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Everything posted by MattM

  1. Joseph may need another freak TD to back points move to possibly win this one now. Lewis has become a household wrestling fan name over the course of this weekend.
  2. They said awhile back they have tightened up a little more with who gets an Olympic Redshirt compared to previous years where a ton of wrestlers got them. I’d say Hall and Manville (Greco) likely gets one, but Lee may have to finish decently high in this years Senior Trials to get his. Love to see him advance far at the senior level, but I’m not sure where the new line is to get the Olympic year. However, if it helps him and Joe get a year to together on the PSU starting lineup I’d be all for it.
  3. Yeah the “grey shirt” group will help since they are getting some additional college room seasoning. But that still a younger group with some college growing pains to get through even if they are at the penn state talent level. It will be interesting where they put some people and who ends up with a regular redshirt. But if it doesn’t all fall into place with the extra year guys, a down year for PSU at this point is still likely a top 5 finish.
  4. Yes they are especially with losing the other seniors, plus possibly a starter or two to a Olympic Redshirt year.
  5. Had the same problem, had to check on one of my children. That would be my guess too.
  6. Worth noting Ashnault was lucky to get this extra medical year based on previous injuries cutting some previous seasons short. Glad he’s able to make the most of it.
  7. At least they let it get decided by clear cut takedown in OT. I’d rather see it end like that than some iffy call/no-call at time runs out.
  8. Not sure Yanni realizes he was given 2 near the end of regulation. Dove off of McKenna when it seemed like he had his legs in enough to hold on.
  9. Yanni has such a good feel for positions. That tip over could have ended it.
  10. It is since he’s the projected Hodge winner too. But clearly not the match of the night.
  11. McKenna has to get in clean or Yanni will make him pay.
  12. Hall vs Valencia was my pick for the premier finals match. Hope it lives up to my expectation.
  13. Just glad it ended with a actual offensive score and not a ride out, stalling, or illegal move call.
  14. I expected a somewhat closer match myself. Cassar proved he was cream of the crop this year.
  15. Shoop currently shutting Red down completely. Stuck on bottom most of the match and starts down in 3rd. Reds going to need one heck of a 3rd period to find the win. Red finally escapes at end but no time left to score again. Red takes 8th.
  16. Lee with a pin for 5th. Shows a little emotion ti the PSU fans with the finish.
  17. Micic with a easy major he will get to 3/4 tonight against Pletcher Lee couldn’t get his offense going until the 3rd. Dug too big of a whole to get out of. He will go for 5/6 tonight against McKee. Nick’s pressure forward approach is often a strength, but it has also allowed some wrestlers to get in deep on his legs this year. Not being a scrambler it leading to him giving up several against top guys. Hard to come back from those points at the highest level. It’s safe to say if he can keep on the attack while finding a better a way to close off those openings he’ll be a major title contender.
  18. Let it be more like the attack-counterattack battle from that than the anti-cimlatcic hands to the face ending snooze fest from this year.
  19. Gables urgency meter needs to go off about 30sec or so earlier. That was likely the final but either way Cassar earns the win. If Cassar doesn’t get an extra year it’s likely Steveson’s Title next year until he finishes.
  20. If I’m Moore’s coaches I’m telling him he better step up and do something against Nickal from the first second that didn’t occur in the last match. That Big10 showing can’t be something to look back on with any type of positive.
  21. Shocking Martin lost that bracket with Nickal moving up. Dean stepped up.
  22. Kills Bee’s! Going straight WuTang Clan on that one. The Swarm.
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