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  1. Gable Stevenson is a freak of an athlete himself, as well as a very accomplished wrestler. Would love to see this match happen, and looks like we probably will a few times over the next few years.
  2. After seeing this one, that was rather brief. I wouldn’t have called it. It is sad to see his run for a state title end that way, but unfortunately he isn’t the first or last kid who will be on the wrong side of questionable call. I’m glad he handled it well. Shows he must have a lot of character. Best of luck wrestling 3rd. I understand the frustrations of a coach who thinks his kid was robbed. I’ve sat in that seat myself. But as a coach, you need to understand what and how you are arguing. There are some coaches who do a great job at this, and others could use a few pointers. Since I’m now familiar with the process, I’ll weigh in for anyone out there in hopes to help in future situations: If you are a coach and you have an issue with a call, you can ask the official for clarification on how they applied to rule at the table. This has to happen at the scorers table. This is rule 6-6-6: “When a coach believes the referee has misapplied a rule or disagrees with judgement, the coach may approach the score’s table, request the match to be stopped (when there is no significant action) and discuss the matter with the referee directly in front of the scorer’s table...If the referee has misapplied a rule, necessary adjustments will be made, an explanation to the opposing coach will be made and wrestling will immediately be resumed. If there is no error, or if the coach disagrees with the referee’s judgement, the coaching staff will be penalized for coach misconduct...” If you are questioning/arguing a judgement call, the ref is following the rules by giving a coaches misconduct. The first is a warning, the second will result in a lost team point, the third will result in the head coach for the reminder of the day. So if you want to fight for your kid knowing you will get that warning, go right ahead. If it is worth 1 team point to do it a second time, go right ahead. I’m not going to stop you. But it isn’t plan stubbornness—it is just the rule. If you continue to lay into the official, come out onto the mat, and use some choice words, you are going to be hit with a flagrant misconduct that will result in -3 team points and an ejection/removal from the building for the remainder of the tournament.
  3. I am having the same issue. I was wandering how close this call was. I will say, I see a lot of folks on here calling out officials today. I was fortunate enough to advance my career past high school and wrestled Divison III for 4 years. After that, I was lucky enough to get as an assistant coach with a program with an experienced high school coach. There we sent multiple kids to the state tournament and I was privileged to coach under the spot light. I got out of coaching and made the leap into officiating leap this past fall. I passed he took the certification test with 98 %, spent about 10-12 hours in class with experienced officials going over the rules and interpretations before the season started. I’ve read and reread through the rule book and case book, annotating each page. I search YouTube and FloWrestling for tough calls and try to figure out my rational for how I would call it. I’ve attended every official association meeting where we discussed some of the tricky situations we’ve seen and participated in countless debates about how the rules are interpreted and applied. I thought I was ready to be a great official. Guess what...it is very hard. I’ve blown some calls this year. All the preparation, decades of competition and coaching, and a dedication doesn’t make me a perfect official. I don’t diserve to be out there with a whistle today. I haven’t earned it yet. The guys that are officiating today are Indiana’s best. They have decades of reffing experience and know the rules better than 99.9 % of the coaches, wrestlers and fans. They aren’t perfect, but they are the best we have. Officials don’t want to be part of the match. They want to award points, raise some hands, prevent any injuries and get back home to their families. Matches at this level are tough to call. Rewrestle the 138 pound semi finals 3 more times and I bet you’d come up with atleast 2 more different results. Cut these guys some slack and thank them for their hard work, dedication, and willingness to step out there and make the tough calls that only a small number of people are qualified to make.
  4. Didn’t see the call. Will rewatch the match on Track Wrestling. But I did see the aftermath. No matter how bad a call is, a coach can’t behave like that. No questions about it. He needed to be thrown out and hit with misconduct. It sucks that he can’t coach his other kids and his team will be penalized, but you simply can’t respond like that. I’ve coached at tournaments run by Snyder and he has always seemed like a good guy. I imagine we will be seeing a sincere apology soon. Let this be a lesson to any wrestlers and coaches watching. You can’t react like that. You can’t lose your cool. Best of luck to both wrestlers for the remainder of the tournament and during their college careers.
  5. Great work Indiana. It was fun watching you guys compete. Big thanks to everyone who made it happen. Special shout outs to Hughes and Doster for pulling double duty against tough competition.
