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  1. Lowell SB Riley Delphi Mishawaka Goshen Plymouth Munster Peru Rd. 1 Plymouth/Goshen Lowell/Munster Mishawaka/Peru Delphi/SB Riley Rd 2. Plymouth/Lowell Goshen/Munster Mishawaka/Delphi SB Riley/Peru Rd 3. Plymouth/Mishawaka Goshen/Peru Munster/SB Riley Delphi/Lowell Rd 4. Plymouth/SB Riley Lowell/Peru Delphi/Goshen Munster/Mishawaka Rd 5. Plymouth/Delphi Lowell/Mishawaka Peru/Munster Goshen/SB Riley
  2. TripleB, Coming from an overweight former heavyweight who never won a high school state title and was not exactly known for lighting up the scoreboard himself, I find it quite amusing that you would find the need to bust Dake's balls. He is, after all, one of the greatest college wrestlers in the history of the sport. A 4x NCAA champion at 4 different weight classes, without a redshirt. Has beaten former World Champion Denis Tsargush. Has beaten many NCAA champions in his brief career to this point (Molinaro, St. John, Howe, Paulsen, Taylor). Has beaten countless NCAA All-Americans. Not to mention wins over World Team Member Reece Humphrey, Olympian Jake Deitchler, and the only guy to beat Jordan Burroughs, Nick Marable. About the only guy left to beat at this point is Jordan Burroughs, and Dake came oh so close last year at the Trials that I believe that will happen at some point before its said and done. Oh yea, and on top of all that the kid has an Ivy League degree and a 6 figure a year endorsement deal and he wrestles and coaches wrestling for a living.. What more does the guy have to do? How about a little respect? -Eric McGill
  3. Let's hear it.. how many have you been to in a row? This will be my 19th in a row. 1996 was the first one.
  4. The wrestler you're referencing was outside throwing up during the awards ceremony. Being a member of the custodial brotherhood yourself, you should be understanding that he chose not to vomit inside on the gym floor, but instead took it outside sparing your comrade the cleanup.
  5. I assume this isn't one of the Boone Grove Baptist Beaters you're talking about. I didn't see any of them in the finals.
  6. With 312 schools fielding an entry at Sectionals, and cutting down the field to 128 after Sectionals, it seems wrong that with 184 entries being eliminated (some wrestlers and some forfeits), that a forfeit will be making it to the second weekend of the tournament while many wrestlers will be staying home. Any way that the IHSAA allows 5 guys from the Crown Point Sectional at 113 to advance to make up for this? I'm sure there are a lot of kids out there who would love a chance to compete at the Regionals in place of this forfeit..
  7. Looking through the brackets, it appears that the Sectional Champion at 113 at Crown Point will officially be the first semi-state qualifier of 2014. There are only 3 guys in the LaPorte Sectional at 113, so a forfeit will actually qualify for the Crown Point Regional at 113. Kind of messed up.. Anywhere else that this will happen?
  8. I know that the NCAA designates a difference between a MEDICAL FORFEIT and an INJURY DEFAULT. A medical forfeit does not count against record. It counts as full bonus points for the advancing wrestler. An injury default does count against record. It also counts as full bonus points for the advancing wrestler. I'm not sure what the NFHS policy is regarding this situation, however.
  9. To clarify, nobody and no team was being "attacked", hence why no names were used in any examples given. The Baptist Beaters, to clarify, were not involved in this 3-way round robin, nor was the team that I represent for that matter. I posted this simply because it was a unique situation which could be interpreted a multitude of ways.
  10. I would go B, D, C, A. IHSAA interpretation is D, C, A, B.
  11. The fact is that it COULD happen this way under the IHSAA interpretation. All I'm saying is the 'BCA' logic is exactly that, more logical.
  12. Not impossible. What if the wrestler was at a different weight all year? Or what if your team wrestled a schedule full of non-IHSAA sanctioned Baptist schools like another team in this sectional.
  13. I never thought I'd find myself in company with bigmak and MattM, but I'll take it.
  14. So you're fine seeding a wrestler with a record of 1-29 over wrestlers with records of 29-1 and 28-2 in the extreme example above?
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