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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. Boe Vs Hall and Fulks Fielden vs Wagner
  2. Brewer ws a absolute monster at 182 and the picture of him flexing like the hulk after he won gives me nightmares and I'm not even wrestling him And he's gotten even better and is 19-3 as a redshirt freshman with some really good wins and open titles!
  3. 1 of the best posts I've ever seen on here and this honestly should be something all of us live by..
  4. Dolly vs Mauer top 5 state finals matches ever.. Hell 3 of the best finals matches I've ever seen we Mauer vs Hobbs,Newport(another monster that never won) and Dolly... Campbell vs Ayersman and Petrov are up There as well even though they broke my heart having coached Campbell.
  5. And unfortunately I don't have of our old highlight tapes..or any of the State runner ups Highlights but maybe peck will see this and bless us.
  6. Peck has millions of VHS... send me any questions you wanna know and i'll answer to the best of my ability.
  7. Washington was nationally ranked as well!
  8. When a state qualifier is the 10th best guy on their team you know they're unreal.
  9. And our only win ws T.Coatie who placed 7th that season and he beat the state runner up Conkling in a war..He also beat the 2x state champion Danny Williams at individual semi state.
  10. Yes I know first hand..In 01-02 we wrestled that squad with all those studs and they beat us 66-3 at Team state when we placed 5th ..We were far from a slouch with 5 state qualifiers and 10 SSQ.. I ws lucky enough to have Mauer in the Dual.. That is still the record for the worst loss at team state.. and yes they were the best team I've ever seen hands down bar none.
  11. Matt Jaggers-4x qualifier,3x Medalist runner-up to Angel escobedo 210-12 of New castle New castles Conner Mullins-4x medalist, Runner up, around 20 ISWA state titles ,Super 32 All American and a career record 191-11 Charlie Pingleton of Greencastle-2x state runner up,2xDII All American and NAIA National Champion
  12. I was born at Ball as well and you're exactly right Mr.2x with 7 of his 8 matches ending by Pin in his last 2 state finals appearances!
  13. Mr.Total matches wrestled with something like a 93% pin rate.
  14. Mr.Gorilla sounds like somebody that pins their way entirely through the whole season and tournament..Not to. Mention had under 40 minutes total time spent on the mat all season and under 10 minutes total at state among the state's best!
  15. Doah also had some studs leave there as well.
  16. Everytime I hear Blake talk I have flashbacks of 01 Team state when he took me down more than the paradise city His blast double and low single were so nasty that my legs still tremble when I hear EMD!
  17. That mullet made that crow I ate over him and wolf's match not taste so bad
  18. Looked great all weekend! And big pin over Rust to cap it off..Def gonna be competing for that state title next year!
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