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  1. Loved it. If you have access to a Flo account you gotta see this movie. http://www.flowrestling.org/video/807058-terry-the-official-trailer
  2. Will this tournament be streamed anywhere? I can't make it this year.
  3. He was getting ragdolled at 84
  4. Brian Harvey tosses this kid like he's nothing http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/252459-2015-Cliff-Keen-Las-Vegas-Invitational/video/807256-174-Round-of-32-Ross-Taylor-Utah-Valley-University-vs-Brian-Harvey-Army-West-Point#.VmJrx_krLIU Stein v N. Idaho http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/252459-2015-Cliff-Keen-Las-Vegas-Invitational/video/807355-197-Consi-of-32-2-Drake-Stein-Purdue-vs-Killian-Estes-North-Idaho-College#.VmJugvkrLIU Luke Welch v Dijulius http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/252459-2015-Cliff-Keen-Las-Vegas-Invitational/video/807389-133-Round-of-16-Johnni-DiJulius-
  5. Chad Welch v Alex Lopouchanksi http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/252459-2015-Cliff-Keen-Las-Vegas-Invitational/video/807252-165-Round-of-32-Alex-Lopouchanski-Air-Force-vs-Chad-Welch-Purdue#.VmJrVfkrLIU
  6. Here's the vid of Chad Welch sticking Cooper Moore in a gnarly cement mixer http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/252459-2015-Cliff-Keen-Las-Vegas-Invitational/video/807679-165-Quarter-Finals-Chad-Welch-Purdue-vs-Cooper-Moore-Northern-Iowa#.VmJjrfkrLIU Petrov V Duong http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/252459-2015-Cliff-Keen-Las-Vegas-Invitational/video/807122-125-Round-of-64-Trung-Duong-Newberry-vs-Paul-Petrov-Bucknell#.VmJluPkrLIU Stein v Noon (N Colorado) http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/252459-2015-Cliff-Keen-Las-Vegas-Invitational/video/807166-197-Round-of-64-Drake-Stei
  7. Pariano out. Storniolo named interim coach. Can't wait to find out what really happened here. Firing the head coach during preseason? http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/251734-Wrestling-News-and-Updates/article/36312-Drew-Pariano-Fired-As-Coach-At-Northwestern#.Vi7P_vmrTIV
  8. Maintaining a #1 national ranking for 2 years while regularly attending Super32, Fargo, FloNat and WNO is super impressive. IMO he has a very high ceiling at the next level. I believe his intense movement, willingness to take risk and attack has made the difference for him in big matches. How he transitions to D1 will have a lot to do with coaching and guidance. I really like the choice of Nebraska for that reason. If he were to adopt the heavily risk averse style we see from a number of college teams these days, that ceiling comes way down. Best ever in high school? He's just as impressi
  9. Go to Wrestlestats if you want to see the current roster.
  10. He looks like he hasn't improved much at all.
  11. How much scholarship $ did he get?
  12. Rutgers fans have been dreaming about Burroughs for years.
  13. Don't know much about Montoya but he had some solid wins last year over quality guys like DiJulius, Zane Richards and Sabatello. Should be a good partner and it doesn't get any better than Burroughs in terms of role models. I like it.
  14. ASU? Villareal and C-Red... this would be another monster for Zeke. OKst = Piccinnini and Kaid Brock
  15. With Suriano committed to PSU now and the transfer of Jared Cortez from Illinois to PSU, will this affect Red's choice?
  16. Vote Here: http://www.nwcaonline.com/nwcawebsite/best-of-brand-battle-rounds
  17. Consolations: Sabatello win 1-0 loss 5-2 Lawrence win 7-5 loss 3-2 Nelsen loss 10-2 D Welch loss 10-1 Robinson loss 6-2 C Welch loss 4-2 Kissell loss 9-3 Atwood loss 5-2 4.5 team points
  18. Quarterfinals 125: (1) Alan Waters, Missouri vs David Terao, American 125: (12) Kory Mines, Edinboro vs (4) Nathan Tomasello, Ohio State 125: (3) Joey Dance, Va, Tech vs (6) Thomas Gilman, Iowa 125: (7) Eddie Klimara, Ok. State vs Zeke Moisey, West Virginia 133: (1) Chris Dardanes, Minnesota vs (8) Kevin Devoy, Drexel 133: (12) George DiCamillo, Virginia vs Cody Brewer, Oklahoma 133: (3) Cory Clark, Iowa vs (6) Earl Hall, Iowa State 133: (7) Jimmy Gullibon, PSU vs (2) Bradley Taylor, Wisconsin 141: (1) Logan Stieber, Ohio State vs (9) Anthony Abidin, Nebraska 141: Kevin Jack, NC State vs (4
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