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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. At HHC @120 potential semis match up #7 white vs #9 Robinson And the winner could face 30-0 stud freshman Brevan Thrine in the finals if the seeds play out accordingly.. Best of luck to everybody this weekend.
  2. Mendez gives Shute and Freddy Kruger nightmares!
  3. I thought for sure we would have 2 nationally ranked 195ers with Silas vs Bates potential showdown then the new rankings broke my heart! Like it ws stated before in this thread..there's problems then there's Silas Allred problems... there could be an Allred effect as well..
  4. Its crazy that among the 220 and HW there's only 1 guy that is currently ranked..I know smaller guys are up there now but it surprised me.
  5. 120 also 30-0 stud freshman Thrine from NC is really good as well!
  6. Yessir.. I'll see them at regionals and expect them to win regionals handily.
  7. Makes sense.. maybe they'll be at team state next year?
  8. I've been keeping my eye on EC they were always rivals to us NC Trojans back in the say and this team looks like the best 1 since back when you had Erik Wolf,Suding,Strub and Bush and the Merks to name a few...btw are these young men related to Erik Wolf? Best of luck y'all give em hell
  9. Ol mongold ws a state runner up iirc.. Good for this young man on pursuing his dream! I'm sure eppert will look after him and have him wrestling on all cylinders!
  10. He should do very well and imho win a national title if he's in shape and wrestling like he's capable of.
  11. FCFIGHTER170


    MaCartney Parkinson
  12. FCFIGHTER170


    Brevan Thrine
  13. I'm sure we will hear something by meet time.. i'm watching if so
  14. FCFIGHTER170


    Brevan Thrine
  15. Last year it was streamed and a Awesome dual with everything including drama and most of all great wrestling!
  16. Solid job big dog! I'm surprised 1 & 2 at HW aren't flipped with Their head 2 head match.. then again that's your area and might know how the match was going before the fall.
  17. 1985 is when this meat head arrived! Then again you got honest Abe in your avatar so you might older😂
  18. Maaaaan I was looking for a Silas vs Bates match.. Crazy Bates is up to 220.. must've got swoll
  19. Fleeger his soohmore year he was undefeated and top seed going into the nationals and lost to Lee of Cornell in the finals.. then again that was almost 20 years ago lol
  20. Every coach with a clue wants a guy that has this type of willingness... Those are the most dangerous wrestlers.. Look forward to seeing this young man's run and maybe a battle vs the super frosh Jones!
  21. This is a problem coaches, parents and athletes need to deal with internally and responsibly..I don't think there's any certain way to nullify cutting across the board..it starts with the proper way of managing your weight and a system with your ppl.. if everybody did their part and looked out for their wrestler it wouldn't be near as bad..we have to get out out the mentality of depriving ourselves in order to have a ill advised never guaranteed advantage.. In MMA fighters are starting to realize that their natural weight and proper strength training will suit them better than cutting to the lower weight.. especially with Welterweights 170 that were cutting to 155.. they started started fighting at 170 and their careers began to skyrocket at the once thought 2aw too big they was running from...It doesn't make sense to stunt a kids growth while their naturally growing.. Proper dieting, training and clean living will go a long way especially compared to long nights doing damage to their bodies and organs.. I've cut 30 pounds in 6 days in 2007 for a fight and a few other bad cuts led me to realize I was so wrong and being detrimental to my growth and self.. I've never encouraged my guys to be "cutters" and never will.
  22. They'll just cut right up to when they weigh in and be even more miserable from not getting that replenishment period.. and imho will do more harm than good
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