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  1. Tri Jr/Sr High 10-way duals meet has been cancelled.
  2. This is why youth participate in sports.
  3. Out of habit, I woke up this morning with an urge to drive to Center Grove HS. Is anyone else missing the most exciting day of IHSAA wrestling like me? 17 years straight years of witnessing incredible wrestling feats in a team environment is officially gone today. The IHSAA TEAM TOURNAMENT SERIES provided wrestling match ups and scenarios that the individual tournament could not. I did not attend the coaches state meet in December. Maybe it did capture the same excitement as the IHSAA team state, but i am skeptical. I think I need the "patch".
  4. The NY Times had two good wrestling articles this week. You may want to check them out.
  5. Need a time results for eight more regionals. Calumet, Crown POint, Rochester, Peru, Jay County Northmont, Perry Meridian, Richmond.
  6. Moorseville High School Regional: Wrestling began at 8:40am Wrestling ended at 3:10pm. This can be included for strong arguement to incorporate FULL wrestle-backs. How about other Regionals?
  7. Bellmont is 50% larger than Indian Creek.
  8. Coach John and family will be in our family prayers this week. You can not find a better Indiana wrestling person then Coach Friedt.
  9. Saturday morning quarterfinals and semi-finals. It is go all out with those matches. You can see the hunger on the athletes' faces as they warm up mat side for a shot at "the lights".
  10. Use your imagination You have nothing else to do besides lose weight.....work out in your garage, bundle up and run in the snow... do push ups, sit ups
  11. This topic should have never reached this board. The IHSAA should have tried their best to talk the Eastern AD out of making the decision to withdraw the team. Once that conversation was over, the IHSAA needed to call the superintendent of the school corp to discuss the situation with him/her. If the IHSAA had handled this situation better, none of us would have known anything about it. This is about lack of communication. I can not believe two people were allowed to make a decision to withdraw a team from an IHSAA sanctioned event. This is a "championship" team, they are trying to withdraw. I also stuggle with the fact that a person in a major management role within the IHSAA can not resolve this conflict without pointing fingers and allowing this to be splashed across the internet.
  12. Eastern is part of Indiana wrestling. The team state is good for Indiana wrestling. What is good for Indiana wrestling is good for Eastern wrestling. Strap it up Eastern and be a team player.
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