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  1. The wrestling community has all sorts of multi-duals, tournaments and even some wrestling rooms named after someone. Yes, we can assume most, if not all, of the honorees had a connection to the wrestling team or athletic program. However, for most people that as much as we think about that person. As a historian of the sport I’d love to hear the story of who these individuals were. If it was worth placing their namesake on an event then it only seems right that we should also take a moment to honor the person as well.
  2. I’d say if the Indiana teams can show up and do well they would try to do what they can to keep them coming back. Good luck to you guys it’s a great out of state event and we are lucky enough to get to to participate in it.
  3. With some more events happening around the holiday or near the end of the season I though it was worth bumping this one to the top.
  4. MattM

    Toughest Regular Season Tourney

    Some great seed meeting stories come from that one.
  5. I believe the wrestlers had already reported, so in essence he would have FF the match and taken the L on his record. Not sure if that played a factor on his decision to cut his hair, but the option of not wrestling was a choice. Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen anything mention as to why the issue wasn’t addresss during weigh-ins though.
  6. MattM

    Missing EVSS Wrestlers!!

    Brooks has always been the ultimate competitor and I’m sure he’ll put the same dedication into his rehab. I hope Brooks can make a full recovery and We can hear about him on the college gridiron in the future.
  7. Seymour would be interested. Contact Assistant Coach Adam Wolka. awolka@scsc.k12.in.us
  8. MattM

    The illustrious Spartan classic..

    Hopefully the brackets get here at some point close to the event. Maybe we can upgrade to the Hogwarts mail service in the future, I hear they have a decent delivery record.
  9. MattM

    Top Freshmen Rankings

    If Culver can keep them at their school all four years, they have a heck a group.
  10. Red’s has had some tough losses the first part of this season. I’m not sure if it’s the college grind, not stabilizing his weight, needing to adapt to top guys scouting him better, or just in a mental funk, but if anything can get him a little more hyped up it likely a rematch with Lee. Red likes to prove the doubters wrong and I’m sure he still recalls hearing from several people that he won the first encounter due in part to Lee’s regular season injury layoff. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t. But getting another shot to prove he’s to better wrestler of these two Indiana titans has to give him a little added motivation. I’m sure Lee as well would love to show everyone how far he’s came since that epic HS match by trying to open the score wide up. He maybe far enough remove from the first match to not dwell on the loss, but when you see Nebraska on upcoming meet schedule you can’t help but have some flashback and want a little redemption. Based on their recent showing I’d give Lee the advantage. He’s scoring in bunches against solid competition and the Rec Hall crowd can just gets the PSU wrestled to a whole new gear. But you know Red will do all he can to keep the match within reach and show he’s still can find a way to edge out Lee.
  11. MattM

    *Updated* Flo National Rankings

    As I say every year, unfortunately the majority of our guys will drop in the ranking during the season due to not having many nationally ranked opponents or major tournaments to get attention. At best a few wrestlers may stay in their position based on a very solid showing during the off-season and pre-season events. Some teams attending out of state duals may help a couple wrestler find a ranked opponent, but the attention getter are usually the tournaments. As mentioned in a different post it’s veey difficult to find a high profile out of state tournament to enter since we would not be allowd to face any opponent who came from outside our travel radius.
  12. If you are a wrestling fan, especially at the college level you need to have Mat Talk on your podcast list. Jason Bryant does an excellent job gathering information from all the college divisions of wrestling. Then throws in some good international and high school details when big events occur. He also routinely has a great interviews with a variety of people connected with the sport.
  13. MattM

    # of Women in your program

    Seymour currently has 8 at the HS and 1 at our MS. Many of them came over from the girls soccer program. A few of them are also in softball and hope wresrling will help them prepare for that. All are first year wrestlers and currently on the JV roster. We had 1 who graduated last year after two years with the program.
  14. If Ball State is not going to have a wrestling program at least I’m happy to see a MAC conference team get another IN stud. Good luck.
  15. MattM

    Walkout songs for state finals?

    Come on guys you know you want the classic market square arena organ playing your intro.
  16. MattM

    IHSAA Rules Change Needed

    Travel restrictions for IN teams seem fine for the most part since there are plenty of high profile competition options within that mileage. As SWINFan said the real issue is we can’t face any team who travels farther than the radius To face us. That limits the events we can participate, especially in individual sports which have multiple entries who you can’t avoid seeing. Who cares how far the other teams have to travel, as long as we are within the limits it should be fine. If our opponents want their kids traveling father that is on their school/athletic board and it does not effect our athletes in any way.
  17. MattM


    Not short joke as I used to be that way too. Then I grew out of it.
  18. MattM


    Biggest blunder was putting Walton at 132. He hasn't been short enough to cut to that weight since like 7th grade.
  19. Yes, I’ve also been curious about Brock since I haven’t seen any results from this season yet.
  20. Not originally from the Hoosier state but Purdue’s Parriott just made the finals of the tough Cliff Keen Las Vegas Tournament.
  21. Kemerer is our for the year due to season ending surgery. Tough break for him, but helpful for some of our IN guys.
  22. MattM

    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #1

    To amend my previous post S32 is a day before weigh-in’s so that cut and recovery time is a little different than morning of weigh-ins. I’m getting word from Columbus that 170 is where South is planning to be this season.

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