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  1. It was a sad day for me a few weekends ago when I coached against Ben Davis at the Westfield Duals. I refused to go last year because I didnt want to coach against any of my former athletes. Just too many still around. For Coach Gill to imply that I had nothing to do with the last years 138, 170, 220 and HWT from last year is another sad story but a story that's been unfolding for 3 years now. We all had an involvement in bringing Nick, Dylan, Kasha and Norman up as great wrestlers. Hence the reason Coach O'Neil walked with Dylan at the state finals face-off last year even though he left the same year I did. The even sadder story is that the athletes are the most important part of this equation. Not what accolades we rack up as coaches. I enjoyed watching in "secrecy" the boys success and wish them the best as they are off as grown men finding there way at school. When I was hired as the head wrestling coach at BD, I said I would work hard and leave the team in a better place than I received it. I feel that I stuck behind that statement. It is always best practice to make sure you use statistics accurately. The way it was presented, we actually placed more than that at state but again its not about the numbers, its about the athletes.
  2. Wabash had a good showing at Knox Duals pounding ranked Luther and North Central. They are currently ranked 3rd in the country giving them a good seed for the NWCA tournament this weekend in Iowa. Currently ranked wabash wrestlers: 133- Levi Moss- Wabash #7-Ben Davis 157- Reece Lefever- Wabash #3-Carroll 165- Josh Sampson- Wabash #9-New Washington 174- Conner Lefever- Wabash #6-Carroll 184- Riley Lefever- Wabash #3-Carroll Honorable Mention: 125-Tommy Pointer-Dekalb 149-Nick Bova-Perry Meridian 197-Austin O'neill-Griffith
  3. No problem. Will keep you updated as we compete throughout the rest of the season. Thanks for your support. 1-5-10 Everyone (1st academic as a team, 5 all americans-10th place finish in the NCAA's) Everyone-Takes everyone to accomplish that!
  4. After taking the team title at North Central College last weekend, The Little Giants of Wabash are currently ranked 10th in the country. Top 4 Finishers at North Central: 125 Alex Sparks (Lawrence North) 4th 133 Levi Moss (Ben Davis) 1st 149 Michael Venezia (Cathedral) 3rd 149 Nick Bova (Perry Meridain) 4th 157 Reece Lefever (Carroll) 1st 165 Josh Sampson (New Washington, IN) 1st (Sorry Josh, had to put the IN in there) 174 Conner Lefever (Carroll) 1st 182 Riley Lefever (Carroll) 1st 285 Tre Taylor (Ben Davis) 3rd Current NWCA Individual Rankings: Returning all American Reece Lefever is currently ranked 3rd @ 157 Three other Little Giants have broken into the rankings Freshman Levi Moss is ranked 7th @ 133lbs Junior Conner Lefever is ranked 7th @ 174lbs Freshman Riley Lefever is ranked 8th @ 182lbs Senior Josh Sampson is currently a "contender" in the D3 wrestling rankings @ 165lbs
  5. Wabash is very excited about hosting the tournament and the advantages that comes with wrestling on your home turf! Go Bash! 1-5-10 Everyone
  6. Check out 11th ranked Wabash wrestling rap video! https://www.youtube.com/embed/9ndfNQdCoQQ
  7. Check out the results and brackets from the tournament at Wabash including wrestlers from other Indiana schools. http://sports.wabash.edu/custompages/Wrestling/201314/2013%20Little%20State/Team.pdf Please note that it shows a team score however no score was officially kept
  8. The 14th ranked Little Giants competed well at the Concordia open. Six Indiana wrestlers placed in the top six of a very tough thirty two man tournament. (Locksmith is from Florida) 125 Alex sparks 3rd 133 Levi moss 2nd 141 Tim locksmith 6th 157 Reece Lefever 1st 165 Josh Sampson 4th 174 Conner Lefever 2nd 184 Riley Lefever 1st
  9. The 14th ranked Little Giants competed well at the Concordia open. Six Indiana wrestlers placed in the top six of a very tough thirty two man tournament. (Locksmith is from Florida) 125 Alex sparks 3rd 133 Levi moss 2nd 141 Tim locksmith 6th 157 Reece Lefever 1st 165 Josh Sampson 4th 174 Conner Lefever 2nd 184 Riley Lefever 1st
  10. Obviously those who are close to the Ben Davis Wrestling family are upset and embarrassed by the negative attention brought on by this incident. When you’re sitting in a room with 20 other people who love this 10 year old child whose being told he has cancer, it never occurred to us through the tears that it wouldn’t be true. Reiterating what Coach Gill has said, the worst part of it is that the kids are great kids and the shame that they must feel I can only imagine. I personally want to apologize for the actions that a parent representing Ben Davis has caused and in no way do we want that to reflect on who we are as a BD Wrestling Family. The coaches work very hard to do the best they can and will continue to do so in the future. Aaron Moss
  11. Norman Oglesby Ben Davis crazy how not one person mentioned this sophomore phenom
  12. We have several openings for fill ins for other states You would need to pay $20 dollars for the entry fee. You would have to provide your own transporation, room and board if you choose to stay in Crawfordsville. You can attend the Team Indiana practice on Thursday if you would like, or report by 8 on Friday morning. You would wrestle 7-8 times on Friday and Saturday. Let me know if your interested. Its +5 so 160 is 165. 160-1 170-2 182-3 220- 1 maybe 2 aaron.moss@wayne.k12.in.us
  13. The IHSWCA tries every year to fill in other states rosters so that the athletes will a not receive forfeits. We are going to start a list by weight class of those interested in filling in for other teams. This is not for team Indiana. This is for filling other teams/states holes in their rosters. You will be able to hang out with Team Indiana Wrestlers at different times throughout the tournament. You will be ranked by your 2012 finish. If the finish is a tie, it will go by who responded first. I will keep the list updated on this site. Scholastic Duals is Friday and Saturday April 13 and 14. You will not be contacted until Wed and Thurs the 11th and 12th so you must be close to weight that week. Any questions or to put your name on the list, contact my email: aaron.moss@wayne.k12.in.us The weights are high school weights plus 5lbs. The information that I need is: Name School Grade Weight 2012 IHSAA finish Contact numbers and e-mail Any other question e-mail me or call/text Aaron Moss at 317-919-3460
  14. Man, some of this talk is crazy. When was the last time you saw Ben Davis at team state. We will get there. But it takes hard work and positive attitude. I want whats best for wrestling. We could host a tournament to find out whos the best. Division 1 and 2. You want a trophy, ok, lets do that. Stop the negative talk and lets problem solve. This has nothing to do with a big school agenda but whats best for the sport of wrestling. This is why everyone thinks that wrestling coaches cant agree. Work together. Problem solve. I always loved the baseball parents when I coached baseball. They would say things like "Man we didnt hit the ball tonight" No Sh!t Tell me something I dont know. Had a Dad tell me one time, "Didnt know if you noticed coach but we are swinging at first strike curve balls..." Good POINT. Now thats working on the problem. Lets work together...
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