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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. Dana has to keep that 125 pound division going some how!
  2. How nasty would it be to see him cradle Pletcher reminiscent of who's number 1?
  3. You wasn't too bad yourself you rotten booger you
  4. Yes it was! That backflip before he wrestled ws nasty too!
  5. G.Rooks also placed 10th and qualified for nationals at 149!
  6. Don't forget Penola placing 7th and qualifying for NCAAs at HW! Very bright future ahead of him and Purdue qualified 8 guys for nationals!
  7. After beating Moran down twice Saturday I don't see him seeded lower than him..6 or 7 is my guess.
  8. That whizzer Elkins used to fight off those final TD attempts was epic..Pingleton had him picked up to the ceiling dead 2 fights Rights multiple times and pulled it off some how.
  9. The flu sure as hell won't be taking the day off!
  10. Last time I was supposed go I got called to storm work in Florida.. Most home sick I've ever been
  11. Asa garcia Nick willham Carson Brewer Ty mills Could add to the last in coming years as well.
  12. Lol I ws the 1 who took Wills spot when he got hurt his senior year aka my freshman year..Cook was a stud 4sho.
  13. I got btn+ for the month 14.95.. thanks for the help
  14. Mauer vs Hobbs,Newport and Brownlee were all unreal.. Jaggers vs Sheets 02' Quiroga vs Lil Tshirts at state Todd vs Brooks title match Black vs Moreno 2018 qtrs ws a wild barn burner with 32 points combined put up on the board.
  15. I can't recall us ever having 2 or more champs at once!
  16. Jon was a title contender his senior year with only loss going into SS ws to cathedrals Willis in a war.. he was upset in the ticket round..Fellers and Catron are 2 other 1s that were nails as well.
  17. That Boston crab looked painful! Campbell 1 best to never win 1! Henry county/NC has 5 of those candidates imho.. and i'm not just saying that cuz i'm a homer..A.j black 2x Runner up with tragic circumstances and no senior seasonl,Mullins 4x medalist Runner up along with 20ish iswa state titles..Jaggers 4x SQ 3x medalist and runner up to Angel career record 210-12... Campbell 2x runner up and highly nationally ranked..Mac Taylor 4x medalist and 1 time HS national record Wins 221-8 Winning 50+ matches all 4 seasons and exactly 2 losses every season..
  18. Campbell vs Ayersman and Petrov were instant classics..04 State finals Pingleton vs Elkins 10-9 master piece is a very underrated match..a.j black vs Curtis HHC championship is 1 that for anybody that seen it will tell you was EPIC.. better than both their finals matches combined Imho.
  19. 6 Indiana Guys in the Semis is unreal! And many more fighting in the consis!
  20. Davison beats Brunner..Lydy over Romero and Parris sticks his guy in 28 seconds! By far the greatest year for IN wrestlers with 6 IN guys making the Big10 Semis WOW!
  21. Hughes runs into Buzzsaw Joseph and loses 16-5...Lemley pinned by Oster.
  22. G.Rooks loses 3-2 heart breaker to Storr but has wrestled awesome!
  23. Red,B.Lee , and N.Lee all handle business to move on to Semis.. For purdue Schroder and Coleman both make the semis..We have another Lee vs Red showdown..
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