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  1. Yes, please do yourself a favor and attend the state finals if you are able to. I’d love to hear an outside perspective on it. Especially one coming from someone who spent years watching a top wrestling state post-season.
  2. All I know is the Berne Witness link is a log cabin. An Amish Buggy would be the only thing that could possibly be more iconic for that area.
  3. Pletcher strikes quick to try and take charge early. But Lee keep the pressure on after that in neutral and top after that. Pletcher couldn’t keep up. We have established the BigTen #1 seed.
  4. Regardless of how this one turned out for you personally, just by allowing his memory live on you have “made it there for him.” Keep using his story to inspire your future plans. That will be a bigger impact on your life and greater tribute to him than any state placement would ever be.
  5. Red had some really nice awareness seeing the cradle on the opposite side and getting it locked in before his opponent could fix his position.
  6. So northern part of the state gets a little cold front and has to delay/cancel school. All while the Southwest part of the state is ready to wrestling on top of ice tomorrow. Good Luck all, and no matter your situations as long as you come ready to wrestle tomorrow it will work itself out.
  7. I’d love to do a deep dive on some of the best groups that Evansville SS has sent to state, but this is not the week in my life with any reasonable free time to get it down.
  8. He’s bigger than last year, but I doubt he’s close to the 285 limit. I’m guessing Michigan will be working to put a little more muscle on him by next season to get him a little heavier. But I’m sure they won’t be bulking him up to the point of impeding the agility/speed advantage he has over most of his weight class.
  9. What was the difference in this one then, because that was a much wider gap than most would have expected to see even if they though Defendoll could win.
  10. When touting overall rankings accuracy it’s nice to also take into account what ranked wrestlers were eliminated by someone ranked above them. In those instances the rankers wouldn’t be incorrect since they “called it right,” even though the ranked wrestler is now out. This is usually a big stat discrepancy after SS, but it shows up a little after Regional results too.
  11. I’m guessing a few other years/weights at EV would contest that. But, yes it’s a good group this year.
  12. Cash didn’t get a dangerous draw by the ticket round for once. He’s in the drivers seat to finally get over the hump after 3 previous tries.
  13. Parris just owned Cassioppi on his feet and for the most part in the mat. Got the Turk and changed it into a pin. Huge win for him.
  14. He means bump him out of this Top 10 list. Thus only 3 CP wrestlers would be on it either way.
  15. Don’t get me started on all the irregularities and inconsistencies related to the coaching side of MS wrestling.
  16. For all the true 2nd talk, not much realization that it mostly for not since the Semi-states “luck of the draw” formula would still be as big of a factor in determining advancement. I’ve seen plenty of 3rd place wrestles advance while the 2nd place wrestler didn’t due to the level of competition they drew in that opening round.
  17. In think the goal was to see if it would help better determine a better team score and a true alternate for the next round. But I guess enough people complained the added round took a little extra time, fifth wasn’t a useful goal like making it to placement to advance, and that few alternate made it to the next round. So they dropped it after that. I agree the just going to 5th argument was a killer, but no one should be complaining about the added time if it means affording everyone a chance to prove their spot that day.
  18. While wrestle-backs are always ideal I think it’s much less of an issue at the Regional level than at Semi-State and State where “luck of the draw” can become a bigger factor. Sure occasional upsets in round 1 of a Regional may occur but they rarely impact who ends up advancing to state like the ticket round of Semi-State or where you could place in state like the quarters of State. Due to the increased competition and “luck of the draw” occurring more at those levels I’d fight for that before Regional wrestle-back. But I also think the Regional round of state kinda a small jump from Sectionals since it only had two locations feeding into one regional, where as, the rest of the rounds have a bigger jump in competition and bracket size since four locations feeding into one.
  19. Quarterfinal losers are out. Semi-finals loser wrestle for 3rd/4th. Top 4 advance to semi-State.
  20. Pretty simple at the Regional level to figure out brackets. There is a Sectional A and Sectional B. All of them have the same basic setup formula. Regional Round 1 1st A vs 4th B 3rd A vs 2nd B 2nd A vs 3rd B 4th A ca 1st B
  21. Tried to convince my wife ages ago during baby decorating that a padded wrestling mat and walls would be great in the kids room. I got voted down on that one. No wonder my kids are still soft today.
  22. Ah the days when that particular “Senior Nationals” is event was the only major national tournament around to prove you were the best HS wrestler in the country. Those were the days when most kids stuck to their region of the country until this event. Now people travel to events across the nation all the time and we have several pre/post season national event. Great opportunities but as far as ranking almost too many these days to really see all the top HS guys together.
  23. WRFan: Your post was well on its ways to being liked by someone then you may have messed it all up with that School Name.
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