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  1. That's the kind of pro wrestling I would pay for and love to se.
  2. What a class young man!! A great example of what we should all strive to be. I like to think that is one of the things wrestling teaches. Class, empathy and thinking of others first.
  3. How about Dake getting a stall call after he had lifted Taylor and taken him back to the mat 2 or 3 times within seconds of the call. Not consistent on those calls.
  4. Yea , with all the attention Dake was getting , he took care of business and did not let it distract him. A match that lived up to the hype.
  5. Taylor was the only guy to score against Dake. Taylor was a class act in a loss. He did himself and Penn State proud with his sportsmanship, wish him the best in the future. Dake's accomplishment was the most impressive of the 3 four timers, but ALL are all time great, splitting hairs. 4 times with no red shirt year. Not that undefeated and any 4 timer is not GREAT.
  6. very close call, but would not have mattered in this match. still a 1 point win. Love the matches both wrestlers put it out there. I likes the fact ESPN showed a lot of the different rounds. Almost as good as being there. Almost.
  7. Greta accomplish by Dake. Could be the most impressive feat by a college wrestler. Only 3 4 timers WOW. Taylor was impressive in defeat. WIsh him the best in the future. He is a good example of how to handle defeat. I bet he wins next year, think he is a Jr.
  8. Well he wont have to throw away his runner up medal, he just got beat by a freshman( # 6 ranked) in the quarters. No 4 time final appearance either. He can still be a 4 time AA. great feat.
  9. Danielle Coughlin a senior at North Andover High school in Massachusetts won the State Championship at 106 pounds. In the final match she won by a score of 5-3. She is the first girl to win a State championship in Mass., and the fourth girl to win a State championship in the US. She helped her team win their fourth straight team championship. Her career record is 115-44. She also won a match in the New England championships a week later. She was the first girl to win a match in that event also.
  10. You DO the very best you can and then accept it. That' s one of the things sports teaches you. I wonder if Dan Gable who lost his last college match thru away the second place award or re dedicated himself to go on and win a gold medal.
  11. Apparently when you get on a board to oversee something you lose all your common sence. I guess the NCAA is only ok with RICH college students doing anything like Johhny Football. The poor or regular kids should just suffer or get by on next to nothing. Music has nothing to do with college sports. He gets 10 percent of his college paid for WOW. Maybe the NCAA should make him donate 10 percent of his money or allow athletes without full rides should be able to make money to survive. I understand that athletes with full rides dont need much to get by but 10 percent, how do they pay for the rest
  12. I like the idea of the college, I think it is the second injury time is loss of position. If I am wrong maybe that could be the change.
  13. I would like full wrestle backs but I think the attendance would need to increase alot to pay for the difference in te amout it would cost. Maybe Y2 could pick up the difference, lol, sorry bad try at humor.
  14. Vito is correct just another example of the IHSAA being a JOKE. different standards but they can do it beecause they KNOW everything. maybe we should have them solve all the worlds problems, they are the only ones in the world smart enoiugh to do it.
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