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  1. I think any coach whose kid makes it to the second day at state probably knows a little about wrestling. To say that they are costing there kids matches is a little much if you ask me. I don't think anyone knows a wrestler more than their coaches who have dedicated countless hours of time watching them wrestle.
  2. This is always a great RTC with tons of tough kids. I highly recommend anyone within a reasonable driving distance try to come out and get some good mat experience.
  3. The Wabash Wrestling team would like to congratulate Senior Michael Burke and Freshman Jake Strausbaugh on their outstanding performances in the 2010 DIII Midwest Regional. Strausbaugh (Orrville, OH, Orrville High School) earned a national tournament berth by out wrestling his competition in the 141 pound weight class to a Regional Title. But his exceptional grappling did more than allow Strausbaugh to punch his ticket to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for the D3 National Tournament. Strausbaugh was awarded Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament after putting on a marvelous performance. Michael Burke (Muncie, IN, Yorktown High School) will also find himself competing in at nationals this Saturday. While Burke came up short in his championship match at 197, the scrappy senior?s exceptional wrestling caught the eye of the coaches. After the tournament concluded, a conference held by all of the coaches elected to give Burke one of six wild-card bids to nationals. These two Little-Giants have worked hard all season and we wish them the best of luck as they represent Wabash this upcoming Saturday. GO GET ?EM GUYS! WABASH ALWAYS FIGHTS!
  4. Hmmmm.... maybe there was some stalling going on? i was called for stall while i was in on a double leg attempting a take down
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