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  1. Wowww, how was the match before the fall? Congrats to that young man and I know Turley will be back and even better.
  2. Thank you, Coach black and his father do a lot for the sport and glad they came BK home...Our youth club has most big big numbers and potential as well.. There is another Thrine coming in a few years (Tylin) that will be a title contender and an absolute athletic freak similar to his brother.. Seen him do a back flip out of a back bridge while being Halfed to only reverse the kid knock off stud Gunnar Butt... I never seen some the things he pulls off, them Thrine boys got that something you can coach and play 3 sports.. Brevan almost over works, Reiser will vouch that there's a vi
  3. Indiana as a state has just showed tf out on all levels.. Also CP looked Unreal today
  4. No He's 132 and Keegan Logan wrestled Thrine at 32.. Brevan stuck 132 Stud #15 Devin Frazier who’s the reigning 132 Frosh/sophmore state champ and 44-2 Last season , today at NC... Earlier this week, Delta bumped stud #4 126 FWSS Krejsa to 32 to wrestle Brev, and it appears Logan is down to 26 now as well or might've bumped up last weekend vs Brev.. Thrine been 32 all season...I am very proud of him and NC coaches for getting NC turned around and going in the right direction..13-4 heading into Team State.. Our 220 Enigma Jack Taylor has spent less that 6 minutes total in the mat
  5. Only kid Thrine hasn't pinned either.. Young Man is a handful for most.
  6. Diesel is on a terror today! Get this young man into the rankings.


    Brevan Thrine
  8. @132 New Castles #13 Brevan Thrine pinned 132 freshman/sophomore state champ (beating Luke Gonzalez, Reynolds and Tuttle en route to title) aka Centervilles formerly Unbeaten #15 ranked Devin Frazier, Brevan was up 7-1 in a solid match ,They'll see one another again multiple times and it'll be a war every time.
  9. Mike "The peoples Voice" Reiser doing the wrestling Gods work!
  10. I'm a ncss lifer, go try park restaurant their better battered chicken and mac n cheese is unreal!
  11. I'll throw the chicken tenders and fries at EVSS are upper echelon..
  12. Yes he was attacking non stop and is a monster 126, he's only a freshman but I think he's def skilled beyond his years.. Thanks for the kind words and looking forward to seeing your young men's journeys as well brother.
  13. That young man he Wrestled is a at 126, but Brev was just too strong and technical ..Wyatt will be making noise in his SS and I think will have great chance at punching his ticket.. Brev will just keep getting better and prepping for team state and a good run.. We've worked really hard this off season together and Trizton has been helping him some on his top game..NC gave up 18 pts in FFs tonight out the gate and lost by 2 ..170 On Delta Fox is really impressive as well.. He'll be at the bank if I had to make a bet on it.
  14. FCFIGHTER170


    Brevan Thrine
  15. Delta bumped stud freshman #4 SS FW ranked 126 Wyatt Krejsa (he's beat state placer Dedman 9-4 and both his other losses are to state ranked studs, #8 BRAC Hooper 6-1 and #13 Tony Wood losing in ot) up to wrestle #7Ncss ranked Brevan Thrine.. Brevan was up 8-1 and stuck him in the 2nd..Wyatt's a stud no doubt but I'm telling everybody right now you better be ready for a war if you tangle with Brevan Thrine 11-0, 10 pins all under 3 minutes...Kid is a monster 32 pounder..I respect that young man wanting a challenge and giving my guy a quality match.
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