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  1. EIACwrestler

    Richmond Regional Predictions?

    I don't see McCoy beating the NC kid. McCoy is tough as nails on his feet with that single leg but his mat skills don't impress me too awful much
  2. EIACwrestler

    Favorite Move To Hit When Theres Less Than 10sec In A Match?????????

    you are officially my favorite person of the week
  3. EIACwrestler

    Favorite Move To Hit When Theres Less Than 10sec In A Match?????????

    arm drag and sweep the leg.
  4. EIACwrestler

    Todd vs Phillips

    Gotta go with Cody on this one. It's his match to lose
  5. EIACwrestler


    I also heard of discipline issues about Cosgrove
  6. EIACwrestler

    Time for a classic Y2 rant

    I agree with Y2 on this. Why try to hide your lineup from other schools. You should have enough confidence in your wrestlers to believe that they can handle anything that the other teams throw at them. If you don't, maybe you should take a look at your own coaching skills
  7. EIACwrestler

    South Dearborn Sectional

    Duckworth's down to 171
  8. EIACwrestler


    Paul Parsley 24-15 from Rockville pinned Ethan Cuevas 42-1 from North Central. Tre Taylor 7-4 from Ben Davis pinned Sam Poole 31-4 from Shenandoah. Parsley then pinned Taylor and ended up placing 4th.
  9. EIACwrestler

    Freshman Phenom

    i'd have to give phillips the nod over ayersman. i've seen them both wrestle a few times, and phillips amazes me more every time i see him. his gas tank never runs out, he's quicker than everyone i've seen him wrestle (including mckinley), and he's got quite a bit of muscle as well
  10. EIACwrestler

    2009 IndianaMat.com Pick'ems Results!

    sorry for the impatience, i know your life doesn't revolve ENTIRELY around this site.
  11. EIACwrestler

    2009 IndianaMat.com Pick'ems Results!

    any estimate on when we can submit our semistate picks?
  12. EIACwrestler

    2009 IndianaMat.com Pick'ems Results!

    holy crap! i'm in 14th place! i was hoping for like a top 50 or something. i think i fit the blind squirrel description as well.
  13. EIACwrestler

    Y2CJ41's Pick'ems Contest ***Regionals Added***

    when will the results be up?
  14. EIACwrestler

    Richmond Regional

    bruneman got beat by hillen (sp?) from rushville
  15. EIACwrestler

    Seymore Team regional

    how close was the columbus north vs east central match?

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