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Everything posted by consecobound

  1. It's been a pleasure watching this young man since he was winning our Middle School invitational as a 3rd grader. He always handles himself with such poise and class as he once again did lastnight. Congratulations "T".
  2. Market Square Garden was the restaurant/bar that was on the North end of the Arena.
  3. No but I had to mention him because that took a lot of guts. I thought he had maybe lost a bet or something?
  4. Market Square Garden was the best place to watch all the action. Oh, and you guys think its hard to get used to the name change? Well how would you like to have my screen name. lol.
  5. The Lebanon Coach that wore the white suit a year or two ago looked pretty snazzy.
  6. Congratulations to Coach Billy Birge on bringing Frankfort Middle School it's second State Champion in the last 4 years! Thanks for the countless hours you give to help make the Frankfort wrestling program better.
  7. Your exactly right! I think you will some good things coming out of Frankfort's program in the next couple of years with them getting a new young energized coach this year. I know there are plans for a lot of off season wrestling. Hugo is learning how important that is.
  8. 2009 Middle School State Champion @ 220lbs Brett Vaughn will finally make it back to the mat after tearing some ligaments in his knee during last years football season. Thanks to all the great Doctors at Methodist Sports Medicine that have worked to get him back on the mat. He will be at HWT this year so it should add to what is already a very good list of wrestlers at Heavyweight. I see 3 or 4 ranked kids in this years HWT. class that were in the same that weight class the year he won Middle School State so it will be a very tough weight class. Good Luck to everyone!!!
  9. Where does Mitch rank with some of Indiana's all time greats? I realize he won't have 4 State Titles like some of our past greats but at the National level this guy is special.
  10. Thoughts and Prayers are with the entire Keifer family in this extremely difficult time. I know I speak for many when I say, Indiana wrestling families are a very closenit group of people that will be there to help in anyway possible. At this time what is needed is love and prayers and I know they are going to get that from all of us "Indiana Wrestling Families." I ask that all of us put this great young man on our pray list Sunday morning at Church. God is Good......
  11. I have a question, do you have to wear your schools singlet during the State finals? This post just made me wonder???
  12. I say why put only one wrestler on the cover? I would like to see ALL of the State Champs that are going to be returning next year to defend their titles. They all deserve it...not just one.
  13. What's the actual age difference between Sliga and Stevenson? I had heard that Sliga has just recently turned 16, while Stevenson is already 19 years old. I'm just thinking that this would be a pretty big age gap for a 16 year old (even Mitch) especially against someone as good as Stevenson.
  14. I enjoyed listening to this classy young man's post match interview, this is a very well spoken young man and a great embassador for Indiana wrestling. Congratulations.
  15. I guess I feel lucky because it was fine for me as well.
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