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Everything posted by FCFIGHTER170

  1. Love it.. He'll develop nicely under Escobedo.
  2. Btw does that mat come with that PB & J recipe?
  3. Looks similar to the 14x14 Jason Carson gave me for my 33rd bday... Someone better jump all over this
  4. I gotta legend at 42 that would be 197 that is almost as yolked today as he was in college.. Nate Pickle doesn't age.. If this ever came into fruition I'm dragging him out of retirement 😂
  5. Both my ticket round loss brackets uhhh...
  6. As long as my boys get to wrestle this year IDC when it is..
  7. Congrats! Glad to see Coyne contributing.. Talk about a mean mean man on the mat.. He'll def be a great mentor in the technical and aggressiveness department
  8. Marian just keeps adding studs.. They'll be contending for a national title soon.
  9. Dang very very sad! He was always contributing in here and always a class act.. Fly High big dog
  10. They got some incoming studs that could account for 2 or 3 of those iirc..
  11. Congrats stud! Was a pleasure watching you over the years!
  12. Really sad for The fellas that had their career come to an abrupt unfair end! wabash future is bright with next years class and I wana wish the seniors nothing but good fortune in their future endeavors.
  13. My Boy Bradley stays raking in the in state studs! He's really building something special that within next 3 years will be contending for National Team Titles along with more and more Sl Americans! He's a great coach and an even better person.. Congrats Ty you'll flourish under your new coaches @Marian!
  14. Exactly! I believe some of us wrestlers were put here 2 do bad things 2 bad people! My mom'a dead beat BFs didn't like when I came to visit her in HS and on..my little brother Chris Collins R.i.P was literally test driving a truck with the salesman and seen my moms ex that put her in hospital 5 years before..he commenced to putting the vehicle in park and Head kicked the bum 1 time knocking him stiff... The even better part of the story is that he got the car and ended up selling a V.I.P table worth of tickets to all the sales DEPT at the car lot for his upcoming fight😂
  15. Moral of the story is don't be a abusive p.o.s especially around a wrestler!
  16. He could get a job as a wrestling coach in a Gym like American Top Team and have all his living expenses paid and a salary.. plus learn from everybody else there.. ..its very common for elite gyms to give jobs to High level wrestlers especially from the Big10.. He'd be a bull in a cage!
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