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  1. MattM

    2019-2020 Team State

    Maligned, Most people just don’t get how much information has to be located and data entry needs to be input. And that even after the initial formulas were created. Glad we have you to do it right. Appriciate all the time and effort you put into this.
  2. If so I guess it works to keep them at that weight since the proof is already there. But if the qualifying weigh-ins are not meet before I’d think a possible right/fair solution is to bump them up a weight class where it can be assured they would have made weight legally. I’m not a big proponent of kicking them out completely, but adhere to the same weight management guidelines they other wrestler are getting dinged for due only barely missing a small qualifying weight range. Sure re-adjust some of the weight class seeds if you want to make sure it doesn’t hurt the brackets integrity by having them draw into top seeds (yes I know that take awhile I’ve been to the meetings). But at least ensure qualifying weight is proven like other wrestlers/coaches have had to do since that’s such an emphasis by the IHSAA. It sounds like from another thread at least one kid was moved brackets likely due to a qualifying weigh-in issue, so logic would say treat this issue similarly.
  3. Exactly! More than the change to win/loss, the qualifying weigh-in’s achieved illegally would the the issue I think some coaches/wrestlers would take issue with. If a wrestler had a few of their weigh-ins scratched due to not falling in their qualifying weight margins and this couldn’t drop a weight class they are the one that may really have a right to complain. These guys get at a sectional weight they want despite achieving it illegally and your wrestler didn’t get to that weight due to their weigh-in margins not being within the limits. For as much as the IHSAA wants to make sure coaches /wrestlers jump through hoops to make ans document the qualifying weigh-ins it seems like the part of this problem they would want highlight. Unfortunately this and the possible resulting weight change was not made part of the issue/punishment. That part of things is wheee I feel the IHSAA fell short in addressing (or choose to not address).
  4. MattM

    County Stats

    Lots of variables at play here that can skew the stats. If there one school for the entire counties residence that limits your numbers compare to several schools in the county. One school mesns a max of 14 possible entries a year where other counties with multiple schools would have many more entries. It also similar to the counties where only one school there offers wrestling. Sure other schools might exist but if they do not have wrestling it doesn’t help add the the entry pool. In summery as as many of you should already know not all counties are created equal in terms of population, distribution of residence, and number of schools.
  5. MattM

    IU’s new facility opens!!

    I’d go with the other answer if they have been. I’ve not been there yet personally to verify anything. Just going off the information I was given a few weeks back, when I contacted the school information so I could get there later on. The person who responded may have got mixed up and provide information to get to the old building. Update: Did my own research and found out it was set to be built off of Fee Lane and 17th street. So unless that changed, it would have went into the corner of the Assembly Hall complex by Cook Hall and the Fieldhouse. Dang IU, get a more up to date student worker in your information department.
  6. MattM

    Sectional Brackets

    Not helping!
  7. MattM

    Sectional Brackets

    I think that quote is more fitting with a Verbal King (Kayser Soze) image.
  8. MattM

    Sectional Brackets

    I guess if the lockout lasts longer than a day or two we needs to start asking their AD and local newspaper call/email the IHSAA and inquire why they can’t access the information needed to properly promote the event.
  9. MattM

    Sectional Brackets

    From what I can see common opponent Reynolds may have been the deciding factor. Burdon is listed as losing to him while Ison won. Would seem like they could have had have other commons opponents though but who know. In some cases though it’s a moot point to argue the seed to far if you as a coach believe your wrestler will make it to the semi-finals, so they can wrestle it out head to head.
  10. MattM

    Sectional Brackets

    It seems odd to wait more than a day or two and thats would only be to ensure something wasn’t messed up in the seeding process. He does know many of the other IHSAA tournament drawing get released over the IHSAA internet TV broadcast right after they have occurred. Not sure why our sport should wait until the day before our event to release the information to the public and media. Doesn’t seem like it helps anyone involved to wait that long.
  11. MattM

    IU’s new facility opens!!

    Easiest answer is it’s very close to their old facility. It’s right off 10th street and IN46/IN45.
  12. MattM

    IU’s new facility opens!!

