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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. It seemed like the MD "jv" could've beaten many good varsity teams..
  2. Def was an escape..He was actually in the act of a reversal with Kervin on his butt and Logan clearly covering before the buzzer... That was a fun match! That shin whizzer tilt was nasty by Boe and Kervins sweet takedowns were on point..Logan just got funk in him and always turns it on come Tourney time! They match had it all and those were some sick scrambles by both guys..Logan won that literally 1 second to the buzzer!
  3. Use to go through there when we went to Adam's Central Tournament! That McDs in Berne was money😂
  4. Awesome! I wanna see LoBo vs Kervin match I might have to cash in the 401k and get it on track!
  5. Am I missing something? Because i'm not seeing these free streams that are spoken of.
  6. Yea when we wrestled MD at team state in 01'-02' we got 5th as a team our stud 5th placer and d3 AA Keith Garrard went out there and got dog walked by this "wildeman" kid we wasnt familiar with..It didn't take long before we were put on notice😂 He went on to win state the next season.
  7. Hopefully you keep wrestling at the next level you'd be a great addition to many teams put there. You're def one of the best to never punch your ticket imho.. Regardless I'm sure you're buddy is very proud and smiling down on you!
  8. I just looked at NC matches and they aren't free.
  9. Hall and Coleman was shaping up to be crazy and Coleman pulled a nasty cradle off! Was fun while it lasted!
  10. 170 @ NC Marcus Malson of rushville punches his ticket then loses at the buzzer 6-5 to #7 Wagner then lost a tough 4-2 decision to #9 Davin..Was really impressed with him today.
  11. Good thing it's not against the law or the Pick em police would be all over me..oh wait
  12. That year all 4 170s from mooresville regional made it through to state..I remember Trizton drew Vanhorn first 1 round of regionals losing 7-4.. that was 1 loaded regional.
  13. 2004 HW chad Ruggeri dominated the field to win in his only state finals appearance.
  14. That's my dude right there! Trained together for years.. very naturally gifted athlete! He went on to win King of the Cage world title and fought in the UFC! I think he beat fred joseph that year iirc.. and handled Kevin Carr in the finals.
  15. Btw I can't Express how blessed I am to have a friend like @Perseverance aka Mr.Allred! He's made me realize the blessings I have are to be cherished and to be thankful for every day I wake up... 1 of the greatest men I've had the privilege of calling a friend and more like a brother the last few years.. and another reason that I'm thankful for wrestling not only did it save my life as a kid it also lead me to bonds with great human beings... and to all the love and generosity that's been sent Eric's way, it doesn't go unnoticed! Couldn't have happened to a better family.. The only thing more dangerous than a focused Silas Allred is a Silas carrying a heavy heart that's driven to make his father proud!
  16. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/02/14/ihsaa-wrestling-nebraska-wrestling-commit-silas-allred-champion-shenandoah-als-lou-gehrig-disease/4714088002/
  17. I got at least 3 locks out of EC..Mendez,Walker and Calhoun are on another level.
  18. As long as I got transportation i'll collect, these bananas don't buy bus fare for a guy with a driving phobia.. and yes that's not a joke I've never had a license..I would fight a lion but won't dare drive on 70... Having a drunk uncle that I was in 2 bad wrecks under the age of 11 ruined me smh.. And if anybody cares to Google John Dugan I'm sure you'll find many indy star articles about the nutjob..I love him but don't buy any means support his heinous acts..
  19. NC Lowery,Wolf,seltzer,Viduya,Allred, and Bailey are my 6 outta NC
  20. Lost to #1 nationally ranked Gomez 6-5.. then beat gomez at freestyle nationals and in college.
  21. 03' 125 championship match had Jaggers 56-0 vs Angel 61-0 and distinctly saying there had never been 2 such sparkling records to clash in the finals..At New Castle we could 50 a year easily.. Hence why the NC and Griffith boys have a majority of the top 10 all time wins records.
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