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  1. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6554181-jason-tsirtsis-walk-and-talk Much of it covers the trials and tribulations he went through in the middle of his collage career.
  2. Mason Parris makes it to Round of 12 as a True Freshman HWT. To some that would be a heck of a first year accomplishment and worth a little relaxation before the next season. But Mason instead steps further out of his primary style and takes on a huge freestyle summer season during what would be some of his down time. This pays off with a much improved skill set, a shiny new world medal, and a huge confidence boost going into the NCAA season. Never satisfied.
  3. I know it HWT tactics, but still a big leap for Parris. From relatively no national freestyle experience a short time ago to now having international success. He may not always look smooth, but he’s definitely showing improvement in his match awareness and skill set. And it seems like very few people nationally seems to bring Davison name up as a up and coming college talent. But he’s been on quite an impressive run the last couple years. I think a lot more people will get to know his name as this college season progresses.
  4. Kayla showing her arsenal. Some takedowns, a couple turns, even a cradle at one point, but finished thing with a crotch lift to take a 11-0 victory (12 after the challenge). She takes the top spot on the podium. Getting into that World Championship form.
  5. Takedown to turns, and the title. Nice tune up event for her as she prepares for the World Championships.
  6. Last I read they are currently keeping the Bankers Life name up until another deal is made. I guess its less effort than taking take down signs and relabel stuff some generic title until another title is put up.
  7. Greenwood (just south of Indy) is in the process of creating a multi-sports Fieldhouse. I don’t know how the spec line-up with needs of team state, however it could worth looking into when they finish it up in a few years.
  8. Too many pancakes and it will be 160.
  9. The title of his podcast is at the bottom of the picture. “Wrestling Changed My Life”. It maybe on few different audio stream sites, but one of the bigger ones is the Apple Podcast app.
  10. This year Jesse has been beating the national odds all seasons long. You got here by being fearless and leaving it all on the line. Time to take this show to an international level.
  11. At this point it’s just speculation what the coming years plan is for Matt. Sure it seems logical to speculate move to Happy Valley, but we haven’t heard anything official yet. But let really look at what could occur if Matt does follow the same senior year path as his brothers. If Matt leaves his senior year for Happy Valley, he gets year of development at the Nittany Lion Wrestling. That means he as access to top coaches, great practice partners, and the chance to compete in Open events. All this while still getting finishing high school and be close to his family. Best case scenario from that is PSU likes the development it sees and offers him some type of scholarship. But we all know not everything works out best case, and some seem to think a PSU scholarship may not be in the cards. Well Matt still has options. He could still choose to attend Penn State as a now in-state student and wrestle there as a walk-on. Gets a great education, gets to be with his family, and still has a chance down the road to possibly get into the line-up. Heck maybe even get a partial scholarship. Or maybe he does ever get on the mat, could possibly even hang it up. He still gets the education and still is with his family. Or maybe PSU doesn’t give him an offer but he shows enough development to get offers from other solid DI schools. Ends up with a good education and gets on the mat at a good DI school. But again maybe we keep looking at “the glass half empty” result and he gets lost in the shuffle during this year and top college aren’t breaking the door down for him. Well I’m guessing at least another Pennsylvania school would male him an offer based on his prior national showing, what I suspect is a good academic record, and the fact he’s now considered an in-state resident. This would still allow him to wrestle and be close to the rest of his family. If the NLWC was in the plans for this fall I’m sure the Lee family has consider all of these possible scenarios with Matt before deciding on anything. And from the scenarios mentioned above I can’t see any of them being looked at as a bad outcome. But the NLWC route is still an if, since we have not heard anything official yet. This move could be all just speculation based previous family choice and we see him at EMD. Can’t say that a bad move. Or maybe he moves out to a Pennsylvania to be with family but goes to a Pennsylvania high school. Can’t say a year of Pennsylvania high school wrestling would be a bad thing. Or maybe he goes the route of attending a prep school someplace in Pennsylvania. That could help with some good college offers while being close to the family. Or heck maybe he goes prep to get in certain classes needed to attend a military academy, and eventually serve his country like his father. None of these option seem to be a negative either. To make a long long set of scenarios short, the Lee family history seem to indicate they have made solid decision which given each boy a great opportunity at success. I don’t see that stopping with Matt. I also hope, despite all the comparison, Matt knows he’s is his own person and Indiana will be cheering him on regardless of what path path he chooses.
  12. I’d be good with that. And will buy you a case of Pepto if you need it.
  13. In my opinion how that match played out was a great turning point match for Mendez rise to a state title. I’m sure he knew he had the ability to take on the best in the state, but the course of that match put his feet to the fire enough to solidify that.
  14. Silas committed to Nebraska. Not sure the rest have made a choice yet.
  15. https://iuhoosiers.com/news/2019/7/19/wrestling-hoosiers-add-ncaa-champion-jason-tsirtsis-to-coaching-staff.aspx
  16. Current openings to go with the Head Wrestling Coach position at our Middle school: HS - Industrial Tech (PLTW) and Math MS - Industrial Tech (PLTW) and Language Arts   Multiple Elementary openings. 
  17. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6538278-mendez-will-defend-1-vs-serrano-at-whos-1
  18. MattM


    A pancake festival that Fort Wayne hosts each year at Carroll High School. They have some wrestling tournament on the side.
  19. MattM


    With the quarterfinals going Indiana currently has 11 Juniors still in Freestyle. But all are now in the consolation side of the bracket. Go to this link. Click on the TM & Competitors tab (on the top right) Then scroll down a little and click on the Indiana name to find out who is left. https://arena.flowrestling.org/event/66d175eb-5506-e144-0729-fe780268e840
  20. MattM


    Chesterton going into his Junior season. Last year at state he lost to Brewer in semi’s then won in consols for 3rd. Lost in the ticket round of semi-state as a freshman.
  21. Another one! What’s with you northeastern counties and Pygmalion statues?
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