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  1. Gabe Dean is wrestling with 2x NCAA Champion and 4x All-American Damion Hahn everyday and spent his first 2 years in Ithaca as a workout partner to NCAA Champions Cam Simaz and Steve Bosak. That doesn't hurt.
  2. Tom, Any way to get a copy of the PowerPoint presentation and video examples for those who cannot attend? Thanks!
  3. 6 of the 7 listed above... Not bad. Congrats to Alston Bane for the one I missed and the upset of the night knocking off Cael McCormick
  4. Keep the same routine as you've had all season long. Tell your guys to do and use what got them there. Being on your feet trying to stay warmed up for the whole round on Friday night can be really draining for kids, so find a place to relax and stay off your feet until you're getting close to going out there. Also, it's always easy to tell on Friday night the kids who were just satisfied with qualifying versus the ones who are there to win the whole thing. Good luck!
  5. Here's my upset alert radar (not saying these will all happen, but definitely a possibility).. 106- DeMien (Northwood) over Schaefer (South Dearborn) 113- None 120- Egli (Mater Dei) over Black (Hobart) *though I don't see this happening and Black is my State Champ pick. 126- Diaz (Hammond Clark) over Weimer (East Noble) 132- Eldred (Westfield) over Laughlin (SB Riley) 138- McIntosh (Portage) over Moore (Manchester) 145- Schurg (Crown Point) over Herrin (Jennings County) 152- Sturgill (Peru) over VanCamp (Lebanon) 160- Goering (SB Riley) over Goddard (Warren Central) *my most likely 4 over 1 of Friday night. 170- None 182- Kleimola (Lake Central) over Parris (Lawrenceburg) 195- None 220- None 285- Shafer (Rochester) over Swartz (FW Snider)
  6. I'd say Vinny Corsaro has a claim to that as well. 3x Runner-Up
  7. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he majors the field, though it is a tough task given the environment and the quality of opponents. That said, I do think he wins easily this weekend. I'd say nobody comes within 5 points. He's already dominated the #2 and #3 best guys in the state in my opinion (Rooks and Triana). He appears to be considerably quicker, stronger, and definitely meaner than the rest of the 106's I've seen this year, and that's no knock on the rest of the kids in the state. Colton is just THAT good.
  8. Got all 4 qualifiers right, just put them in the same order that they finished at Calumet Regional. Congrats to Gaige on winning the Semi-State!
  9. I'll be at Kilroy's celebrating my birthday and a State Pickem's Championship.
  10. PRESENT Chairman Phillip Gardner, Vice Chairman Priscilla Dillow, Mike Blackburn, Dale Crafton, Dan Cunningham, Sue Keenan, Michael Powell, Janis Qualizza, Steve Riordan, Cassel White, Directors Dennis Eller, Michael Necessary, Joseph Trimboli, Commissioner Bob Gardner, Associate Commissioner Ray Craft, Assistant Commissioners Blake Ress, Sandy Searcy, Theresia Wynns, Sports Information Director Jim Russell and Attorney Robert Baker. MINUTES Minutes of the Sept. 9, 1999 and Sept. 15, 1999 meetings were presented for approval. A motion for approval was made by Michael Powell; seconded by Mike Blackburn; motion passed 10-0. 1999-2000 WRESTLING TOURNAMENT SERIES Assistant Commissioner Ress reported on the general format, sites and other preliminary plans for the 1999-2000 Wrestling Tournament Series. The recommendations included the following changes in host sites: Regionals To North Montgomery From Greencastle Semi-States To Evansville Central From Seymour Due to the recommended change of the semi-state to Evansville, it was proposed the following sectionals be re-routed through the Evansville Semi-State: Brownsburg, Decatur Central and Greencastle. Conversely, it was proposed the sectionals at Batesville, Franklin County and Rushville be re-routed through the New Castle Semi-State. A motion to approve the recommendations for the wrestling tournament series was made by Steve Riordan; seconded by Janis Qualizza; motion passed 10-0.
  11. I've got 2 guys on my radar with double-digit losses who were 4th in their semi-state who I could see pulling the 4 over 1 upset and making a run all the way to the semi-finals. At 126, Chris Diaz- Hammond Clark (10 losses) over Nathaniel Weimer (East Noble) and then over the Melloh (Cathedral) vs. Young (Madison) winner. At 160, Tristan Goering- SB Riley (11 losses) over Dezmen Goddard (Warren Central) and then over the Weimer (East Noble) vs. McDaniel (Tecumseh) winner.
