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  1. Love that IHSWCA has worked get a classed team dual situation going during the season with the absence of team state duals. I've heard the arguments for a classed individual tournament and I'm not going to deny that they have some merit for growing the sport, but there is just something special about having one state champion. As a fan, I hope they don't change that. I am for possible tweeting the wrestle back situations at semi-state and state, but other than that I'd say leave the state finals as is. I am down for classed duals any day though--with the option of letting powerhouses (like MD)
  2. Tyrone is a smart dude. I worked with him after my first full year of officiating and he helped me with my mechanics and help me mentally slow down matches. He could have let me know about his trick for getting recognized. I like the idea of only voting based off the previous 3 years. IHSAA should be able to keep that data in myihsaa and blackout schools you haven't seen based off of your reported schedule. Not sure how much work it would be to set that up, but it is something I'd think their systems people could work out. It would also reward the officials who are more active as t
  3. The coach voting is an interesting system in practice. In theory it is smart. Coaches feedback is important and should be taken into consideration. But I have also noticed that I get votes from schools I didn’t even know existed. Any ranking (1-5) from a school/coach that hasn’t seen you officiate is a bad vote for a true assessment. I’ve also heard about refs getting repeated bad scores from the same coach for years that is holding a grudge. Just like wrestlers, officials get better with mat time and experience. If you are a coach still giving
  4. My understanding is that the NFHS, the authority for high school rules, doesn’t permit video review for any sports. I doubt any sort of review for the state finals would happen until video review was implemented throughout the regular season.
  5. Not sure about the out of bounds, but a crotch lift doesn’t necessarily prevent your opponent from scoring a take down.
  6. I didn’t see the match, so I can’t comment on the specifics of the situation, but I can point you to the rule book to clarify your confusion about how the referee and assistant referee can impact a changed call. Rule 3-2 explains the role of the assistant in helping to “minimize human error in matters of rule application and judgment.” 3-2-2: The assistant referee will be granted the same mobility as the referee and will complement and assist the referee in making calls. The referee will be in complete control of the match. 3-2-2 f and e
  7. I am a 4th year official looking to fill my schedule for this upcoming season. I can be available for weeknight matches in Indianapolis and the surrounding area and willing to travel a bit on weekends. I am available to officiate at all levels, though I am looking to do more varsity meets this season. Wrestling Credentials 4 Year Varsity Wrestler at Lawrence Central High School 2005-2009 4 Year Wrestler at Wabash College 2010-2013 3 year Assistant Coach at Lawrence North High School 2014-2016 2 full years of schedule of Freshman/JV/Middle School Matches; officiated mu
  8. Merriville has the best highschool room I’ve ever been in. I got winded doing laps. Brownsburg’s looks awesome.
  9. If seeds stay as originally seeded, I'd imagine the argument would be using the seeding criteria that issued by IHSAA: "For seeding purposes, forfeits should not be included in a wrestler’s record." I think you can broadly interpret that and use the true outcomes of the individual's matches for head-to-head and record vs common opponents. I see it in a similar light of a flagrant misconduct penalty AFTER a match has been completed. The offending wrestler still gets credit for a head to head win against his opponent, but team points are deducted--effectively making it a loss for the team.
  10. It is a 2 pound "growth allowance" intended to accommodate the natural growth of adolescents. The idea is to make sure kids going through puberty aren't killing themselves to say at the same weight all year as their body changes. How often does a situation like a guy dropping 2 weight classes, having no common opponents and also have a great record at the higher weight classes, cause issues at a seeding meeting? Probably not that often. Lets not rewrite the rules for outlier cases. The idea is to get the best kids away from each other earlier and let the kids determine who moves on.
  11. Glad I took a second of my day to read this. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck to Mr. Latham in the state tournament series and beyond.
