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  1. Currently, a quick look. Brownsburg as 12 and Crown Point 13 in the rankings. There might be others with similar amounts but those jumped out to me.
  2. The Cowan number is 7-12 grades. US News & World Report has them at 231.
  3. Ref determined this match completely. I don't like when people knock the refs but seriously? 2 stale calls in 8 seconds to send the match into OT. Gray ends up losing in 3rd OT. Two tough kids wresting hard and to hit those 2 stalling calls was crazy. Sorry, posted twice
  4. Also, from '81-'90, the FWSS took 8 of the 10 state championships. Including '85 when Delta and Muncie South finished 1-2.
  5. I agree. I can see Delta, Yorktown and Bellmont all get 8-10 through. Team title will come down to the team with the most champs.
  6. Is that box only or food included? May be a stupid question, I was just curious.
  7. Yorktown puts 11 of 12 into the finals. 2 of these being freshmen and 3 sophomores.
  8. Yorktown had 12. Little at 220 did not participate in Regionals today either, although he advanced from Sectionals.
  9. I agree. I couldn't find the updated rankings either. I eventually figured it out. Both the state rankings and Merrillville updates are listed as week 2, week 3, etc. Ft. Wayne still listed as week 1.
  10. I am not sure who he was, but if this is the same person that I saw he was definitely from MD. He was with a large group during the first round and was being crazy in the stands in the upper level. I sat near them 1st round. There were a few MD kids dressed all the same.
  11. Just curious to see how many people got through. I saw Yorktown got all 14 through with 12 in the finals of Regionals.
  12. I agree. To say the teams that got 13 or 14 did so because of a weak sectional is crazy. These are the same teams that battle for team state, ranked high in the state and will most likely battle for the state title. They advance because of coaching and years of dedication. Yes, some sectionals are harder than others, but you wrestle what is before you. They can not control who is in the sectional. Regardless, these teams would probably send 10 or more in any other sectional.
  13. ???? Yorktown isn't exactly a large school. By the way, 2 of the 3 they lost were to larger schools.
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