    Finally got around to watching the video. Moran is a very well spoken young man.
  13. Did I miss something or did my DeLorean drop me off in 2016? Their HS match was dissected and critiques ad nauseum back then. Not sure anything new can be added to that discussion or should be at this point Guys in 2019 and these guys have been in college a few years. Let’s live this in the present and what is happening now. I’m guessing we will see these two cross paths a few more time.
  14. Well Red still shows he had the riding advantage over Lee, but he gets himself into a few bad positions and gets hit with stalling trying to hold on a little longer. You could see Red was a little hesitant at first but when he was on top to start the 2nd his confidence grew as he accumulated riding time. In the end Lee takes this one, but it was really a matter of penalty points deciding it. We may see this one again at Big10s.
  15. Chaos in the 133 top rankings. Gross out for the year. Fix over Suriano due to a controversial hand to face OT end after neither had any real offense in regulation. Dosantos over Suriano on a last second TD after getting some stalling points against him. Then Phillipi over Fix in close one. Micic has been the story of consistency lately. We will have to see if he can bring it home at NCAA’s. But he will have to run through a couple of these guys to do it.
  16. MattM

    County Stats

    Stat are stats and thus can been skewed in a lot of different ways. Provide the number of school per county may help shed some additional light on this topic. More school would mean more sectional entries each year and more possibilities of a title.
  17. MattM

    Lee vs Red let the games begin!

    Flow has it as part of their Big10 connection.
  18. MattM

    Avon Sectional

    There are a couple weights where 3 have a shot at making it to state. And due to falling to 4th there, a tough kid not even making it out of regional. Bring your A game.
  19. MattM

    Chad Red

    If he finds a way to place high at Big 10’s and peaks by NCAAs to AA then these in season mixed results are mostly forgotten. There are past guys who have had a few head scratcher results during the grind of the regular season, only to turn it on in those spotlight event like NCAA’s. We all know Red is a “gamer” who likes to prove something to the crowd in big events so hopefully we can see him rise to the occasion by the post season. College as experienced as Mark Manning & Co. have plenty of experience trying to can the code to whatever is hinder college wrestlers, we will have to wait and see if they can find the right approach to getting CJ into his top form by March.
  20. MattM

    Event Changes for 1/14-1/19

    Hoosier Hills Conference was moved to this Wednesday evening at Jeffersonville.
  21. MattM

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    And he can’t move up or down without running into another #1. DCC’s tough. Does anyone know if Mike Krause is still heading their youth development?
  22. MattM

    State Rankings #6

    I’d agree it probably shouldn’t count if it was a JV match they wrestled. However if it was a varsity wrestle match he competed in then he would be considered a Varsity wrestler for that match. Thus, even if most of his season has been JV, it can be called a significant win if the wrestlers overall credentials suggest it.
  23. Good call on a new thread for second half of the season. I actually though about needed a new thread last week since the old one was getting long. I’m glad you had a similar thought. Things are going to get interesting as the Big10 dual season gets into full swing.
  24. MattM

    IHSGW Girls State Championships

    Trackgopher that would make perfect sense for the Regionals wheb tge brackets are big due to unlimited entries. But I don’t see a need for the same setup at Girls State. State is only an 8 person bracket. Top 4 from the North and Top 4 from the South. Seems like that lines up perfectly for complete wrestlebacks to 3/4 option. I’m guessing the organizers want to speed the event along by not having the semi-final losers drop into an extra consolation round. Just let them wrestle for 3/4 and move on. From a tournament directors standpoint that does makes some sense since it’s a late Friday night. But, I thought this was about finally giving these girls some due. It’s Girls State not a random JV round robin to get matches. I say let the girls prove their placement by wrestling it out. Sure it may save a little time (that 2 less matches per weight) by cutting out a round of wrestle-backs, but then the first round draw completely decided your season. I’ve heard enough complaints over the years about the IHSAA doing the one loss and your done stuff at some round of boys state, but in this case the IHSAA isn’t the one deciding it. For most of these girls this is the highlight of the season and likely their last meet of the year (for some career). I’m guessing most of them would vote to stay two matches longer if it gave them them a opportunity to earn the placement they believed they have worked hard for.

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