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  1. Get some different perspectives: Established top program HS coach, up and coming young HS coaches turning around programs, small HS program growing the sport, representatives from different hotness of wrestling in the state, academy coach about youth progress, referee perspective, college coach of all divisions, college athlete about their recruitment process and season grind, women’s wrestling info, ISWA progress and future plans, IHSAA member on their insite into wrestlings future, a few shows about some of the historical moments and old timer stories, heck get some other states (GA, CO, etc.) on here to hear about how they have made progress over last 10 years, etc. It maybe nice for fans of the state series from some of the prior books about Indiana wrestling. Joe I know you have the same book I do, so there is plenty of info to pull from there to talk about. Not to mention getting someone’s to speak of the wrestling team dynasties of the past.
  2. Some personal thought about less talked about guys: Wish we would have seen what Hudkins could have accomplished on a full season at 125 for IU. Heck wish we could see what a healthy IU team at Big10s would look like. Parriott has been such a ? for the Boilers. All the hype coming in, up and down results thus far, and now on the bubble of making NCAA when the teams has had a major year of success. Someone tell Hughes opponents to choose down next weekend. Always a tough competitor to face, but I really hope he refines his neutral game for next year. If so he’s a AA threat. Love seeing McCormick become a stud for the Black Knights. Keeps the Indiana tradition of that program going. Hope we can see him get some wins in Minnesota. We knew Lucas Davison was good, but he has blossomed earlier than expected. If he can stay a little more consistent at Big10s he could nab himself a nice NCAA seed.
  3. Some questions that may help people with this. What area are you living in? Do you have a teaching license? What level of coaching are you looking for? Head/Assistant. HS/MS/Youth/Volunteer
  4. The distance we can travel isn’t the major issue with this rule. Heck I can live with it and see a point in having it. What really holds us back is they other part of the rule. The fact a school can not face a team/wrestler who has traveled from outside thAt radius to be at the competition. This rule was likely conceived just thinking about travel for single competition team sports. But the reality of it has a big effect on individual sports where multiple schools attend an event. It practically eliminates Indiana schools from participating in most major individual tournaments.
  5. That maybe more of a IHSAA thing since it’s not through them.
  6. Not saying you are right or wrong with the call, but the announcers are likely not your best source of verification. A none bias announcer usually are looking for the most exciting outcome on a last second call. So a close flurry/score at the end will almost always have the announcer pulling for the score, because it’s the more exciting outcome.
  7. Here is the post season yearbook info from that season if you want some extra reading. https://www.ihsaa.org/archive/b-wrestling/03WrYearbook.pdf
  8. Well hate to tell you, but next weekend is the Freshman/Sophomore State. So you likely may not have many HS age Cadets at any IN tournament. Depending on where you live you may want to try Cincinnati area if you boy is wanting someplace to go this weekend.
  9. No question mark needed. I’d say it should be read more as a statement. Take a look at Griffith squad from that year and be amazed the EMD squad as a whole could still find a way top them by a decent score.
  10. The iswa.com website should have a lot of upcoming events in Indiana. I can’t say they will all be top level events, but at least you can see what options are available and their proximity to you.
  11. To add to this: At an assigned sporting event if you have an usher move someone due to them sitting in your seat you virtually never see that person again. However, at a group general admission event such as this even if you get an usher to have the group comply you are still surrounded by that group the whole rest of the event. And good luck getting up to use the concession/restroom and expecting your seat back without further hassle. I’m not sure what the answer is here, but the saving of multiple rows for people who aren’t even direct family member of t he finalists and then trying to intimidate someone looking to take just couple of those seat is uncalled for.
  12. There is a whole thread in the Youth Forum dedicated to up and coming talent. It also list projected schools and weights.
  13. Seems like they would split the renovation projects around the Pacers season. Which coincides with wrestling and basketball state. But if they don’t IU has the only decent size arena to host such an event.
  14. Check out Sig’s post on this thread for the details.
  15. He dropped down right before the state series.
  16. In the ushers defense they are not getting special tactical training ahead of state. Most event there have assigned seats or You will only a few seats saved per group in a general admission setting. So wrestling State is a little different than like 90%+ of the events they usually work at. I know some years usher have got some instructions on how to handle this, but they really don’t have the ability to do enough without the IHSAA and venue stepping in better.
  17. A healthy Littell. Now try to discuss again. There will always be a “what if.”
  18. There is always going to be a “what if”between weights and years. Same as speculating on how a healthy Littell would have disrupted some bracket of this years competition.
  19. I’d say OR. Though AND would likely equal more success at a team state level. On the OR side: I’m sure some of these schools have decent coaches who are good guys which deserve credit for the hours they put into the teams. Not taking anything away from them for keeping thing going during the season and doing their part. But let’s face it the academy development in the off season is helping a few is their studs improve beyond the choices they would have in their schools practice room. There is a reason some of these random schools are showing up at Semi-State and State more regularly with a few studs when previously they barely had anyone win round 1 of SS. It’s good for the schools that they can add more parody to the sport without us having to over class everything, but the development is increased in part due to access they have to a quality academy. On the other side sure the open enrollment, especially in populated areas, lets some talent pool together with the bigger name coach of the area too. We’ve seen some schools rise to higher success in the last 10 years from this. But on the other end it seems some kids still want to rep their home school, and the access to these academies help the get added partners if their rooms not providing one. Like I said it’s a different time.
  20. Used to be a matter of growth in the whole area based on trying to keep up with a core school who has developed talent from a youth age over several years. In recent years if you have access to an academy within driving distance or if your have a big name coach move in with open enrollment available it sure helps your area improve quicker. We are in different time.
  21. 4 seats max blocked of per person standing there (including them). They stood in like and waited early so that number is acceptable. Any more than that is just ridiculous.
  22. Thank you Crider for not choosing to bounce a pumpkin on a wooden floor.
  23. I think the number for quarter finalists is likely the closest we can get to what SS has of the most depth. Short of trying to measure how a SS ticket round losers would have faired against another SS State qualifiers. But that’s more of a guessing game.
  24. Keep in mind if you even seed just the SS champs that it still may shifts some 2nd-4th place matchups to keep the pattern of how you meet up in the semi-finals.
  25. How does Caleb not get a seat right on the floor and All Access Pass. That’s a travesty that’s needs corrected.
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