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  1. Jesse again is set up for possibly two matches as the featured weight of the event. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6761648-full-whos-1-lineup-set-for-october-3rd
  2. Some of the warm weather states will have a lot more options for shifting their sports seasons around since they are not constructed as much by winter weather. Those state probably could find a way to get all their sports in without shortening the season too much or even overlapping most sports seasons. If the rest of the rest states move seasons though they will run into those types of issues. Which as mentioned above could cause some multi-sports athletes to make some decisions on what to play. That would suck, but at least it’s a better option than not getting many of the sports seasons in at all.
  3. Seymour still has openings at: Elementary Edudation Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies. High School Math
  4. It’s sad this generation of children will never experience the amazing world of Geocities sites. I mean look at all the color, the animation, the content. How could someone let this resource fall apart.
  5. Some updates to the job board already. And a few new ones coming this week.
  6. MattM

    Casey Kenney

    Nice. Missed the prelims. I’ll have to catch the replay of it.
  7. To help honor America BTN wants to show America’s greatest sport all day long.
  8. Sorry didn’t realize it was under the paywall. Due to the subscription factor I won’t provide the full detailed article or honorable mentions, but the main DI only lineup according to their criteria and twitter responses are: 125 - A. Escobedo - IN 133 - S. Micic - Mich 141- R. Humphrey - OSU 149 - J. Tsirtsis - NW 157 - D. Lilovich (80s) - PU 165 - A. Howe - Wis 174 - R. Voliva (30s) - IN 184 - B. Palmer (70s) - Iowa 197 - C. McDaniel (30s) - IN 285 - G. Wagner - Mich Again we have some current DI guys able to make a run at a couple spots if their next few seasons are able to go through as normal.
  9. Little insight into Cronin personal struggle during this past season. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/college/indiana/2020/05/14/nebraska-wrestler-liam-cronin-suffered-heartache-indiana-before-transfer/5177407002/ It was nice to see him qualify after mental/emotional factors that were hindering his wrestling focus when he first entered the lineup this season. Hopefully things work out for him at Nebraska.
  10. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6747098-creating-the-best-indiana-d1-lineup-of-all-time Good list. Yet, clearly IN has a few current college studs who could easily move into or up this list once they can complete in the NCAA tournament again.
  11. Bump, in case you are missing out on it. The IU hosted Big10 Championships is in now.
  12. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6746263-35-evan-bates-releases-final-three-schools Cornell Indiana Northwestern
  13. Being optimistic that there is at least an adjusted season next school year. I haven’t sat down and looked it over, but I’m sure some people are moving into the lineup, a couple are moving up a weight, we could we a mid-career redshirt to help the shuffle. Purdue will graduate Brunner, Limmex, and Lydy. Not sure about transfers in or out. While at IU Cronin is transferring out to Nebraska not sure about any transfers in. Plus I believe Silva, Hinz, Kleimola, Irick, and Tunon are graduating. So what are the likely lineups for Purdue and Indiana next season?
  14. There is a great website for this type of information. https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/44818/hildebrandt-drew/profile
  15. Hate taking weights away from Football players because it helps get cross sport recruits. Hate taking weights away from light weights because it helps keep the smaller or slower maturing kids in schools involved in something.
  16. Seymour School Corporation still has opening in several teaching areas for next school year. See last post below for current openings. As well, Seymour has an Assistant Wrestling Coaching opening at our High School as well as a possible Middle School coaching and Elementary Coordinator openings. We are looking for a young, energetic, passionate, and hard-working coach to help with our middle school program continue to grow and improve. The ideal candidate would be someone with head coaching aspirations at the high school level. Please get your applications in via the school job opening website (posted below), contact Coach Todd Weaver weavert@scsc.k12.in.us and continue to monitor the job opening website for specific position you would like to checkup on. Seymour Job Openings Website: https://www.applitrack.com/scsc/onlineapp/ Also, our football coach may have an assistant coach for his program. The wrestling staff would be very interesting in having a football staff member who is also wanting to support the wrestling program.
  17. I’ll take it. Although seems more logical to go in chronological order.
  18. Looks like the evening is more pro-wrestling but at least we have the afternoon time slots.
  19. This afternoon ESPN is running a marathon of wrestling related shows if your interested.
  20. I’ve not read all of the info about this so forgive me if this has already been said. While I realize this is all in fantasy land it would be kinda neat to hear an actual play by play match for the final few competitors. A period by period breakdown of how the match may play out. Maybe highlighting each wrestlers style, mentioning a signature move, and maybe even throwing in a big moment that helped them in securing one of their real life state titles. Sure you would have to pretend they are all at a similar weight, but it all imaginary anyway.
  21. Someone tell Harper to not choose down.
  22. Well it’s not the only stand along wrestling complex in the Midwest, but it has to be one of the few in the nation. Especially for a public school. About 10 years back Edwardsville High School in Illinois had a very impressive stand alone complex built for wrestling, but I believe it was fully paid for by a donor. Skip to about the 2:30 mark to start seeing the main tour part of it. https://www.flowrestling.org/events/5001759-john-davis-wrestling-center/videos?playing=5160826 But back to the main topic, as I mentioned previously the JEnnings Co. room has been a long time coming for their program. Major set up from the basketball gym shelves. Glad to see Coach Jones and the wrestling programs supporters staff finally have it put it together.
  23. As much as I’d like to believe it could happen I don’t believe Steveson goes a whole match vs. Parris without scoring a single point. Only possibility of this would be that he’s put straight on his back and pinned in the opening period, but that’s not how the “fantasy match” went.
  24. Use those Schrute Bucks right and you can get a nice turnip, a nights stay at Schrute farms, or a private dinner with Mose. But oh man those Stanley Nickles are where the real buying power resides.
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