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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. yes in 02' we beat Yorktown for the dual Semi state title and placed 5th that ihsaa year... 4xNCC,SECTIONAL and 3x regional champs when I was there..My cousins teams were really good in the 90s and he was the last NC wrestler to win state and pinned his way through State at Hw in combined 10 minutes iirc right.. NC ws bk 2 bk runner ups at state and imho would have won in 96 Had Bubba Dickerson would have not passed a way but we will never and that's a sad story in its own right..But yes peck had some great squads over the years and the 106 straight dual meet streak and 27 straight sectional titles can attest to that.. and 11 straight regionals iirc..in 96 we had 8 SQ with 6 placers and should've been 9 with a returning state champ that passed before his senior season... one of the best teams not to win it I believe..was ranked nationally as well.
  2. had Jose escobedo , david martin and adame too!
  3. yes that Mater Dei team was that scary..my team had 5 state qualifiers on it and 11 SSQ and they beat up by 60 plus.. they were UNREAL
  4. anybody ever think he was just excited he scored on one of the greatest wrestlers of this era? who cares if he did something silly... it's him out there getting hammered and competing not us so who are we to judge?
  5. congrats and best of luck in your future endeavours!
  6. right on that's awesome...I know who you are now.
  7. lol i'm not playing detective game.. congrats on being a good former indiana wrestler.
  8. wasnt worked up just think it be cool to hear perspective from a guy that's wrestled all these guys if that was the case... and I knew you was trolling but I sensed you might actually know them and competed against them.
  9. yea he's insinuated he's beat great guys so I asked what year he won...I'LL ask whatever I want as long as I do it with tact and interest...You can defend him but as far as I see he is the one taking shots at ppl.
  10. or we could just wanna know what hes done on the mat? if he's speaking in depth in what another D1 ALL AMERICAN is doing the least hw can do is state what he's accomplished along the way.. and if he's wrestled the guys mentioned it's intriguing to hear his take on things..
  11. can't think of a better parent than you Big dogg... You have done great work him and he is going to be great in whatever he does and he's got great support along the way..I have none of my own children but if I did I would wanna follow your blueprint..I got the most utmost respect for you and your son and so happy we have became friends over the past few years and appreciate the kind words of wisdom you drop on Trizton..I can't wait to see the boys excel at the next level and become leaders for us all to embrace.
  12. hes awfully vocal about the lee bros.. This guy better have been a state champion and D1 all American if he's talking like they're scrubs.
  13. that was something Fry.. not saying it can't be the same guy but he has a different SN.
  14. he says caleb spires knows him and was a fan if his..so who is this mystery man?
  15. can't wait to see what he does in college.. been a pleasure watching watching him and I'll never forget his matches with AJ.. Good luck in the future
  16. its apparent he was tired and I never insinuated he a strategic reason for injury time...If you dont think Slivkas Top game helped him win that match then idk what to tell you... when a guy has been getting takedowns non stop on the feet, any time you can turn the match into a mat battle like slivka did it serves many purposes..it helps wear a guy down, keeps them off their feet where he has the advantage and it was a great top game that helped slivka win.. yes he missed that throw and it cost him but don't think for a minute Slivkas top game didn't help bring home the title.. you can't teach heart and Slivka def has heart plus he's been battling a rib injury at least since he beat mahan... Congrats to jordan well done young man.
  17. or he is really hungry from wrestling all day? Reading into a young mans eating habits seems a crazier than a kid actually grubbing b4 his biggest matches of the year...
  18. Purddy,Thrine,Gilbert and Torres are some I can think of..
  19. the boos speak to how ridiculous those ppl are putting down a hs kid and don't reflect on how most feel about Carson.. He didn't deserve that treatment even though he can handle it.
  20. He's the man! congrats Brewer family y'all deserve it... Can't wait to see what thr future holds as well!
  21. top game sucked the gas out of Washington and then turned it on.. great match!
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