  6. Drew looked like he was firing on all cylinders this evening. Hope he can carry the momentum into the rest of his offseason and redshirt year at MSU. Fun wrestler to watch.
  7. It is good to see some of our younger guys in the rankings. Lots of talk about this year's graduating class being one of the best in Indiana history. As they leave us, they aren't leaving a bare cupboard. We still have some nice young talent, and even more coming up through the schoolboy ranks. Looking forward to a lot of great wrestling both the near and distant future.
  8. Paris is still young and small for the weight. Should rise through the ranks in the coming years. Don't know the kid personally, but seems like he likes wrestling with a chip on his back. Better to be under ranked and turn some heads than be over ranked in my opinion.
  9. Mappes seemed to be the more aggressive wrestler over the injured Realbuto. Seemed like all of Realbuto's points came off of Mappes shots. Surprised he stayed close to Realbuto in the last 10 seconds as I don't believe he had been hit for stalling. Talk about a close one. Glad to see him come out on top.
  10. Mappes wins while nearly being taken down as time expires! On to the next round.
  11. I completely agree. To the naysayers: you do realize we are talking about Mark Hall right? The same Mark Hall that has undoubtedly been one of the absolute best wrestlers in the nation for the last 5 years or more? He has been ranked number 1 in the nation pound for pound the last two years and is a world champion at his age group. The kid is nicknamed "The Prodigy" and has a Flo documentary about him that is a few years old. He is the most relaxed wrestler I have ever seen. He makes the sport look easy. If anyone is capible of pinning or tech falling their way to a high school state championship, in any state, it is Mark Hall. Check your Indiana bias. Watch his match vs Valencia from last year at WNO. He easily majors who must thought, at that time, was pound for pound number one in the nation. I think Drew Hughes is a tough kid. I would love to have him on my team. He has shown he is clearly the best the past two years in Indiana, and has a unbelievable high school stat sheet. I wish him the best of luck at the tournament in PA and in college. That said, I would be shocked if he were to kept it to a decision if they wrestle in a few weeks. Vegas odds would probably be Hall + 8. Again, I mean no disrespect to Drew Hughes. As a fan of Indiana wrestling, I hope I have to eat my words and would love to see Hughes pull off an upset. It would be great for him and for Indiana. I just think you need to acknowledge that what Hall has done is completely unbelievable.
  12. Great article. People were dogging Doyal about not understanding wrestling in his piece about CJ's quest for 4 titles and an undefeated carrier. I think anyone who reads this will see that he at least understands the type of passion that Indiana wrestlers have about this sport. He definitely captures the heartbreak aspect of not achieving your goals. Nice read.
  13. 219 - Region area code 2-19, Friday's date. All "Da Region" kids will for sure be extra feisty, like a wolf during a full moon.
  14. Friday is 2-19...Hope none of my kids drew into EC semi state kids.
  15. I'm for changing the order of the finals matches. For this match particularly, as well as other great match-ups. But I think the changing of weight class order in the finals could really help sport to grow as well. The big guys never get the respect the my deserve. I get it: the standard mediocre heavyweight match-- ear-to-ear, attempting throw-bys and shucks until someone falls down and gets rolled to their back--is not as fun as the 145 pounders moving athletically around the mat in scramble after scramble. But the state finals match is the marquee match up for this weight class. It often features colossal athletes who are often pretty light on their feet and very technically savvy. Why do people leave before witnessing these matches? I have found these just as thrilling as most other championship match-ups. I feel bad that these kids are wrestling their butts off for a state championship, and at least 1/8th of the people in the building (if not closer to 1/3rd) have their backs turned to them and are walking up the steps. And it isn't just heavyweight. I notice people start packing up after 152 and 160. If we could move some of these match ups forward and some of the more anticipated back, I think overtime we would witness more depth at these weight classes. I think the younger guys destined to be heavyweights (weather it be genetics, a lot of lifting, or too many all-you-can-eat buffets) and other heavier weights (195 and 220 as well) would see these great match ups and start to emulate their styles at a much younger age. I don't have stats to back up my hypothesis, it is just a gut feeling. Feel free to disagree. But long term, I am also for seeding at the state meet. I know it would be tricky. I know it is contraversial. I just can't wrap my mind around how we don't have a better way of pairing match ups, especially with how we don't do full wrestle backs of the placers. Sometimes the wrestler who gets fifth could arguably have been the second or third best wrestler in that weight class. Granted, I know that the state tournament isn't about correctly ranking the top 8 wrestlers and that it is designed to crown a champion. But still, it just baffles me. I'm sure we could implement a system, like the Ohio one mentioned earlier in the thread, that would keep heavily favorited wrestlers on opposite ends of the bracket. I know in my time as a wrestler/coach/spectator, I have seen many a semi-finals match that would have been better suited under the lights than the ensuing match that ended up taking place instead. But back to the original point: how do we make it so the IHSAA would consider adjusting the weight class order? I know it would be a tough battle to win, but I'm all for trying.
