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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. Congrats to the East Central Trojans coming from behind to knock off Floyd Central 33-32 with Bovard getting the pin at 195.. Very good tournament for them..We use to have WARS to the team Dual regional titles back in the day and knew that their very solid line up would fare well at team state.. Been a great day of Wrestling all the way around.
  2. The Trojans of East Central take out the the always tough Franklin community!
  3. He'll do awesome there, congrats young man.
  4. Us Trojans lost one of the G.O.A.Ts today and I'm just for words.. Such a A1 guy and a Veteran that served his family and community alike! This one stings deeply round these parts and across the state to those who knew the great Mac Taylor! Coach Hull can attest to how Awesome Mac was on and off the mat.
  5. New Castle has went down in enrollment to under 1000.. Chrysler leaving hurt this town big time.
  6. Need to watch this..I really liked WIN/WIN a real good Wrestling movie with a stud state champ frim NJ as the lead with legit Wrestling going on.
  7. Johnny Appleseed started shaking in his boots when Dan the Man walked through those pearly gates, R.i.p And prayers to his family.
  8. I remember him beating Ponce at In good match.. be watching for em tomorrow.
  9. This like a mini team state.. Looking forward to the broadcast fellas.
  10. Him K. leavell have had wars over the years beating each other and we know how good he is doing to put into perspective Whiteheads potential plus beaten Tishner few times over the years..Gavyn has that funk to him that you can't teach, he's one that could be really good at bjj as well.. Tony Wood and Gavyn also always have good matches.
  11. NC #120 stud freshman Gavyn Whitehead pinned South Adams Logan Bauman.. Whitehead is 10-0 on the season as well...Gavyn is one to def watch out for.
  12. FCFIGHTER170


    Brevan Thrine
  13. Mike @ontherise219 wasn't the one that said "imagine that" when Montgomery signaled injury time, the other gentleman said it..I can see where it came off snarky af but I just think he will thinking out loud . Those mics listen to everything so ppl gotta be cognisant of that at all times meanwhile thinking about what you say but I don't think he really meant anything by it and was just trying to contribute to the broadcast.. Everybody respects the Burg and I don't think you said anything making it as if CP was who you were talking to..I didn't take it that way.. Mike"The Peoples Voi
  14. Wowww, how was the match before the fall? Congrats to that young man and I know Turley will be back and even better.
  15. Thank you, Coach black and his father do a lot for the sport and glad they came BK home...Our youth club has most big big numbers and potential as well.. There is another Thrine coming in a few years (Tylin) that will be a title contender and an absolute athletic freak similar to his brother.. Seen him do a back flip out of a back bridge while being Halfed to only reverse the kid knock off stud Gunnar Butt... I never seen some the things he pulls off, them Thrine boys got that something you can coach and play 3 sports.. Brevan almost over works, Reiser will vouch that there's a vi
  16. Indiana as a state has just showed tf out on all levels.. Also CP looked Unreal today
  17. No He's 132 and Keegan Logan wrestled Thrine at 32.. Brevan stuck 132 Stud #15 Devin Frazier who’s the reigning 132 Frosh/sophmore state champ and 44-2 Last season , today at NC... Earlier this week, Delta bumped stud #4 126 FWSS Krejsa to 32 to wrestle Brev, and it appears Logan is down to 26 now as well or might've bumped up last weekend vs Brev.. Thrine been 32 all season...I am very proud of him and NC coaches for getting NC turned around and going in the right direction..13-4 heading into Team State.. Our 220 Enigma Jack Taylor has spent less that 6 minutes total in the mat
  18. Only kid Thrine hasn't pinned either.. Young Man is a handful for most.
  19. Diesel is on a terror today! Get this young man into the rankings.
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