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  1. I tried, too long of a video for the site I guess. I tried to describe the call in question as best I could im a previous comment.
  2. If you rewatch the match, he snaps him to the mat but doesn’t make any attempts to score off of it (i.e. get to a point where he could secure a takedown). The casebook shows an example were this could be called stalling: 6.4a: “Typical holds/maneuvers contributing to stalling in the neutral position are: a) Upper body tie-ups with no attempt to take down the opponent.” Per the rulebook, overtime is just the continuation of the match (rule 7-2) so normal rules would apply. The difference would take place in the ultimate tiebreaker. The offensive wrestler scores here by preventin
  3. You’ll have to watch it on Track. I tired to upload some footage but couldn’t make it work. I’ll describe as best as I can. Situation: Tied 1-1 heading into second overtime. Melloh takes down and Mulkey rides a spiral and follows the whole time. Mulkey goes down for the second 30s. Melloh cuts him making it 2-1. Period starts and Mulkey immediately snaps Melloh into a standing front head lock and locks his hands at the armpit, not attempting to score. He snaps him down a few times, but they come right back up to their feet. At 20 left, the announcer acknowledges that Mulke
  4. Here are the two rules I’d think need to be referenced if you want to make a cogent argument either way. 5-23 Stalemate It is a stalemate when contestants are interlocked in a position other than a pinning situation, in which neither wrestler can improve their respective position(s); or either competitor has the hands locked around one leg of the opponent to prevent scoring. The referee shall, as soon as possible, stop the match and wrestling shall be resumed as from an out of bounds. Hands locked repeatedly around one leg of an opponent to prevent scoring is considered stalling.
  5. Gable Stevenson is a freak of an athlete himself, as well as a very accomplished wrestler. Would love to see this match happen, and looks like we probably will a few times over the next few years.
  6. After seeing this one, that was rather brief. I wouldn’t have called it. It is sad to see his run for a state title end that way, but unfortunately he isn’t the first or last kid who will be on the wrong side of questionable call. I’m glad he handled it well. Shows he must have a lot of character. Best of luck wrestling 3rd. I understand the frustrations of a coach who thinks his kid was robbed. I’ve sat in that seat myself. But as a coach, you need to understand what and how you are arguing. There are some coaches who do a great job at this, and others could use a few pointers. S
  7. I am having the same issue. I was wandering how close this call was. I will say, I see a lot of folks on here calling out officials today. I was fortunate enough to advance my career past high school and wrestled Divison III for 4 years. After that, I was lucky enough to get as an assistant coach with a program with an experienced high school coach. There we sent multiple kids to the state tournament and I was privileged to coach under the spot light. I got out of coaching and made the leap into officiating leap this past fall. I passed he took the certification test with 98 %, spent abou
  8. Didn’t see the call. Will rewatch the match on Track Wrestling. But I did see the aftermath. No matter how bad a call is, a coach can’t behave like that. No questions about it. He needed to be thrown out and hit with misconduct. It sucks that he can’t coach his other kids and his team will be penalized, but you simply can’t respond like that. I’ve coached at tournaments run by Snyder and he has always seemed like a good guy. I imagine we will be seeing a sincere apology soon. Let this be a lesson to any wrestlers and coaches watching. You can’t react like that. You can’t l
  9. Great work Indiana. It was fun watching you guys compete. Big thanks to everyone who made it happen. Special shout outs to Hughes and Doster for pulling double duty against tough competition.
  10. Drew looked like he was firing on all cylinders this evening. Hope he can carry the momentum into the rest of his offseason and redshirt year at MSU. Fun wrestler to watch.
  11. It is good to see some of our younger guys in the rankings. Lots of talk about this year's graduating class being one of the best in Indiana history. As they leave us, they aren't leaving a bare cupboard. We still have some nice young talent, and even more coming up through the schoolboy ranks. Looking forward to a lot of great wrestling both the near and distant future.
  12. Paris is still young and small for the weight. Should rise through the ranks in the coming years. Don't know the kid personally, but seems like he likes wrestling with a chip on his back. Better to be under ranked and turn some heads than be over ranked in my opinion.
  13. Mappes seemed to be the more aggressive wrestler over the injured Realbuto. Seemed like all of Realbuto's points came off of Mappes shots. Surprised he stayed close to Realbuto in the last 10 seconds as I don't believe he had been hit for stalling. Talk about a close one. Glad to see him come out on top.
  14. Mappes wins while nearly being taken down as time expires! On to the next round.
  15. I completely agree. To the naysayers: you do realize we are talking about Mark Hall right? The same Mark Hall that has undoubtedly been one of the absolute best wrestlers in the nation for the last 5 years or more? He has been ranked number 1 in the nation pound for pound the last two years and is a world champion at his age group. The kid is nicknamed "The Prodigy" and has a Flo documentary about him that is a few years old. He is the most relaxed wrestler I have ever seen. He makes the sport look easy. If anyone is capible of pinning or tech falling their way to a high school state c
  16. Great article. People were dogging Doyal about not understanding wrestling in his piece about CJ's quest for 4 titles and an undefeated carrier. I think anyone who reads this will see that he at least understands the type of passion that Indiana wrestlers have about this sport. He definitely captures the heartbreak aspect of not achieving your goals. Nice read.
  17. 219 - Region area code 2-19, Friday's date. All "Da Region" kids will for sure be extra feisty, like a wolf during a full moon.
  18. Friday is 2-19...Hope none of my kids drew into EC semi state kids.
  19. I'm for changing the order of the finals matches. For this match particularly, as well as other great match-ups. But I think the changing of weight class order in the finals could really help sport to grow as well. The big guys never get the respect the my deserve. I get it: the standard mediocre heavyweight match-- ear-to-ear, attempting throw-bys and shucks until someone falls down and gets rolled to their back--is not as fun as the 145 pounders moving athletically around the mat in scramble after scramble. But the state finals match is the marquee match up for this weight class. It ofte
  20. I understand that some people are trolling. I guess you have the right to do that, if you please. But please be mindful that we are talking about a couple of high school kids here. Please do not bash either wrestler's courage or mental toughness. Both wrestlers' have resumes that are shaping up in fashion for them to mentioned as some of the best wrestlers in Indiana history. Let's discuss their potential match up with the respect it deserves. If this match up takes place and it isn't under the lights, it will be one of the biggest shams in IHSAA Wreslting history. I am all for a makin
  21. Awesome news! Keep the wins coming and enjoy that new room once you get in it!
  22. Chad Red Jr. is the number one wrestler in the nation at 132. He had to find ways to win against the best kids in the country to earn that ranking. I would argue that you really couldn't even attempt to rank another 132 pounder in the nation ahead of Red based on his success over the past few years. Nick Lee is very good--elite level good. He is aggressive, has excellent technique, and possesses a killer instinct. I get excited watching him wrestle. He flat out breaks kids. But I just don't see him breaking CJ. It would be a great match. Words can't accurately describe how excited most
  23. Daniel Sandberg Assistant Coach Lawrence North High School
  24. A lot of the quality guys at New Castle wrestle with CIA. I also know that a lot have worked with Red Cobra over the years.
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