  16. I understand that some people are trolling. I guess you have the right to do that, if you please. But please be mindful that we are talking about a couple of high school kids here. Please do not bash either wrestler's courage or mental toughness. Both wrestlers' have resumes that are shaping up in fashion for them to mentioned as some of the best wrestlers in Indiana history. Let's discuss their potential match up with the respect it deserves. If this match up takes place and it isn't under the lights, it will be one of the biggest shams in IHSAA Wreslting history. I am all for a making a match like this the main event. If we can figure out a way to do so, I am all about a vote or petition. Maybe we could do something where fans voted the order of the weight classes in the championship match? It'd also be nice for the big guys to not have to go last and have half of the fans in Banker's Life already in their cars headed home. Best of luck to Nick Lee, Chad Red, and everyone else at 132, especially all the seniors. I hope you all have a great state tournament run. Stay healthy, have fun, and leave it all out on the mat.
  17. Awesome news! Keep the wins coming and enjoy that new room once you get in it!
  18. Chad Red Jr. is the number one wrestler in the nation at 132. He had to find ways to win against the best kids in the country to earn that ranking. I would argue that you really couldn't even attempt to rank another 132 pounder in the nation ahead of Red based on his success over the past few years. Nick Lee is very good--elite level good. He is aggressive, has excellent technique, and possesses a killer instinct. I get excited watching him wrestle. He flat out breaks kids. But I just don't see him breaking CJ. It would be a great match. Words can't accurately describe how excited most of us would be to witness such a spectacle. For me, it would be on par with watching Taylor vs Dake match a few years ago. It surely would be the most anticipated match I have ever heard of in Indiana (though I have been told that there have been similarly exciting potential match ups in the past that never happened, e.g. Angel vs Reece). I hope this match up happens. If it does happen but doesn't take place under the lights, it will be a shame. We are talking two extremely talented and hard working wrestlers. Very few Indiana wrestlers have had the success they have had thus far in their careers. It is rare that two kids of this caliber would find themselves wrestling at the same time at the same weight. My take: CJ is the number one kid in the state and country. If anyone were to beat him, including Nick Lee, it would be an upset. Not to discredit Lee. He is a great wrestler and I think his aggressive, tenacious style could potentially prove to stifle CJ. If anyone is capable of preventing Red from claiming his fourth state title, it would be the elder Lee brother. I just think Red's experience wrestling in big matches against the best kids helps him find away to win. I'm picking Chad by decision, though I think more high scoring than some on here. 7-4 with CJ getting a third period takedown and ride out before showing off his last celebratory dance moves in his high school wrestling career. I know that no one asked for it, but those are my two cents.
  19. Daniel Sandberg Assistant Coach Lawrence North High School
  20. A lot of the quality guys at New Castle wrestle with CIA. I also know that a lot have worked with Red Cobra over the years.
  21. Totally agree. Nick and his father are both classy. Proud to say I know them. Good luck to Chastain next weekend.
  22. If it is as cold as it is today, everyone. Keep the busses warm for the kids AFTER the finals.
  23. I'm confused...This shouldn't happen because of the rule change. You can see the details of the forfeit rule here: http://www.nfhs.org/content.aspx?id=8884
  24. 106- Bailey 113- Crary 120- Red 126- Micic 132- Wilson 138- Hughes 145- LeCount 152- Macri 160- Corsaro 170- Osborn 182- Rypel 195- Kral 220- Robinson 285- Bernard
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