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Everything posted by MattM

  1. Not originally from the Hoosier state but Purdue’s Parriott just made the finals of the tough Cliff Keen Las Vegas Tournament.
  2. Kemerer is our for the year due to season ending surgery. Tough break for him, but helpful for some of our IN guys.
  3. MattM

    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #1

    To amend my previous post S32 is a day before weigh-in’s so that cut and recovery time is a little different than morning of weigh-ins. I’m getting word from Columbus that 170 is where South is planning to be this season.
  4. MattM

    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #1

    Yes he did. I don’t believe they have much of any weight allowance at that event, so it would seem 160 is a possible option for him.
  5. While a few matches were close losses for Purdue, overall that one did not look good. Especially when you consider Iowa inserting a few backups into the lineup. Hope the Boilermakers can get themselves back on the tracks after that derailment (pun intended).
  6. MattM

    IU Line up

    Not saying this is his situation but you have to remember we have seen several talented wrestlers become content with the class and social part of college. The rigors of an athletic commitment sometimes cut into your ability to make the most out of one or both of those things.
  7. 106 #14. C. Broukal (Bloomington South) 138 #1 A. Boyd (Yorktown) If she’s back there??? 164 #16. J. Hall (Pike) 200 #17 M. Flight (Pike) 220 #20 A. Henry (Penn) https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/November/16/Preseason-girls-high-school-rankings-released
  8. With that name each episode should have a Rage Against the Machine song clip lead-in.
  9. Good video clip Coach Hernandez view on his first recruiting class. https://mobile.twitter.com/IndianaWR/status/1062725460059136001
  10. MattM

    Kayla Miracle at U23 Worlds

    Possivlt with Reagan and Campbell holding to top sports they it could be harder to squeeze in to get in some international trips. Or it could be just not wanting to focus about the weight cut at this point in the Olympic cycle if she’s feels 59 is still an obtainable weight for her. Either way I feel she still has a great shot at being out Olympic representative if continues to develop over the next couple years.
  11. MattM

    Kayla Miracle at U23 Worlds

    Tough 6-3 defeat for Miracle. She’s right there with some of the senior levels medal winners, so hopefully a little more tweaking of her technique will put her in a position for a solid run leading into the Olympic year.
  12. MattM

    2-piece singlet and Traditional

    I’ve seen wrestlers wearing different styles of singlets during the same dual meet before without any issues being brought up. I would assume if that is still allows then some wrestlers in two pieces singlet while others wearing traditional would also be allowed. In other sports there are requirement for matching uniforms, mostly for team sports reasons. But I don’t recall a dual meet rule stating all uniforms must be identical, unless it’s a recent one.
  13. MattM

    Brooks..UFC 228

    Brooks becomes one of the casualties of the UFC dropping the 125 division. He was cut this week by the UFC. I’m guessing several of the fighters will be picked up by ONE or maybe Bellator. The current champ Cejudo is fighting up at 135 for the title and reguardless of the outcome will remain there. The former champ Johnson has moved to fight in ONE.
  14. MattM

    Hokie Open

    I knew Boston was getting close to being done on eligibility, so I looked him up. Red-shirt senior. Hopefully he can make some strides in his short time left with Kolat. Trip down memeory lane Boston was going back and forth with Micic fits in their first couple year of HS.
  15. MattM

    are the rankings going to get updated

    My understanding is that something is still in the works.
  16. MattM

    Flo National Ranked post Super 32

    Additional positive, several ranked guys are staying in-state.
  17. Sorry, I had interpreted both questions as being linked together rather than two separate ones. Asking if anyone would equal or top Sarah’s Senior Level accomplishment and thus be the best wrestler in IN history. Sorry for the confusion if that wasn’t the case. As I mentioned previously I think Sarah’s World Silver may make her the most accomplished international wrestler we have had in IN history. But yes, Alara deserves all sorts of props for her continued success both domestically and abroad. Im glad to see we still have a pipeline of talented women coming from our state. And to go along with your post I’d say it is worth mentioning all of the international success IN wrestlers have had reguardless of the age level it occurred at.
  18. We have had a few IN wrestlers have some success at the Cadet and Junior international level. Great accomplishment for Miss Boyd and hopefully a sign of positive things to come from this young lady. However, in most peoples eyes winning a Senior Level World Championship medal would trump a few lower level medals.
  19. From what I can tell seems to be the most internationally accomplished wrestler from Indiana now.
  20. In related news the girl that barely beat Kayla Miracle a close trials final best of 3, just got the bronze medal. So hopefully if Kayla can make the proper adjustments to close out the match next time we will see two IN women with a real shot at a on the World/Olympic in the near future.
  21. Unfortunately Sara was teched 11-0 by her Japanese opponent. She’s had a close match with her before, so the gap can still be closed. Still a great tournament for her as she picked up a World Silver Medal. Keep working Sara and more good things are still to come.
  22. It’s been that way for awhile now. The real logic is to spread the medals out more between more countries. The UWW (international wrestling organization) and IOC (Olympics) like making more of their member countries happy by ensuring more places have a medal to take home. Since some countries dominate the top spots the double bronze helps a little in smoothing that around. It is also why they have a mostly blind draw (though they added a slight seeding criteria recently) for the chance that a few new countries find a path to at least the bronze medal match. Also this is likely why Greco will always stay, since it often has medal winners that come from countries that don’t traditionally medal in other Olympic sports or even freestlye. Spread the love a little and make your supporting nations happy enough to keep participating. Also the repechage to get to the 2 bronze medal matches isn’t a traditional “wrestle back”. Only those wrestlers who lost to the finalists are eligible for consolations. They basically move up a ladder system of who lost until they face the loser of the semi-final for the bronze. This happens on both sides of the bracket. The logic again is they often are less worried about awarding the medal to the overall top three as they are just happy the clear winner is found and that the other medals have more of a a chance of getting spread out between other nations.
  23. Not sure I have the insight on all the detail of what sets them apart. I do know Japan has been a big proponent of the women freestyle movement since basically the beginning. They also have been putting a lot of funding and emphasis in identifying and developing young talent. I'm going out on a limb and guessing the countries tradition of Judo may also play a roll in developing a few young athletes that then transition into wrestling later. This has allowed them to jump out early and stay on top as women's freestyle continues to grow worldwide. What their training consists of I'm not sure, but I'm sure will all the medals they are winning that they have a pretty good system in place. I've read in more than one Japanese women's interview about their expectation of winning and carrying on the tradition of success. It seems like the U.S. women's team is starting to catch up, but as a while Japan's program still seems to be way ahead.
  24. I think she’s may still be dealing with the effects of he previous concussion problem. If some of you are not aware it was a pretty scary situation and she just recently got someone to clear her in time for a last min. wrestle-off. While the concussion itself may not be the issue with her loss, the lack of preparation (training, conditioning, focus, etc.) for the last several months may have left her open to something that she previously wouldn’t have fall into. At least I hope it was just preparation rather than the concussion symptoms still being there which may be a sign she should be done with her competitive career.
  25. Dumb job and life responsibilities getting in the way of me keeping up. They really should just give a holiday week for the World Championships. Way to go Sarah. Years of hard work and your recommitment to living a champions lifestyle is paying off. Sarah’s opponent won’t be a slouch though. She’s one of the HS phenoms that have recently came out of Japan. Was a previous U23 age group and senior world champ while still in HS. Pretty impressive and a testament to just how advanced the women’s Japanese system compared to the world.

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