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Everything posted by MattM

  1. MattM

    Semi-State Team Scoring

    So did they go back and re-vote on this scoring change again but we didn’t get the memo? Or did someone just copy this text from an older source without even checking on any changes they had made since then? As much as the first option annoys me since it should be scored from the start and from the earlier vote they should know why. It’s at least better than the complete lack of apathy for our sport and team champions that the second option would imply?
  2. MattM

    State Pick'ems Results *Updated*

    Someone need to take away the Game Genie from Caleb, so other people have a chance to fairly compete. Wait he’s too young to even know what that is! Would hacking the Matrix be a more relevant pop culture reference? Nope probably still too early for him. It’s basically what Ralph and Vanellope did to the Candy Crush game. There now you get it now. Dang, Millennial!
  3. MattM

    State draw

    State Finals Pairings Show The brackets in each weight class will be announced exclusively via IHSAAtv.org beginning at 4 pm ET / 3 pm CT on Sunday, February 10, 2019. Greg Rakestraw and Hall of Fame coach Mike Goebel will serve as hosts.
  4. MattM

    #4 seeds

    Although I haven’t looked it up recently, Im not sure if there is an alternate option at the state level according to the rules wording for Cash to get in. I believe it’s only the regional and semi-state level they provide for an alternate.
  5. MattM

    Quick new castle ss question

    You had me at Ball State. Chirp! Chirp!
  6. At this point you can’t really say clearly with Watts winning 8-5. But it’s what most people were expecting to see in the finals.
  7. Not able to be there (first miss in a long time) but from what I saw online on tracks dashboard: 1st Montgomery with early TD and Casebolt quick escape. 2nd Montgomery escape. 3rd Casebolt escape. Less than 30sec Casebolt Takedown then Montgomery last second reversal. Close back and forth neutral battle though much of the match it looked like.
  8. MattM

    From 22-16 to 31-1

    Please don’t call 2010 old school. Way to early for that one.
  9. MattM

    Semi-State Bracket Links

    Ohhh Tuff!
  10. MattM

    Semi state history question

    Didn’t their younger brother join them at the semi-state level one year? Prior to his illness causing him to miss the next year or two of HS wrestling.
  11. MattM

    Ticket Round MATCHES!

    He’s had great matches last two years but has fallen short on both. Rough go for him this year too.
  12. Figured information on bracket changes involving notable names would start coming in as weigh-ins approach. Then soon after we would be hearing about any early upsets involving semi-state ranked wrestlers.
  13. Parris mostly got ran over. Cassar came in fast and hard right at the start. Then keep the pedal down most of the match. Hopefully as Mason develops into a college level HWT we can see the same overwhelming approach out of him in a couple years. He’s off to a good start but still needs a little more time in the wrestling and weight room to get to where Cassar currently is.
  14. MattM

    Semi State Question

    Yes. It can. It has.
  15. MattM

    Jay County Regionals

    Wait a minute sir. Carnies are a part of a noble tradition. Carnies built this country-the carnival part of it anyway -- and though they may be rat-like in appearance, they are truly kings among men.
  16. MattM

    Jay County Regionals

    I hear Y2CJ is in need of a picture of the Jay County Patriot statue. Apparently he wants to create a lifesize poster of it that can be place on his bedroom wall to watch over him during the night. Anyone able to send an image in?
  17. MattM

    2015 Middle School State

    Maybe not as much as the cost the wrestler incur when he can’t/doesn’t pay that fee then has to wrestle someone who had that extra day to gain additional weight and energy before their morning match. Kinda seems like your paying to get that slight morning advantage.
  18. MattM

    Alternate Question

    Semi-state used to or at least I’ve seen them allow alternates in at that level before. Did they adjust that rule recently?
  19. MattM

    2015 Middle School State

    Signed to Notre Dame, but I think they currently have him slotted at a linebacker spot. Still pretty impressive for a small school QB.
  20. MattM

    Weight allowance

    If they all are able to get a practice in on Friday then according to the wording of the rules no additional allowance. Guessing the IHSAA would have to make a judgement for that to be overturned.
  21. MattM

    2015 Middle School State

    MS State? Unless rules have changed this year that I didn’t see it’s only open to 6th-8th graders that have not already completed one 8th grade year. So that would work other than maybe the wording loophole allowing anyone held back in 6th or 7th grade to have more eligibility.
  22. MattM

    Weight allowance

    The allowance is based on all schools being able to practice, not if all schools are in session. Obviously if you are in session you will likely be able to practice. However, if some schools are not in session, yet they are all still able to practice later that day then the additional allowance is not issued.
  23. MattM

    Regional and semistate brackets

    I really hope this is reason or it gives me even less faith that the IHSAA is doing what’s best for the athletes and high school sports. Nothing like punishing the other coaches, athletes, fans, media, and the general promotion of the sport rather than just “growing a pair” and properly punishing those who are causing issues. Group punishments rarely fix the actual problem because those at fault don’t feel its directed at them.
  24. MattM

    Most Physical Wrestlers in the State..?

    They need to go the sports psychologist route with that one.
  25. MattM

    Mother Nature

    Well it has an OK rating and a decent cast with some future stars. Heck, Glenn Close just won a Screen Actors Guild Award for Female in a Leading Role. Do you think the weather may cancel the theater showing?

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