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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. Davison beats Brunner..Lydy over Romero and Parris sticks his guy in 28 seconds! By far the greatest year for IN wrestlers with 6 IN guys making the Big10 Semis WOW!
  2. Hughes runs into Buzzsaw Joseph and loses 16-5...Lemley pinned by Oster.
  3. G.Rooks loses 3-2 heart breaker to Storr but has wrestled awesome!
  4. Red,B.Lee , and N.Lee all handle business to move on to Semis.. For purdue Schroder and Coleman both make the semis..We have another Lee vs Red showdown..
  5. Congrats to these 2 studs! I can see national titles and 4x AA outta them both..Tech really impressed me at Little state all the way around.
  6. How's everybody watching? It says you can watch on fox sports app or btn plus but I don't have btn plus.. hopefully I can figure it out within the hour.
  7. He's put on 25 pounds of muscle since his jr world title! The FS he's been training has went a long way in developing him into a better college wrestler! Scary how good he is when he's only focused only on wrestling the past few years! Unreal talent and even better young man.
  8. Andy Uhl beat Andrae Hernandez 2x at state..
  9. 170 Marcus malson from rushville ws 1 hell of an improved wrestler.. pinned previously unbeaten Ragle to win regionals.. pinned his way to punching his ticket and lost at the buzzer to Wagner at SS.. regardless this is a great thread and a lot of thought went into this!
  10. Kevin vs Boe was best match I seen.
  11. Dickerson did it in 95.. thanks for the hard work you put in.
  12. How many Spladles you hit in your 4 years at state?
  13. I believe he also hit somebody in the head at iswa state years ago and when our guy was beating him at adams central tournament he started gouging eyes and being grimey.
  14. And to speak to your point it happened like that between him and Angel.. tightened up the score each time and showed why the greats are great.. they make adjustments and improvements not excuses!
  15. I just spoke to coach Black and he's emailing you today! Thank you sir.
  16. I seen on Facebook Coach black said they accepted for New Castle... east central will be a great addition at 3A and do very well.
  17. You're not frikkn jokin! Winning it once is 1 of the greatest achievements you can attain let alone be a 2,3 or 4xer! I wonder if the winning it the 2nd time a and so on is as joyful as winning the 1st? Need find a multiple time state champ to ask.
  18. Even though Ethan Raley is a 2xer to speak on how tough it is to win it, He didn't win state the year he was Super32 Champ! That is a true testament to how unreal it is to win a state title let alone multiple.
  19. I'm waiting on Keys age to pop up.. Didn't he start at 15 or 16?
  20. Can't wait to see Big Move Boe bring the cradles and Spladles for whomever Illinois sends to that scorers table!
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