time.. just my 2 pennies
  15. Nelson wrestling his best right now too.
  16. the facet of it being so unpredictable is worth admission alone.
  17. The ticket round alone is responsible for more broken hearts than females are...myself included a few times over... it's the most awesome/ sad 2 hours in HS sports.
  18. I was thinking not spending nothing at the casino just to offset those prices🤔
  19. last year was my first year and I hadn't missed a NC SS in 17 years... The atmosphere is very similar to a State with the venue huge being awesome..I am a loyal NC man but EV SS atmosphere is a tick above my home SS... Can't wait till Saturday it's gonna be electric.
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