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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. that's a 1 talk drink of water! really impressed by this young man and his calm approach even when dominating.
  2. congrats to this fine young man.. been a privilege to watch him compete last few years.. and his family is wonderful and they deserve it... With his cousins being Boilermakers its gonna be awfully interesting at those holiday dinners😂
  3. Indiana gold won as a team smashing Illinois in the final 45-15. Undefeated wrestlers were....113 Seltzer, 120 Littel, 126 Mendez, 132 Viduya, 138 Frieje, 152 Noehre 170 walker and 195 Silas. Silas also won MOW. 7-0 6 pins and a tech fall.
  4. Boe is 1 of the funnest guys in the state to watch..he also pinned Nebraska 6th placer.
  5. So so proud of you kiddo! Christopher is looking down smiling..He knew you was special..Love ya bud.. and btw this is a darn good lookin group right there!
  6. great to see our studs doing work..Mendez is a machine.. you can tell he was born to wrestle as birds are to fly... Death, taxes and Mendez always shows out are 3 things that are for certain.
  7. boarman depending where he goes..Aiden Warren...Evan Bates
  8. I could see most of that list breaking that trend!
  9. I love all the suggestions and cool fun stuff added to wrestling.. Televising the meets is great... anything that can grow the sport i'm in favor of...Football teams are great places to get Athletic big men to fill voids many schools have.. also like stated before there's kids of all sizes playing different sports that can benefit from wrestling.. Wrestling is a awesome sport and everybody can benefit from trying wrestling.. Especially when you have passionate Leaders like Dave kicking these kids his knowledge and love.
  10. Alex M on Iowa does it too..Alex also does front qtr pry that is similar that flips the guy over like a day 1 kid...I've got a 8th grader Brevan thrine(4th at Ms State and iswa runner up that has atleast 10 pins this year with that front qtr Nelson..he puts the pressure on boys with that.. you can physically see kids start being reluctant on shooting because he puts the pressure on heavy with that qtr nelson...hes no Bo but he's damn strong and nasty with that qtr Nelson I tell ya..
  11. I'm guessing we are in the 6-10 range..PA,NJ,OH have 100+ is my guess..I like this type of stuff and appreciate the research you dug up.
  12. We will gladly take a L in basketball if it means getting that w on the mat! Super proud of those fellas!
  13. a lot of our guys gas to looked the be the big difference.. was very impressed with the guys heart and wrestling tough the whole match..
  14. kolat is one the greatest technicians and coaches in the game...I had the privilege of being his wrestling dummy at a camp when I was a kid.. lets just say I was limping for 2 days and felt like a old man hobbling along 😂 he has so much to give to the sport and mattyb is correct.. he'd building a monster and i'm rooting them on along all the way.
  15. when triz is healthy he's a dangerous dangerous guy! whomever gets him will be pleased.. great young man and never quits... anybody that makes it to state with torn meniscus is a killer!
  16. glad to see you on here trying to get some matches bud... i'm sure there's a few ppl that would want a great kid and wrestler like you on their squad!
  17. dang that's terrible news..R.i.p young man...way too young to die
  18. Rumble at the resort held at Belltera Casino in Vevay Indiana give out awesome Spartan Helmets! The finals are held on a stage and the wrestlers get to choose their entrance music for the finals like the ufc or wwe and they introduce them over the speakers.. pretty cool...It's a really fun tournament and I highly recommend it.. been the last 2 years and it was a blast when Carson wrestled Wilham in the finals for the 2nd year straight.. it's always held in June iirc.
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