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  1. Unfortunately for us (not him if he's had several) that has been the rumor going around. As well as, a big blow to IU's hopes of qualifying more wrestlers NCAA's this season.
  2. Reds big win vs. Iowa’s Murin this weekend is going to move him up in the rankings. Should be an interesting matchup between the two studs.
  3. Come enjoy a morning of wrestling in the worlds largest High School gym. SEYMOUR SLAM FOLKSTYLE OPEN Sunday, January 26th, 2020 LOCATION Seymour High School 1350 W. 2nd Street Seymour, IN 47274 CONTACT Adam Wolka 812-569-3715 Email: awolka@scsc.k12.in.us SANCTION - ELIGIBILITY Tournament is sanctioned through the Indiana State Wrestling Association by USA Wrestling and open to all 2019-2020 USA Wrestling members. ENTRY FEE $15.00 (Trackwrestling.com) AGE DIVISIONS PEE-WEE – CADET (No HS) REGISTRATION & WEIGH-INS Online Registration at www.trackwrestling.com Registration closes at 5:00 pm (EST) on Saturday, January 25th Saturday night weigh-ins 6-8pm (DOOR 15) Wrestling room is next to the last trophy case on the right. Sunday morning weigh-ins from 8:00-9:00 am (DOOR 19) Go to the locker room in the hallway on the right. Weigh-in will be in singlet with no allowance *We will combine weight classes as necessary and appropriate* Contact Adam Wolka at awolka@scsc.k12.in.us for satellite weigh-in information TOURNAMENT DAY Doors open at 7:30 am on Sunday. Wrestling starts at 10:00am (EST) on Sunday morning AWARDS Medal 1st - 3rd Ribbon 4th - 6th SPECTATOR FEE $5 per person $10 per family $3 per cooler ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Parking on the East side of the gym. Enter Door 19 at the front of gym Concessions available. USAW cards must be purchased at iswa.com before tournament – no cards sold onsite!!
  4. SWINfan, During Sat. IU match vs. Northwestern the announcers said both Hudkins and Konrath were out for the season.
  5. I see Indiana pulled Cayden Rooks redshirt last week vs. Illinois. He got his first Big10 dual win this afternoon against NW.
  6. Another angle is, will Robert Faulkens end up taking over the main commissioner position. If he does then who may take over wrestling as one of their main responsibilities. That decision will also determine what happens with wrestling (good and/or bad) over the next several years.
  7. I hope they both have someone at the front row seats for the Girls State Finals tonight. Some of the ladies in the finals can definitely help their teams get going and would likely love to continue with this sport if given the opportunity.
  8. FYI, the IHSAA age eligibility rules says you can’t turn 20 by the sports state finals.
  9. https://ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/quick resources/Winter Bulletin.pdf Wrestling starts on page 68.
  10. Purdue didn’t fair any better than the Hoosiers. 41-0 shutout for both. Iowa came, saw, and conquered this weekend. While both teams battles Iowa’s just too solid at about every weight. There is a reason they are the currently the team to beat at nationals.
  11. This weekend DI wrestling can mostly be summed up with Iowa’s dual team is pretty good.
  12. Most schools have to set a schedule and how they will use their current year competition points more than a month or so in advance. It’s just not feasible for the current year teams when the event is held in the middle of the season. We would all love to see it be based on the current years success and likely near the end of the season, but the IHSAA isn’t on board with that yet.
  13. I agree. Nice step in the right direction for girls wrestling. This could be a helpful way to get names for college recruiting purposes with women wrestling growing and its an awesome recognition for the hard work these girls have put in. I'm even more impressed Vito took it beyond just the Top 4 or 5. Great job man.
  14. I’m guessing TripleB is pointing out you may have missed Kelsey when looking over the results. I believe she was 3rd last year at Girls State, and does not usually attend the girl invitationals since she’s often a starter on Madison’s varsity team.
  15. Those mat tactics will really change when you need to cut a few more ounces to stay under. Sure Coach I could pin him, but I need to work off this extra sip of water and bit of a granola bar so I'm grinding out an OT win instead. Elmo from Vision Quest would have said it best for this scenario....it's what happens in that six minutes.
  16. Here are the long list of tie-breaker criteria. This is the 2018-19 set so while its mostly accurate I can't say for sure if some wording was slightly altered in few spot for this years rulebook. https://www.baumspage.com/wr/mobmgr/dual/TiebreakerTeam.pdf
  17. California born but moved to IN later from what I recall reading.
  18. Well they are still the best team just off US-36 in Indiana if that’s what you mean.
  19. Worth also noting the big shift in the status quo that occurred at 1A today. In the past most of placements have been populated by the northern schools, but the southern teams shown through today in a big way. Hopefully this signals the needle is moving towards a more even north and south split at the 1A level in the future.
  20. Cathedrals 170 SV win to start the meet off combined with a few key pins set the momentum early and EMD was just trying to claw back to no avail after that. MD still has a very talented team which could win this dual on a different day, but they couldn’t solve the Cathedral puzzle today. The Irish have earned the right to say they are the top dual team in the state. Now on to the tournament scoring competitions, where a few teams may swap spots.
  21. Not at this point. Seltzer with a major over Freeman pretty much seals it, baring a miracle run of pins. Cathedral is leaving little doubt they deserve their current spot.
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