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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. #8 220 NC Taylor pins Smitley for HHC title.. Proud of this young man, considering he didn't even know what Wrestling was when he moved here from Mississippi last year and now he's 27-0 and is excelling is one hell of a feel good story.


    Jack Taylor
  3. Christian white looks Unreal, hats off to him, he pinned Thrine.. Thrine will be back but White looks on a mission.


    Brevan Thrine
  5. At HHC #14 132 Thrine just stuck #7ncss Carson Johnson (johnson pinned A. Hughes that just beat #7 Pierson and #12 Hooper) in under a minute to set up a huge match vs #8 White of New Pal..
  6. Just love when I buy the event on track and not one mat Is streaming.. Not happy right now
  7. Big big big win for Parkinson, Jessen is a very decorated wrestler and has beaten Lucas Davison in the past..
  8. Yes and that Boston crab looked PAINFUL!
  9. Campbell vs Petrov finals match on YouTube, even though it breaks my heart to this day is an all time classic.. Help this man out ppl!
  10. There are still some coming up as we speak.
  11. Thanks broski, y'all had a big win over roncalli I seen.. Wish we wasn't FF 6 and 13 we could actually be in the running for the Sectional title and be a real solid dual team.. Good luck to y'all as well.
  12. Our former SSQ 106 didn't come out and it sucks.. He lost to morton at SS last season.. Yes Gavyn def grew is undefeated so far along with 132 Thrine add 220 Taylor.. Your boy looked nails when they Wrestled at NC earlier this season.. Tall 106, was impressed big time.
  13. Might be IN best chance at beating the IL move in Stud at Carmel Robert Major.. That young man has been beating very good guys handily all season with Law giving him his best match 7-4..Law one of those guys that makes adjustments for the better regardless of the match outcome..I think Wilson,Bauman,Law, Major and Boe will all have great tournaments.
  14. He would take guys down, cut them, then walk back to the center anxiously waiting for his prey to wander back to the center just to do it all again.. He knew the rules state you have to force action to the center, so he made sure they had to come to him and didn't chase them or allow guys to use the boundary line as a weapon to flea or scramble their way out of bounds.. Very smart guy too.. Elkins legendary Whizzer helped win slow down Pingleton some and win 10-9.. Pingleton had him dead to rights or appeared to be multiple times lifted over his head and Elkins used the Whizzer to create spac
  15. That dagestani handcuff and Tilts are money.. That cross wrist ride and Fairfax (thread the needle tilt) was my thing, Coach peck actually named it after me at NC during his tenure..I have noticed tilts and legs are big big nowadays..I seen your boy wrestle and he's a and some! Best of luck to you and your son.
  16. Smallest school in Indiana and he Dominated that year.. Handled Legend Darren elkins and Imho top 5 best to never win it 2x runner up Pingleton .. Sad Pingleton passed, dude was an absolute machine..2x d2 All American and NAIA national champ!
  17. May is nails..lil Thrine aka Tylin who is in 7th grade has beat him a few times in some great matches last couple years..Feeler is really tough seen him Wrestle NC frosh stud Whitehead few times over the years and always gave Gavyn great matches..Gavyn is 120 now so those days are over Atleast for now.. Best of luck to Feeler I'll be rooting for him.
  18. That 170 mooresville regional that year got all 4 to state.. Unreal
  19. Regardless Boarman and Ruhlman are both studs and will be in the mix to place really high and I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out.. Best of luck to you guys, let's just all stay healthy and get through this crazy season.
  20. Ruhlman majored Boarman, so if the brackets shake out right, it should be Ruhlman we are talking about.
  21. He's a monster man, that's a big boy win right there! What's really scary is he's so young still and hasn't even scratched the surface of his full potential...I see many many Blue Medals in his future.
  22. 132 NC Thrine bumps up to vs 138 Ethan Thompson aka Iswa FS state champ of Beech Grove.. Threw him to his back and Thompson couldn't continue via concussion protocol.. Kid was really put together well and very strong..Wishing the young man a speedy recovery.
  23. 120 New Castle Gavyn Whitehead is a stud freshman and give guys problems.
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