  12. Per the rules "the main objective of seeding is to have outstanding wrestlers separated in the brackets so that they will not meet each other until the finals." I think that the rule writers assume that a wrestler who was on the cusp of making it to the state meet the previous year defines you as an outstanding wrestler. 10 matches qualifies you to be seeded, thus that is the 1st question. Next is head to head competition followed by common opponents. So if a returning semi-state quarterfinalist has lost to someone else in the sectional or has a worse record vs common opponents, he/she w
  13. Pairings and Seeding Procedures for those interested: A. Sectional pairings and seeding will be made at 7:00 p.m. on the Monday preceding the sectional tournament at the center school. 1. Each participating school in that sectional may have only 1 representative voting. Positions of contestants from schools not represented will be drawn by lot. 2. Six contestants shall be seeded in each weight class. Coaches are required to bring their official team scorebook and all of their Alpha Master Reports for each season contest date. A coaches’ failure to have his official team scorebo
  14. D1 College wrestling is tough. Big 10 wrestling is a grind. CJ has had some good matches where things went his way and some matches where they didn't. He isn't as dominate as we saw him here in Indiana, but the competition is tougher so that is understandable. As mentioned before, the danger rule might have caused him to have to switch up his style a bit which might explain the takedown defense. This year hasn't been quite as good as last year up to this point, but I am not throwing in the towel to say he is done yet. I think we have yet to CJ hit his ceiling. He has always been a ga
  15. It is easy to blame officials for not checking at weigh ins. I get that they are the ruling authority figure at the tournament so they do deserve some blame--it is, of course, part of their duties. But I am shocked how quickly we are to point the finger at the official. What about the wrestler's responsibility to properly groom him/herself? It also is a responsibility of the coach to verify that their wrestlers are groomed, properly equipped and ready to wrestle. That is part of my issue with this NJ incident. Where is the personal responsibility of the wrestler? Why has his coach not wor
  16. From a ref’s perspective, it seems as though the letter of the rule was enforced correctly—a local ref says he had seen the wrestler using an illegal hair cover a week prior and told both wrestler and coach it needed to be addressed. It sounds like they didn’t address it. The penalty point and starting the injury clock to give the wrestler time to address the issue is the right call per the rule 8-1-1 that is referenced above. I don’t think the intent of the rule is so that kids will cut their hair matside to make it legal. I think it is more so removing a brace that might not be legal o
  17. Today footage of a varsity wrestler in NJ went viral. The video is of the wrestler having his hair cut matside in what I imagine allowed it to meet the the requirements for wrestlers’ appearance and health in accordance to NFHS rule 4-2-1. The wrestler appears to be African-American and his hair was in medium length dreadlocks. From what I gather, his hair cover wasn’t legal because it couldn’t be attached to his headgear. It is unclear to me if the hair cover he was trying to use was the same he had worn all year, or if it was different. I read that he had misplaced his normal headgear a
  18. Best of luck with this. If you aren’t getting enough footage, maybe you can switch it to top 5 of the month. I’ve been shocked with how little I see teams taping recently. One of the best ways to get better is watching tape with someone who can point out what you are doing wrong. Also if teams created a highlight real, they could show it on the announcements at school, I bet you could garnish a bit more interest in the sport from both a spectators standing and recruiting kids to the sport.
  19. Well...I guess you might as well start the season with a boom.
  20. Let's go Sarah! Going for gold today. As the kids are saying these days: let's go get that bread!
  21. Sarah is into the semi-finals! 5-1 win over Kazakhstan and 15-9 win over Azerbaijan. She will take on Diana Mary Weicke of Canada in the semi finals. Go Sarah!
  22. Sadulaev...never heard of him. Is he any good?
  23. Facial hair has been permitted at Fr-Soph State and at the ISWA Folkstyke state tournament. That said, I think it depends on the beard. If it is deamed abrasive, your wrestler may be asked to shave. I’d say a little stubble would be permissible—but if the wrestler has the ability to grow beard of a 30 hipster, he’d better keep it trim. I’d suggest looking into the USA Wrestling rules about it, but last I heard there no rule against facial hair.
  24. Great informative commentary from one of Indiana’s finest wrestlers and youth coaches. I agree. It is a nice change of pace from years past.
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