  12. Mike, When I finished my last season as the RankingsGuy in 2011 and gave you the reigns for the 2012 season, I knew you were the perfect guy for the job. From there, you've taken the rankings to new heights and helped make IndianaMat one of the premiere wrestling news sites in the country. My hats off to you, Joe, Chad, and the whole team. Can't wait to see where IndianaMat goes from here. Great job as always. You're one of the best and most knowledgable wrestling fans I know. -Eric McGill
  13. It makes what Portage and Merrilllville have done even more impressive, as they are not sending too many of their guys to RWA, and are still having a great deal of success.
  14. Region Wrestling Academy Ian Dembowski- Valparaiso Colton Cummings- Lowell Tylor Triana- Hobart Cody Crary- Munster Michael DeLaPena- Merrillville Rickie Rodriguez- Morton Jack Tolin- Chesterton Jeremiah Reitz- Griffith Brendan Black- Hobart Branden Truver- Lake Central Chris Diaz- Hammond Clark Gaige Torres- Portage Tristan Dembowski- Valparaiso Jason Crary- Munster Zach Donaldson- Crown Point Kasper McIntosh- Portage Diego Lemley- Chesterton Daylan Schurg- Crown Point Oszkar Kasch- Crown Point Mike Krzyston- Andrean Tommy Forte- Mishawaka Drew Hughes- Lowell Ben Stassin- Griffith Evan Larsen- Hanover Central Scottie Sopko- Hobart Darden Schurg- Crown Point Jack Davison- Chesterton Jake Kleimola- Lake Central Andrew Davison- Chesterton Seth Leon- Highland John Bigbie- Lowell Nick Fowler- Calumet Justin Akers- Crown Point There may be more and there may be some who no longer attend, but these are the ones that I know have gone to RWA at some point in the last 4 years.
  15. Maligned, Can you explain how each individual team is assigned a number of expected Regional qualifiers? Interested in the math behind it.. Thanks!
  16. Heard he was hit with two stall calls in the final 15 seconds, the last one coming with 1 second left on the clock to lose the match by one point.. That's a tough way to lose a regional, and I hope the officials let the wrestling decide it this weekend.
  17. I agree he didn't look very good in the 3rd place match against Zamora, but he took Perry from Merrillville down to the wire in the semifinals and if not for a questionable call in the Ultimate Tiebreaker and "bad time" by the official, he wins that match and is sitting in Perry's spot on the bracket. I hope Bigbie knocks him off, as I'm a Lowell fan, but a 10 point swing in a month is a tough turn-around.
  18. Hedrick Maj. Dec. Bigbie 15-5 at Portage Quad in January.
  19. I will set the Over/Under for the Logansport Regional Total State Qualifiers at 5 And I will take the UNDER.
  20. 106 1) Cummings- Lowell 2) Dembowski- Valparaiso 3) Triana- Hobart 4) Bautista- Hanover Central 113 1) Hildebrandt- Penn 2) DeLaPena- Merrillville 3) Rodriguez- Hammond Morton 4) Miller- Lafayette Jeff 120 1) Black- Hobart 2) Reitz- Griffith 3) Hatch- Warsaw 4) Hardesty- Mishawaka 126 1) Truver- Lake Central 2) Crary- Munster 3) Torres- Portage 4) Diaz- Hammond Clark 132 1) Donaldson- Crown Point 2) Bailey- Bremen 3) Laughlin- SB Riley 4) Strawsma- Benton Central 138 1) Johnson- Merrillville 2) Beam- Penn 3) Rodriguez- Culver Community 4) Akers- Crown Point 145 1) Covaciu- Merrillville 2) Lawrence- Portage 3) Schurg- Crown Point 4) Malone- SB Adams 152 1) Forte- Mishawaka 2) Swank- Penn 3) Krzyston- Andrean 4) Christenson- Lake Central 160 1) Hughes- Lowell 2) Sopko- Hobart 3) Dodson- John Glenn 4) Goering- SB Riley 170 1) Mammolenti- Penn 2) Mote- Delphi 3) Cornejo- Portage 4) Norton- LaVille 182 1) Osborn- Penn 2) Davison- Chesterton 3) Kleimola- Lake Central 4) Guerrero- Portage 195 1) Fowler- Calumet 2) Perry- Merrillville 3) Zamora- Hammond Clark 4) Hedrick- Portage 220 1) Woods- Penn 2) Kral- Crown Point 3) Meyer- Harrison (WL) 4) Majewski- Portage 285 1) Streck- Merrillville 2) Christman- Penn 3) Shultz- Lake Station 4) Shafer- Rochester Penn- 7 qualifiers Portage- 6 qualifiers Merrillville- 5 qualifiers Crown Point- 4 qualifiers
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