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  1. I'd really like to know how we ended up with Ersland when he clearly wasn't the best guy who applied. I'm not giving up but if history is our guide, discount coaches = discount results. We'll see if any of those great athletes he "worked with" want to come and work under him.
  2. Why blow out guys like Hinkel and Fleeger for Ersland?
  3. Ersland doesn't seem like much of an upgrade to me. Depends on assistants I guess. This is very disappointing.
  4. I was hoping he'd end up at Uindy.
  5. West Virginia hires Sammie Henson http://www.wvusports.com/page.cfm?sport=wrestling&story=25805&cat=exclusives
  6. Well the list of finalists for the West Virginia job looks a hell of a lot better than what Purdue is looking at. Purdue Assistant AD: "It'll be a good hire..." Me: "Not looking too good there pal."
  7. Got a nice email reply from the athletic department but no juice.
  8. I'm pulling for a big name but Robie is interesting to me.
  9. http://news.theopenmat.com/2014/05/manchester-assistant-coach/
  10. Interviews this week. Anyone hearing anything?
  11. Somebody has to have heard something by now. C'mon guys.
  12. Somebody tell me this Pete Rogers rumor is fake...
  13. Pete Rogers...? No way. This can't be happening.
  14. Let's start a list. I love lists. Guerrero Frayer Lightner Moore Bono Perry Pritzlaff Borshel Espozito Nickerson Hahn Becker Bormet Popolizio Hasseman Jaggers Tsirtsis Eggum Humphrey Escobedo Dolly Kolat Spates Dubuque Borelli Rowlands Zadick Paulson Fleeger Abas Herbert Hrovat Pendoski Bergman Maurer Valenti Buxton Juergens/Stritmatter Jeff Jordan Jim Tonte Powless Steven Bradley Who else?
  15. I heard their post graduate pimpology program is top flight.
  16. http://www.thesundevils.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=30300&ATCLID=209459261 Former Three-Time Sun Devil All-American Is New AD Ray Anderson’s First Coaching Hire TEMPE, Ariz.—USA Wrestling National Freestyle coach Zeke Jones has been tabbed to become the next head coach of the Arizona State wrestling program, athletics director Ray Anderson announced on Wednesday. His appointment will commence pending approval from the Arizona Board of Regents. “I think it’s a tremendous day for the sport of wrestling in the state of Arizona,” Anderson said. “The hire of Zeke Jones makes a
  17. http://athletics.uindy.edu/news/2014/4/16/wrest_0416145515.aspx?fb_action_ids=10201277438772792&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=[242713742597144]&action_type_map=[%22og.likes%22]&action_ref_map=[] 4/17/2014 11:50:00 AM INDIANAPOLIS- Head Coach Jason Warthan will add seven new Greyhounds to his 2014-2015 roster, signing the new UIndy student-athletes as a part of National Signing Day April 16. Joining the Hounds will be Kyle Keller, Brendon Kelley, Heath Lange, Tyler Scott, DJ Smith, Brian Wagner and JD Waters. The seven new G
  18. http://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2014-04-15/committee-proposes-three-new-experimental-rules-pending-approval Committee proposes three new experimental rules pending approval NCAA.com Last Updated - Apr 15, 2014 16:30 EDT Contact |Archive |RSS The NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee recommended three experimental rules, including two that involve stalling, be implemented at the National Wrestling Coaches Association All-Star Classic Nov. 1 at the University of Pennsylvania. The committee met this month in Indianapolis. All rules proposals, including rules used on an exper
  19. This will be very telling as to how the athletic department feels about the wrestling program. Go big or stay home. Eric Guerrero?
  20. It's difficult to focus on (or be optimistic about) individual results when the team is so horribly uncompetitive. If the Colts had the worst coach in the AFC for a couple decades nobody would be getting caught up in too many discussions about a bump in production at the safety position. That may not be the best analogy, but you get my drift. IU fans are frustrated with being a doormat. The level of talent we're getting is surprisingly good for what the program has become. The athletes are obviously dedicated and living the life. As a team, the "holes" are at the positions of leadership.
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